NGCS Mk.1 Test Results
The first rendition of the Next Generation Combat Systems compilation has been extensively tested over the past two days and has outstripped all initial expectations, to achieve the following:

1. Highly dynamic, truescale space combat
2. Fully automated combat processes negating all need for player management besides mission planning. Ships maneuver evade attacks, charge non maneuvering targets, withdraw to repair and engage various targets on the battlespace automatically.
3. Scientifically realistic weapons performance

With that stated I will now register publically the intent to experiment with improving the Gundam mod for HW2, to the above standard where ace dogfights in the Gundam TV shows may be easily modelled using the NGCS guidelines. This course of action will be taken whenever or whereever I find that community input on the NGCS concept is unsatisfactory.

This is because we neither need new TCs nor more "gameplay enhancements" where the HW2 community is already an enormously rich resource for continued research and development on existing and released projects.

The decision point for NGCS or Gundam V3 is the end of November. No preliminary work on Gundam Mod V3 will be done without explicit permission from the Gundam Mod Team.
#1 | Berrik on November 22 2005 02:03:44
Unless you can find a way to kludge together a melee combat system, you will find this difficult at best. Melee combat between mobile suits is a very important part of combat in the Gundam universe.
#2 | MarieHawke on November 23 2005 01:35:58
Simple cop-out way - high-damaging weapons with a range of, oh, 100 in-game meteres.
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