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Tel's Graduation Project
... was a huge success earlier today. I basically ran the whole (prototype) restaurant floor myself with two less-than-skilled waitstaff (See, I always do all the talking and directing Pfft) and threw all the not-so-committed people into the kitchen headed by an excellent Australian chef.

No pictures until next week, but here was my menu (below). All very sellable in the real world, with all the trainers (as roleplayed customers) saying the food and service was excellent despite the simple decor. That was my exact business objective.

Will upload photos once I get them from my trainer.
Thats great Tel. Cheers my friend! :beer:
Containment protocols enabled...
Italian theme? What about italian food? The only thing I love more than italian food is south-east Asian food (not that polish cuisine haven't any delicious food - but if you eat it for whole life, you'll look for something else).
Congratulations Tel.

But then, you knew how it was going to end up before it started.

tenacity, always tenacity.
Working out the preparatory stages was a hell of a nightmare, I tell you, because my guys don't have any military or management experience, thus have little in the way of planning and organizational skills.

I simply followed where others went until the time came to take control of the whole operation - that's where the small children realized that their plans were falling asunder under operational conditions because teammates insisted being absent for team activities.

Firing the loafers then promoting those who survived that solved the problem, oh, the 'fired' people in the end meekly manned roles like kitchen helper or dishwasher since they didn't know what was going on in the project operations department anyway!

Now all the trainers are complaining that I'm the only one responsible for the team's total victory...
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