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Earth 2150 Style mod?
for those who have played earth 2150, you know how it is layed out similar to the Hw2 Subsystems. Heres a chart if you do not catch my drift.

Research Center -----> Research module
Vehicle Production Center -----------> Your basic civilian facilities
Weapons Production Center -----------> General Weapon Facilities (Fighter Facilities, Corvette etc)

You catch my drift. Now what if we created a E2150 style mod that employes that system into the Homeworld or PDS universe? Any ideas
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So you're suggesting we... rename our subsustems?
funny Iron. No, earth uses a different layout with the way the requirements for certain units go. Anyone who has played the game knows what i am talking about. That and make the buildings subsystems. I dont know, it sounded like a good idea at the time.
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Maybe in the maze (see relevant thread). Which you have to make into reality, remember that Pfft
yes im thrilled about that...:lol:
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