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Hiigaran News Service - 301107
What's going on in IVF space? How's the homefront looking?

Hiigaran News Service - 300905
Naval Intelligence reports discovery of new Vagyr attack corvette. Construction of advanced battlecruiser commences. Volunteers wanted for Auxiliary Fleet expedition to Karelian Cluster.

Hiigaran News Service-1289620
What's going on with SRI, the Cush Navy, Kiith Somtaaw. The answer may suprise you.

The Brains Behind the First Era of PDS (to V7.3)
We would like to thank the following individuals who have directly contributed to the success of PDS and its successor projects.

Credits List for PDS (v7) beta team
Apocalypse7000, Ar-Khanis, BigFish, cannonjack, Cobalt Shiva, DanielHawking, dojoyoda, Drachen, El Mambo, Ghostpsalm, Glacialis, Homeboy, Fu, Inert, Jhereg, mrWHO, myrddin, Natathel, Retired_Commodore, ONLINEMERC, Orion, paladin1, Phyrexus, Relaxation/[G], Roadrunner101, ShibbyAv, Sovrin1, tan79, TekGnosis, Teufel, Thorin, Tribesman2004, Valaraukar, voyagerd, yasotay, zenprime, zgrillo2004

Credits list for the 1G PDS dev team (v3.x to v5.2)
Apocalypse7000, Atheonyirh, BigFish, Berrik, Cannonjack, Cobalt Shiva, DatonKallandor, Deathblow, GhostPsalm, jodonnell, Inert, Locutus, yasotay, Retired_commodore, ONLINEMERC, Winejug, Inert, UnknownWarrior, Relaxation/[G], ThomastheCat, mrWHO, Les-R, Mr_Pete, Thorin, Snuff, Solaufein, Sovrin1, Norsehound, Methuselah, Valaraukar.

It was a pleasure and an honor to lead the multinational effort in the construction of the PDS battlespace.

What is up with that damned default banner!?
Do we need more French? I think we do!