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Summary of Roleplay Threads

Current known status: Pretty darn complete

Author: Finding out why so many people hate mathematics, and the associated paper-trails.

This is an active index of anything and all within Port of Nalthor that may be of interest. Discussions outlining game theories, histories, or basic idea dumps are going to be listed here. There is also going to be a small section for any living role-plays, or dead ones, even.
All threads and the ideas listed are (obviously) owned by their cited creators and those who posted them.
Right now this index is as complete as I can make it.

Currently, I'm not adding any "histories" or other discussions from 2nd-page onwards. I will add, though, some of the threads who's information might still be relevant. Contact me if they've aged already. Also, if any links are broken, or my links are inappropriately labeled, please PM me.

~Idea Dumps~

The threads where people have put down ideas for ships, technologies, and anything else. Some of these are fairly outdated, and mostly are used for Role Play fluff. These may or may not be standardized. These are largely in thanks to Ironwatas. These are a conglomerate of ideas given by various members.

Starship and Vehicle idea dump

Weapons and equipment

Minor factions and politics


Ground Warfare

Minor Character ideas

<<<-Role plays, old and new.->>>

What this thread is all about. I'm not aware of many role-plays, so PLEASE send me links to any you may know about.

A interesting role-play made by Ironwatsas.

Somewhat of a role-play. Focusing on what's called the "Northern frontier"

Give me links to ANY role plays, please!!

~Discussion threads~

These threads are discussions on their relative topics. Ever wonder why hyperspace works? You would probably find the ponderings here. Also includes anything that isn't an idea-dump.

-Useful tidbits-

Universe Map (May be outdated)

Other thread containing the same map.

Timekeeping in the PDSverse (Old, but interesting)

-Histories and culture-

Foods in the PDS-verse!

SRI History

Small thread about HW religion

Nalthorian military/History

Federation of Cush History/Military

Cultural advances *Mostly HGN*

Vagyr Culture

Bentusi History (Outdated?)

Listing of HGN fleet divisions

List of Vagyr task forces

Line Combat Divisions (Organization and such)

Homeworld politics/history discussion (possibly outdated)

-Weapons, ballistics, and DEW/CIWS-

Balistic weaponry

Nanotechnology for war

AI missiles and concepts (along w/game implementation)

DEW and range

Anti-DEW discussion

Small cal. DEW's

Orbital bombardment with solid ammo calculator

[url=]Old gravity manipulation discussion
(Makes me think of the Imploder Lance....)[/url]

ICA Missile Discussion

5G(fifth Gen.) Weapons Discussion

Nuclear warheads and missiles

EMP weapons discussion

Anti-matter weaponry (?)

Plasma guns, size and theory

DEW vs. CIWS discussion

-Ship concepts, ideas, and backgrounds-

Drones (AI fighters, etc.)

Battleship idea dump (possibly outdated)

IVF ship idea

Old Energy ship concept

Hiigaran Scout-craft (Outdated?)

Drone ship (Paladin)

-Hypercore, cores, and Defense fields-

Continued discussion on the "Defense Field Tech."

Discussion over the Forge which made the Cores

Hypercore discussion

-Technologies and logistics-

Ship hardware/software & capabilities discussion

Fuel discussion (RMI)

Fleet fuel consumption

Next Gen. Power systems

Brainlinking discussion (Affinity?)

Man-to-machine interfaces (Unbound)


[url=]Hiigaran Planetary invasions

(outdated) Vagyr manual

PDS Manual II (most likely outdated)

Anti-Matter stuffs

-Other-than-Space warfare-

Ground-Based warfare

Linked to above, with Ground-based warfare. (^^^^^)

Discussion on Naval warfare within the current game universe (idea-dump-ish and discussion)

Special thanks to Ironwatsas (for all the threads he's made), and
TelQuessir for allowing, and HomeBoy for stickying.

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This should be stickied. I would also suggest remooving the 'Kassi Military/History thread' from the list (or deleting it altogether), as it is highly outdated and irrelivent to more recent writings and proved to be an epic failure as far as backstroy goes. I may rewrite it in the future.
Noted, it will be removed.
If anyone thinks they know of a good thread that isn't featured here, that's good for RP-ing or general ideas, or is similar to anything listed above, please post here. I would prefer threads that are either relevant, or still in date.

A comment, please consider using the [ url ] tags with text+link instead of only link. You achieve that by typing (remove spaces).
[ url = http://forumurl....php ] Description [ /url ]
Then "Description" will be clickable.

Like this.
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Aaaah. I remember those, but was stumped on how to do it without the snazzy button. Thanks!
Good job, please consider renaming this to Roleplay Summary Threads or something...Collection of Roleplay threads (?)...a wee better than "dump"...Bump
xD I was planning on that too....
But thanks for bringing it up. It doesn't seem all that... Erhm, professional.
And, I'll start adding a section with old Role Plays. Just for referance and such.
:smash: I'll update it with anything that is pretaining to it, though, I may be M.I.A. for a week or so. xD I'll find a way.:smash:
while you are at it, please review spelling, when time.
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Wow, quite a bit of work you got there.
Sanu-Yasha - As we old PDS types would say "You demonstrate proper motivation." My compliments and thanks for the great effort.

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HomeBoy wrote:
while you are at it, please review spelling, when time.
If you like I could delete these latter spammish posts for cleanness later...Pfft

D: My Grammar, is lacking. Along with plain ol' spelling. xD I'll use Firefox and go over it sometime.

xD It could be useful, thanks!

@Knare: Thanks!

@yasotay: >wO I try to take pride in my semi-initiative.
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There. Complete. The background is better, and it's smaller. >w<

Huzza. Now to finally sleep.
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