Will there be an "Official" First Era update?
Let's see, with SunTzu's independent coding and the reappearance of the BBX (Battlestar) ship model there exists potential for a large revamp of HW2's stock Hiigaran campaign, that is now played in truncated form.

Imagine leading the HGN in a Mothership class superbattleship fighting masses of Vagyr ships through all 15 campaign missions (redone, of course) with dynamic unitcaps. That means the more command ships you have, the more combatant ships your netcentric fleet command system can support. Couple that to the adaptive ship spawn aspect of Relic's campaign programming and players can expect to tailor the size of fleet engagements to their desire and system capabilities.

Before that there needs to be a lot of streamlining done to First Era's file and weapon data structures. That is, if you want to see fleet battles again. V10 is a good base for such modifications - with BBX size units you'll definitely require "properly ranged" main weaponry. None of that 6km nonsense please.
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