Dual Hull Imperator CVH prototype
PDS DownloadsThe Haarsuk class twin-hull supercarrier has been deployed for PDS community evaluation - check the post production forum.
V7.0 Post Production Efforts commence
PDS AdminPPE Phase 1 consists of an identification process on ships which are nearing obsolescence in the Generation V battlespace. Consult the newly named V7.0 PPE forums for examples of pointing these vessels out.

Ships identified as such will then be either put through a refit and modernisation process or replaced in role with more capable classes.

The creation of new ship variants is also allowed, on the condition that the ship model and the weapon files of PDS v7.0 are not altered unless made necessary due to fire control system modifications.

An example of this is the equivalent of a WW2 anti aircraft cruiser - the Arbiter IV escort cruiser with 12 140mm SRACs intended to counter the threat of modern heavy attack craft. This variant was proposed by Thorin.

In addition, pending further consultation with a representative of the Dust Wars HW2 mod team, a forum for ship auctioning may be created.
Dev. News 10th October '05
PDS NewsHere is a rundown of the topics discussed by the post-V7 production crew:

1. Recommencement of Vagyr Frigate-Carrier (FV) project (by BigFish)

The main reason for this is the viability of drone escort carriers for rear lines defensive operations. A fighter or corvette drone carrier platform may also be experimented with.

2. Development of Generation Five Hiigaran battle frigate modernisation concepts (by Glacialis)

Refit to Bloodhound III discussed here.

Preliminary details on the next evolution of the Bloodhound hull.

3. Formal documentation for PDSverse ship design philosophies and objectives for PDS battle presentation. (by TelQuessir)

This along with Glacialis's and Thorin's efforts will pave the way for a community forum for discussion and proposals of ship refit and modernisation efforts.

4. Possibility of constructing alternative universes or gameplay logic based on custom PDS ship models. (Relaxation)

For instance, Battlestar Galactica style combat modelling may be studied.

5. In addition, check out the downloads section for the latest PDS v7 trailers.

Alternatively, get them here. Discuss in videos thread provided in the General Discussions forum.

6. Finally, a FYI notice - at this time we have no interest in providing any of our ship models to other Homeworld 2 mod projects, until otherwise authorised by myself.
V7 Art Department Announcement
PDS AdminWith the deployment of 7.0 it is high time to bring to your attention those who have helped create the new ships in PDS. These talented individuals (and myself) invested a lot of time and effort into creating and polishing these new ships to the high standard you see today. This post is PDS's way of thanking them and hopefully provoking you, the teeming masses of PDS fans, to do do the same.

Apocalypse7000 - AL-MOU'AKAR heavy cruiser, MARQUESS assault/escort carrier, large weapon systems development, Hiigaran 5G hull development (FALCHION CBX), and ISKANDAR SHAH bombardment cruiser.

El Mambo - FAILAKA attack corvette, HAC-II class, texturing specialist.

GhostPsalm - Attack Corvette class concept development, HODing specialist.

BigFish - LAVI Assault Frigate, HAC-II class, DELIVERANCE II BBX development

Orion - pioneer of low observable ship design (ANDAEUS class technology demonstrator)

CannonJack - ARCADIA deep space escort carrier and Vagyr heavy cruiser prototypes.

Also, thanks to all those who contributed feedback and critiques on the ship designs and weapons loadouts, posted their own concepts and said encouraging things.
Discharge of V7 Beta Test Platoon
PDS AdminThe effort to construct and deploy the seventh major evolution of the organic battlespace concept has been, to date, a successful and trouble-free one.

Credits for this successful launch go to the experimental Evaluations Platoon consisting in total, 40 members of the PDS community. This mind you, is not a standing "peacetime" force but one designed to fulfill a set desired outcome of their participation.

I would like to say that I have greatly enjoyed working with the Eval. Platoon and the quality of V7 today immortalises their efforts. I also did not encounter ANY personnel issues during the time of V7 beta testing, which puts the professionalism of those individuals in high regard.

The Beta Platoon is hereby, discharged from my service and the Beta Test forum is to be archived for future reference. The requirements of the standing post-V7, Fourth Generation development team are very different from when operating with a clear and well defined objective, so I will not place any expectations for loyalty.

You all have my thanks.

Let's just say I have another "grand plan" for Version Eight next year, and that I'd like to go for that with a highly dedicated and energetic squad-sized unit.