V11 Standard Update available

Beta 5 is a new update for Beta 3 or later, with the following features:

V11 Beta 5 - 17 Apr 07
Point Defense Systems

This is an update to beta 3. If you have the newer .big file release, you will need to decompile and recompile the .big to use this update. Alternatively, you may wait for the next major V11 beta release, which will be packaged in a .big file for easier multi-mod management.

If you have the unpacked (.zip) first release downloadable as a forum attachment, simply unzip this into your HW2 directory. The updated level and UI files will slot into place perfectly.

Package contents:

In this package you get a new main menu background. Two of the custom-scripted scenarios have also been converted to V11 gameplay: Offensive Counter (renamed Riposte) and Crossbow. A lot of changes have been made to the original scenarios, check them out!

- (Feature updated 17 Apr after playtesting)


- All Vaygr 130mm class weapons have ranges capped at '6km' instead of '12km' as before. This is to reduce battlespace clutter. 'Spamming' of ammunition outside effective engagements would be ineffective. This significantly improves Hiigaran fighters' performance since their heavy assault weapons allow them to attack from outside CIWS range, as they should.

- Vaygr Reina Malchaidos scout battlecruiser is now a buildable ship in Skirmish. The vgr_scoutcarrier (identical ship) now may build fighters.

- Vaygr Chevalier Interceptor Frigate given improved strafing profile, reduced speed, to prevent collisions with large targets.

- All light cruisers (LH and Moudamer classes) have improved survivability and reduced signature (similar to a frigate) to better facilitate their fast attack mission.

- Hiigaran Majiirian battleship's velocity cap removed. The plasma cannon batteries (used on the Aggressor) imposed a speed penalty to the parent ship. This has now been removed simulating shipboard power management (the weapons aren't powered 100% of the time). This significantly affects gameplay in the Operation Riposte scenario.

- The V7.32 NewDuel gametype has been fully updated. Vaygr and Hiigaran shiplists integrated. Access it from the Skirmish menu.

- Both Beta 4 scenarios have been updated reflecting the new weapon and ship modifications. They should be much more fluid in gameplay now.

- Fighter unitcaps for skirmish (on normal) now at 8 for both warring factions. If so desired, the small and large unitcaps are now usable.

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