Site CMS NewsAs posted here the External Gallery for PDS (one of many resources for this mod) has been destroyed. please follow that thread for updates on the restoration, and do accept my apologies if you lost some images posted there.

A new version, a mayor overhaul, of the CMS used on this site has been released (7.00). I will update the site, but I fear some hands on might be required in order to use the graphics/layout since the Theme engine has been rewritten. Would appreciate input on this.

Thank you.
New Directions
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This is the new direction that PDS will be taking in any new venture. Thoughts?


Vaygr Movie - Angels of Darkness
Now available on YouTube

Version: V11 beta 8.01
Location: Bharat Nebula
Game: Invasion 1 vs 2
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Homdax (aka HomeBoy)

I have returned

And you have a nice reconquista video

Stay tuned for more.