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Temporary Leave of Absence
As you've probably noticed my participation on the forums has minimized significantly over the last few weeks.

That's because my graduation project will be held next month, and involves operating a prototype restaurant. It isn't a taxing task, my classmates have everything in the kitchen tied down (led by an experienced Caucasian chef) and I pretty much have full reign over the service floor and the project's managerial duties.

Thing is, I find it easy to run the operation, but documenting it is another story...

Second thing on my list is preparing myself, through self-education, for a prospective career in fine dining. Right now I'm working at an established American themed casual dining restaurant with 22 outlets in Singapore itself, but while I was able to create a decisive impact on the service industry by an almost fanatical devotion to roleplaying myself as the proverbial "master of the house", I will not be satisfied 40 years from now in this organization even if I were to be accepted into the ranks of upper management.

Fine dining, on the other hand, with the requisite knowledges and strict traditions, is exactly the sort of challenge I wish to master... not to mention, the present lack of civility in my organization is a decisive turn-off even to my prospects at becoming an assistant restaurant manager in less than 2 months time. That's because I expect my crew to possess a professional mindset that says "I'm here because I want to run my restaurant like no other people can", and not the usual "casual morons" like present, who engage in idle chatter all day and require the whip to even get them to appreciate the privledges of being employed in a very stable, evergreen industry.

Oh, not lowering myself to the level of the local service industry gets me very, very far, but there just isn't any challenge in being able to wield power like I do today. As a management trainee I expect to be trained, and not, like now, run the whole god damned place myself and personally add a star to an otherwise mediocre two-star place with average food and nonexistant service.

But I have to graduate first, so leave me be for the next month Pfft
Good Luck!
I hope to be your guest sometime...
Take it easy, brother.
Good luck! If I ever make it back to Singapore, I'll be sure to make a reservation!
A society of sheep must, in time, beget a government of wolves. - Bertrand De Juvenal
Roger OGL, good luck.
Good luck, tel! If i could fly out to singapore, id be your guest. Sadly we all know how airports are in the US, and im not a patient person. Grin

Containment protocols enabled...
Hm, I seem to have successfully plotted a stage-right course out of my present internship, and my, this is by far the most fun part. You start to see everyone's true colours all of a sudden, as though all the worthless people in the organization would very much like you to ruin your sterling record before you leave for greener pastures in this last one (?) month.

Yet all their efforts are in vain for I've forseen such trivial, childish intrigues and the presence of a small but fanatical bunch of people aligned to my cause (somehow) prevents me going insane and playing into the enemy's game.
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