The Great Carrier Arms Race
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The Hiigaran Praetor / Haarsuk class supercarrier is nearing operational status, and is the closest example of an all-purpose "Battle Island" concept in space.

In reply to this, the Vagyr are developing concepts to convert their existing carrier hulls to function as dual-role battlecruiser/carriers - refined and widely proliferated variants of the infamous "witch" (Sorceress class battle-escort).

The specific details of the Kaghan class modernisation will be left open to the community until next week, where Relaxation and myself will formalise the refit procedures.

You may also safely expect the Praetor operationalised by mid next week. She will replace the existing Imperator class carriers.

Hiigaran Fighter Weapons School
PDS RPI would like to bring your attention to the following threads started by HappySacks, who is presently developing an until now, completely overlooked aspect of PDSverse warfighting - pilot training.

The relevant threads are presently stickied in the Port of Nalthor and PDS Scenarios/Campaigns forums.

Additionally, two articles by Glacialis detailing the G5 evolution of the Bloodhound class attack frigate have been added to the Articles section of the site.
Update to 6.00.204 completed
Site CMS NewsPHP-Fusion 6.00.204 is currently up and running. Upgrade went flawless, as far as I know at this time. Please report otherwise here. Many reviews and some new functions. Editing Articles, Custom Pages and News is now much easier.
For complete Developers log see here .

(Administrative note: You may have to update Admin pages a couple of times to see new graphics.)
CMS 203 & BIG-files
Site CMS NewsDear members and lurkers,

We proudly announce the availability of Point Defense Systems v. 7 in BIG-files:
PDS7bigPC | PDS7bigMac (Mac kindly provided by Sun Tzu)
The PDS 7 PC file is a cunning one, with selfgenerating shortcut. All to ease the availability of PDS and another Support excuse gone, I hope. Comments and questions here, please.

In order to facilitate Your handling of BIG-files (PC), and eventual upgrades of PDS 7 in the future, I have created a Tutorial about the use of UnfBig 1.41. Feel free to give input in that thread.

CMS upgrade time
Soon, any day now, I am upgrading this CMS to latest version. The upgrade involves some new features, among them News Categories with representative images. In order to get those images adapted to the Theme of this site, which is PDS if You did not know already, I posted this thread with related request. I would like to have that ready and done before upgrade, so get on with it!

Dual Hull Imperator CVH prototype
PDS DownloadsThe Haarsuk class twin-hull supercarrier has been deployed for PDS community evaluation - check the post production forum.