Limited ammo for NGCS Campaign?
Say, I would like to hear from you if you would prefer NGCS as a RTS or a Harpoon style simulator. Apologies for the lack of updates but I was busy with RL and "other" online affairs.

Limited ammunition will achieve the latter presentation, and I have a basic system to model such as munitions availability for singleplayer campaigns.

Limited ammo also allows for simulation of interesting scenarios (no heavy weapons left, what now?) and for better tactical gameplay - have the enemy BB fire off its main guns at some worthless target while you move for the kill, for example.
#1 | zenprime on February 15 2006 22:13:38
Might this produce supply convoys?
#2 | aevionknight on February 19 2006 19:23:09
Simulator, 100%. I've been looking for a Homeworld mod that tries to take fleet action in to the realm of "theoretical realism." I'm also a big fan of Harpoon, Fleet Command, and other tactical navy simulators. This would make me SO happy.
#3 | Theotherguy on March 18 2006 03:54:55
Short answer: no. I don't want to have to micromanage supplies and ammo. Maybe for certain "superweapons" like nuclear missiles or one-shot-kill railguns, but not for the main missile batteries or mass drivers.
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