V7.0 delays - justification
PDS NewsV7.0 will be pushed back for inclusion of community-made ship loadouts as well as some new weapon systems that will make fighter strike warfare that much more fun. I've posted some hints as to what we're up to in general discussion - look out for community-made ship loadouts, etc.

We also have a distinctly Russian-style atmoshpere-capable attack ship in advanced stages of construction.
V7 Voicepack Download
PDS DownloadsClick here to download

This voicepack is compatible with all PDS versions later than 5.0, and with some script editing, may be used in the stock game as well.

Unzip into Homeworld 2 data folder - add -overridebigfile to your HW2 shortcut if you're installing this into the stock game.

Otherwise delete the soundscripts and sound folder from your PDS data folder then replace with the new ones.

Basically, this contains items stated below in the previous news post - note that all unprofessional or defeatist voiceacting clips have been removed from the v7 pack here.

If you want to contribute to the final VA pack for the public release of V7.0, PM TelQuessir on this site with submissions (I will reply with an email address to send to). You have one week to do so.
Completion of PDS v7 custom VA implementation
PDS NewsAs of an hour ago, I have successfully implemented a much improved system of custom voice acting into v7. Additionally this will be released as an independent package so as to (1) allow you to try it out beforehand as sound and gameplay mechanics are independent from each other and (2) allow for the decentralisation of v7 public release package.

The primary contributors to the v7 VA effort are as follows:

- Thorin
- Daniel Hawking
- Inert
- Tim Morton
- myself (Tel'Quessir)

Two ships have also been deployed over the past week, namely the:

- Al-Mou'akar CBV ("Qwaar-Jet Evolved")
- Marquess-B CVE

One weapon system is presently undergoing trials:

- SRAM (Thermonuclear tipped, fighter launched attack munition)

These ships are presently under construction:

- Spectre attack corvette (drthvdr12)
- Lavi battle corvette (BigFish)
- Hiigaran CHX (BigFish/El Mambo)
- Hiigaran CLX (apocalypse7k)
- Vagyr stealth fighter (El Mambo)
V7 Beta Test SITREP
PDS NewsYou don't need to know the exact details but the machinery to deploy v7.0 successfully is running very smooth and on schedule.

The beta test team is now a platoon-sized outfit and with that, access to the beta package will only be extended to certain individuals able to conduct semi-professional-level discussions with me on a personal basis.

This does not mean that I am closing the doors to applications for betatesting - but if you are capable of decisively contributing to PDS as a science fiction wargame from the point of view of someone knowledgable in military affairs and military history, this is the perfect place to show your mettle.
PDS v7 Targeted Release Timing
PDS NewsBeta testing will continue for the next two weeks, after which will be the public deployment of the 7th major evolution of the PDS battlespace. This gives time for the SP campaigns and list of scenarios to be updated.

Until then you may PM TelQuessir on this site if you are interested in getting hold of the test package. As a semi-open public beta, there is no requirement for application other than the knack for starting constructive discussions. So, if you have been following PDS for a while and have the necessary confidence to want to influence the project's progress, you know what to do!