PDS V8.0 Modus Operandi
V8.0 Provisional Featurelist, accurate as of 091105. V7.1 test package, and the LiirHra Evolution .pdf document located in the Post V7 Refit forum is -required- for accuracy in reader interpretation of the below material.

1. Improved Weapons Modelling

RG320/335 class weaponry for instance will be modelled as heavy, slow-reacting but very capable systems against all targets due to their very high muzzle velocity and round mass.

Thermonuclear missiles now can be employed against formations of small attack craft, and the proliferation of MRAM2EC "Standard Missile 2" guided weapon systems in the fleet level provides capital ships with effective standoff defense capability against the threat of battle corvettes and strike fighters.

The Hiigarans will also function as a working case study for widespread employment of advanced directed energy weaponry - like the HMS Dreadnought in Earth history this promises to be a revolution in warship armaments.

Like railguns, DEWs will also benefit from very good reliability against all target types due to the nature of the system, but are overshadowed by railguns and missiles for bombardment and saturation fire capability respectively.

2. A vastly improved system for planning ship construction and refit projects can be viewed in the Post V7 Refit forum (specifically, the LiirHra Evolution thread). Note the emphasis on roleplay and reference to the present wartime situation in the PDSverse.

3. Less important to most people, PDS functions as an experimentation in management styles and while the factor of productivity has been maintain throughout all seven major evolutions of the PDSverse, diplomacy is found to be lacking.

V7.0 is a case study of centralised planning and direction coupled to decentralised execution, and V8.0 will be completely open-source in its manner of development and deployment.

Open source operation has proven to be extremely effective in encouraging personal level rapport and has a strong potential to develop lasting international ties between the respective contributors to the PDS project.

This means that the internal developmental (dev) forums are unnnecessary and the main spearhead of V8.0 planning and discussion will be my MSN contacts.

However, successful transition to open source developmental doctrines will depend entirely on the community here on this website. While autocratic authority is not necessary with my present working group, certain individuals on this site encourage its continuted existence. Open source development will also require frequent input from all active members of this website. Therefore, make your own conclusion to this subject.

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