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Well, PDS is still dear to my heart and the wife loves Battlestar Galactica stuff so I would eventually pique some PDS interest in her.

Who cares if V7.3 is outdated? It still runs perfectly if only a bit slow on battle resolution (which V11 solves). And I never exploited CFHod to max potential.

The reason why I would like to come back though is very simple - notice the asshats who wanted to ruin this site for their own childish sense of "revenge" just a few days ago?

I find it very entertaining for very seldom do you get situations where one man (myself) puts thorns in the flanks of so many people. It is such an honor to attract such high profile attention and you know I love it ^^ contest

We won the "simulation mod" category for the past 2 years, enough said!

I would be interested how we fare this year, despite the lack of development on V11 and V12.
I shall return...
Might as well tell the truth - at this point, despite having a solid background for a V12 update focusing on Newtonian battles and the Alessian Empire, I have little interest in continuing work based on PDS.

Next year, or the year after next, I may return with a new crew to recommence operations on this site and on PDS.

But in the meantime, I have great responsibility in both RL and online and shall be, for the first time, writing a successful fanfiction based on my awesome experiences in the Granado Espada roleplaying game. I shall also teach others to attain the same standard.

Here you can see some examples of my work (click banner to view RP blog):

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V11 to V12

I believe that by taking breaks from a routine one can return later full force with new ideas and transform outdated concepts into revolutionary ones at a rate far higher than what constant "grinding" would accomplish. Witness the changes in the battlespace from V7 to V11 and you'll understand why I say that the V11 to V12 transformation will be nothing but spectacular.

Immediately noticeable for now would be the new Alessian Empire bringing to the naval warfare scene gravitic-effect weaponry (GEW) and the hunter-killer ship concept focusing on stealth, speed, and devastating short range firepower using the aforemented GEWs in spinal configuration: far more efficient than the HW/2 style turret ships. This means that a successful Alessian commander would stagger his strike cruisers such that the point squadron will hit the desired primary target and the following ships will cover them with supporting fire as they egress at maximum acceleration (V7.6 style).

Plasma weapons shall receive a significant revamp as recent studies into plasma as a weapon system have told us that in order to be effective, they would resemble a particle beam as opposed to the common "glowing blob" rendition. For the time being. V11 Beta 8 already treats plasma cannon fire as having beam weapon accuracy, so it seems speculation pays off.

The main role of ballistic (ie, railgun, etc) weapons are rapid fire close defense, transorbital bombardment of static targets and of course, mining. Their effective range against actively maneuvering starships is very short compared to the lightspeed "muzzle velocity" of lasers which in our universe are effective to a real-world range of 10,000km. So yes, railguns are devastating, if you're close enough to hit or the target is stationary.

The Independent Office of Pioneering Support
... has now made the PDS website its home. So besides PDS you will see regular features of our Granado Espada team' exploits starting from an after action review of tonight's colonial support mission:

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