New challenges and opportunities for what was once known as Point Defense Systems. I qoute from Ironwatsas post at Steam:

Project Goals & Statement

Now that we've started spreading the word and gathering interest in what we're up to, I'd like to finally get pen to paper and work out basically what my ideas are. So far, in the... 36 hours or so that the project has been in motion,

First and foremost, archive all the old PDS material, files, technical information, anything we can find and recover, and get the Forums working again. Homdax is way ahead of me on that. Also thanks to DanielHawking for finding some of the more obscure old things.•Make sure PDS works on Homeworld 2 Classic when it comes out. (So if you hate PDS2, classic PDS will still work for you!)

  • Figure out how all of Homeworld Remastered's mod tools and mechanics work.
  • Create a Sequel to TelQuessir's Point Defense Systems mod (henceforth PDS Classic for versions 0 through 7 and V11, PDS Experimental for NGCS and 7.4 and such) using the tools and technologies available to us.
  • Bring HWR's Kushan, Taiidan, Hiigarans, and Vaygr up to the standards of PDS Classic.
  • Introduce fully realized new races.
  • Do our best to maintain the tactical and strategic depth, military realism, evolving universe, and charms which made PDS so memorable in the first place.
  • Construct a vibrant environement for both Roleplay and Creative Development.•Do our best and enjoy ourselves with it!

Point Defense Systems has always had a special place in my heart, as the big HW2 mod that I had the honour and privilidge of being even a small part of. And, aside from the odd skirmishes and arguements with Tel over things long forgotten, was probably one of the most fun and immersive times I've had with a game and community. So when Homdax approached me the other day and mentioned recovering and remaking PDS, I hopped on board!

And since I was the first one to do so, I call dibbs on running the show. Innocent

In all seriousness though, I have neither the intention of, nor capability to, go it alone. So I'm actively reaching out both to other Homeworld mod communities, Old timers from PDS' past, and other friends and acquaintences scattered around the internets to put together a crack team of badasses, tinkerers, armchair admirals, and cheap labour with similar interest.

Worst case scenario, the project goes nowhere and fades right back into oblivion (that, or we somehow summon the Void Dragon while debugging the code or something). But as they say, "Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained."