V7.1 (provisional) featurelist
There is a prototype, test version of V7.1 being released today with the following features:

Al Khalid II BV


Very good battleship/carrier hybrid now with 5G technology base. Close in defense improved 200%, bombardment rating +300%, Makes good use of Taiidani weapons technology.

Hiigaran Assault/Pulse Ion Cannons

Hiigaran DEW technology breakthrough - combines rate of fire of PICs plus power and self-contained nature of AICs. "Dual Purpose" (effective against small craft and capital ships) weapon systems. Available in fixed or turreted mounts in power ratings 100, 180, and 360.

IC A/P 180


Heavy weapon that is a 87mm light ion but fires 4x faster. Continuous beam, 60% eff vs FF, 35% vs fighters.

Vagyr 130mm Dual Purpose Autocannon


Combines 90mm auto and 130mm semi-auto weapon roles. Rapid fire. Selectable feed HC ("high capacity", proximity fuzed) or solid slug.

Suitable for all roles including anti-missile - check out the Bayandor class V-CA in the test package, on the "vgr_destroyer" ship slot.

Arbiter Mk.3R RG

"Repeater" version of RG335 with rapid burst capability. Rapid firing heavy guns are a Hiigaran-only technology. Only available in dual mount configuration due to space requirements for the ammunition handling machinery. Replaces all Arbiter Mk.1 J railguns.

Reworked missile warheads and improved railgun/heavy repeater weapon performance vs small targets.

More realistic HVM/HVT performance. Old warhead modelling will be retained for cheaper conventional (non nuclear) warheads.

Missiles are also harder to intercept but this is countered by MRAM2 ECs and more effective (and believable) railgun performance against small craft.

Railguns like the RG335 and Vagyr/Taiidani AC400 along with all other high velocity, semi-automatic weapon systems have a flat 20% rate of success in engaging strikecraft (closer to modern DP-AA gun performance), versus 4-8% from before (which is drawn from WW2).

The Arbiter in v7.1 is thus, an extremely effective weapons platform.

LiirHra Block 17

Improved light cruiser with three times main weapon firepower than earlier configurations (bow, dorsal and ventral twin heavy ion cannon batteries versus dorsal only). All other armaments including close in and secondary (broadside) batteries have been retrofitted with the latest directed energy weapon systems while four additional HVT700 tubes were added to the lateral weapon bays.

"Vertical launch" array of eight MRAM2-EC launchers fitted to ventral missile bay section, this is in addition to the existing MRAM2 inventory.

There is of course, more to come. Check out the v7.1 thread in the dev board (public viewable) for discussions and download link. PM me to give feedback and I'll handle each response in a case by case basis.

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