PDS-AS Release 2 Completion (V7.6)
Deployment date is 10 Apr 06.

Order of battle has been finalised for V7.6, with the following ships successfully converted into the new "Second Era" universe.

Prince of Hiigara Tier III-J Fleet Defense Cruiser
XF-401G TwinEdge Avenger
Longinus II Assault Frigate
Moonlight Calamity Merchant Cruiser
Qwaar-Jet Evolved CA (Command ship, 262 Armada)

Hiigaran Arbiter V Medium Cruiser series presently in construction, officer-in-charge is Daniel Hawking.

Many destroyers in the 262 Armada order of battle will also benefit from emergency war refit programs in response to the appearance of Hiigaran Naval warships in the C42 theatre of operations. The Hiigarans have yet to deploy their Main Fleet vessels currently stationed in the Galactic Core, but even these second line ships prove to be devastating foes against 262 Armada's more primitive technology.

At the IVF planet of Rashid P-2, a pair of Prince of Hiigara IIIJs singlehandedly ensured the destruction of an entire destroyer task force...

In addition I would like to announce that there will be not two but FOUR race-specific fleets in PDS-AS, these are:

Hiigaran Navy 6th Fleet
Vagyr (Loyalists) 262 Armada
Independent Vagyr Federation
Resurgent Imperial Taiidani

From now until 7.6's release date I will be doing scenario construction, documentary writing, and liaison with the SSNT development team.
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