PDS v7 Released
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Hiigaran News Service - 300905
PDS RP1. Naval Intelligence has received information regarding a new Vagyr attack corvette class, codenamed "Anteater" due to its long nose spike (possibly a sensor system or counterweight).

This new 60m class vessel has six forward facing missile launch tubes or gun barrels on the side of the front fuselage, as well as a centreline primary directed energy weapons system. Information provided by the source quotes "capacity for fitting of VTOL engines for atmospheric close support roles where space to space external armaments are removed".

2. Navy sources have reported that preliminary construction of one of the Navy's advanced battlecruisers are underway in a classified location within the Federation of Cush star nation's territory. Two heavy transporter ships along with a pair of escort cruisers will depart the Low Orbital Transfer Station in support of this construction effort laden with ship construction materials within the next few days.

The Hiigaran News Service has identified the heavy transporters as the HAFS Savant and the HAFS Saint, both veterans of assault transport missions during the thick of combat action against the crusade of Makaan.

3. The Auxiliary Fleet is seeking volunteers to man transport and deep-space escort vessels slated for deployment into the Karelian Sector in support of the Eighth Fleet and indigenous populations at the destination. Personnel familiar with frontier living conditions and Vagyr customs are preferred.
Operational Setbacks
PDS AdminDue to Tel having to deal with several women at once in his life this week, PDS v7 will be pushed back to Monday? Rest assured that this will only make the release be of higher quality.
V7.0 Beta Test Complete
PDS NewsBetatesting will now be frozen for the following reason:

Enough enhancements have been made to the G5 battlespace thanks to tester feedback and extensive discussions over MSN Messenger, that testing the v7 beta is a moot point in itself.

That said, here are some last-minute ship modernisations that have made it in, for reading pleasure:


The larger two of these workhorse warships have been armed with Taiidani directed energy weapons on their primary hardpoints, the CHEVALIER having four medium ion cannons, and the QARINAH II having one. All three frigates also have significantly improved point defense and direct-fire ballistic weapons capability, as well as improved survivability.

2. Hiigaran BLOODHOUND II- EC (FB)

Likewise this workhorse has improved armour protection, and more significantly, SRAM launched capability, putting her and the other Hiigaran frigates sharing the same modular missile systems on par with the Vagyr multirole frigates in the realm of guided weapons.


Patcom hull retrofitted with spinal mount super heavy railguns with limited repeat-fire capability. All other weapons mounts are fitted with assault ion cannons, and torpedo complement replaced with SRAM racks. Point defense of 4x LH-25E autocannons.

You imagine the rest.

4. Hiigaran/Allied contributions to HGN order of battle:

HMNS (Her Majesty of Nalthor Ship) MAJESTIC and FCNS (Federation of Cush Navy Ship) ISKANDAR SHAH along with the "Black Rose" armed liner for the IVF are now deployable assets.

5. Hiigaran LIIRHRA BLOCK 16 (CL)

This boat will be rid of her battlecruiser class primary weapons which are too slow for close quarters offensive play. She will have up to eight dual heavy pulse ion cannons or hypervelocity rocket launchers (for direct fire). The Block 16 also has broadside-mount SRAM pods for devastating close attack power along with four, also broadside medium ion cannon arrays.

Other news:

Just for kicks, I re-enacted the Battle of Samar in PDS - a historical engagement in WW2 where Japanese battleships managed to ambush a group of escort carriers.

It played out most excellently, like something from a book of naval history. For a background of the battle, look here.

Next up for re-enactment is Valla Lavella - you can get a background of the engagement from the same site as above.
"'Cos we hath enow skinny lasses and need a -real- fighting lady!"
PDS NewsThe Hiigaran CHX and CLX projects are no more.

In their place are the Deliverance II BBX and the Falchion CBX respectively. The Deliverance II is the foreground model in the website banner above, while the Falchion is the former CLX project by Apocalypse7k.