V10/Unsung Era Reactivation
Due to RL interests I've taken to restarting UE development, after a review of my test package from 3 months ago.

Work is underway in porting the test ships into a functional build and research system that when complete will consist of 3-4 tiers of technology from low-tech backwater forces to that of the famed Galactic Core super-capitals.

Tier 1 - massdriver, standard intercept missiles, and chemical/electrical laser main armament, primitive plasma and particle weapon tech (existing V10 test packages for frontier era/"22nd Century" armaments)
Tier 2 - sub-calibre parallel array (hypervelocity) massdrivers, anti-starship or strategic missiles and smart attack drones, plasma and particle lance technology, lasers for sensor blinding and commo purposes
Tier 3 - strategic-level beam weapons, hyper-V missiles, massdrivers for CIWS only
Tier 4 - you have items like the direct reactor discharge parallel array plasma weapons like the Progenitors

I am currently aiming for weekly updates. Note that we have returned to Square One in terms of development modus operandi - efficiency-oriented centralised C2. It works in getting results.
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