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Experamental RP: Operation Fallen Winter
Basically what this is is my own little roleplay project. After posting my Recent skirmish AAR, I've decided 'Hey, wouldn't it be cool if we could have a big campaign with whole bunches of players posting their AARs too?' So I've decided to do exactly that.

What's going to happen is that anyone willing to participate should post their character idnetity (Name, Age, Background, Etc). For roleplay purposes, the Players should all be fleet commanders of some rank in the Hiigaran Navy (We'll do seperate RPs for Vaygr and Taiidan later if this works).

Players participate in the RP by playing a skirmish in PDS v11, and posting an AAR (after action report) here. This should be written from the perspective of your character reporting to sector command (Myself in this case).

After that, simply rinse and repeat.

Background to follow



Greetings ladies and gentlemen, this briefing is regarding Joint operation 771501 aka Operation Fallen Winter. Know that this briefing is top secret and revealing details is prosacutable under article 179b of the New Hiigaran Constitution.

Operation Fallen Winter will consist of several Strategic strikes on Vaygr clan 'Halan'kri', a loyalist clan still allied to the vision of Makaan. Halan'kri has sizable military resources, and is dug in near the southeastern Karelian sector, in the northern Nalthoran colonial worlds known as the Ba'aen Cluster. Strategic Objectives are as follows.

1: Remove all hostole Vaygr presance from the Ba'aen region
2: Assist Nalthoran civil reconstruction efforts
3: Reinstate Nalthoran military and governmental control over the area
4: Preventincursion from Hostile Turanic raiders or Vaygr insurgents
5: Confirm presance of Imperial Taiidan forces in area
6: Prevent significant losses to Hiigaran or Nalthoran Naval forces

Area of Operations

The region galactic south of Karelia is the northern most segment of the former Nalthoran empire prior to the Khenaniji Day war, after which point, the Taiidan Empire took over most of Karelia and areas to the south between Nalthor and it's northerlands. This region strecthes from New Istambul in the south, through Bastonagrad, up to Ezra Balkiin in the north, and from Ostana and Nord Kavagrad in the west, to the Barrier star cluster bordering the Taiidan core worlds.

The area is sparsely populated except for Nalthoran civilian space colonies, a few planetar settlments, and the larger population centres on Bastonagrad and Ostana. Primary exports are agriculture, mineral ore, and processed metals.

Strategic Deployment

Operation Fallen Winter will take place from the Fleet assembely area in Bastonagrad, and will devide up in three 'arms'.

Arm North will consist of forces of the 308th LCD, 56th TSOG under Rear Admarals Watsas and Nalthoran Queen's Crusader Shua Loi Sie Ta'ada commanding Nalthoran rearguard and ground troops. The northern force will puch through Kechlyr and Brie'n

Arm Center will consist of Fleet Admral Donitere's 15th fleet force, and elements of the 8th fleet acting as backup, and will attack the Vaygr mining and manufacturing stations in Nostok, Nord Kavagrad, and the northern part of Ezra Shanair.

Arm South will consist of HGNS forces under Rear Admaral (YET TO BE SELECTED). Three TSOGs and a Nalthoran Heavy Skirmisher Group will make up the consist. This force will skirt Arm Center and will attack in the Nebula south of Nord Kavagrad, and rendezvous with Arm Center in Ezra Shanair.

All arms will then converge on the heavily defended Ostana system, driving the remaining Vaygr into the Barrier starcluster.

Enemy Force Intel

The Vaygr are belived to be operating at least four large CVBGs and three mobile Shipyards within the regional boundries. It is unknown how many capital ships are operating in the sector, though it is thought that most of the heavier combatants will be encountered early on in the campaign. The enemy seems to be biding their time to fortify the Ostana system, and have brought their forces from nearby areas to converge there, so resistance is unlikely to decrease. However, strategic recon assets must remain active, as the Vaygr force disposition is highly irregular.

HN forces will have three Empress class stations up and running during the operation, though one will remain in Bastonagrad to oversee the rebuilding of it's orbital facilities, which were heavily damaged in the Vaygr 'scorched earth' retreat. Additional HN forces are highly distributed and can be called upon as needs arise. However, do not needlessly waste any piece of hardware, we need every Man, Woman, and Nalthoran we can get to see us through this operation.

Commanders are urged to act with a degree of autonomy, as the higher up's are swamped as it is (being lazyPfft)

Personell Bio

It is in this style that you should use to identify yourself. I'll admit, I'm new to this theatre, so feel free to introduce yourselves, as I shall.

NAME: Iron R Watsas
RANK: Rear Admaral
AGE: 37
KIITH AFFILIATION: None (Cushan Decent)
COMMAND SHIP: Praetor CVGH 'HN Willamatte (CVF-68)'
FOCRES ASSIGNED: 308th LCD/56th TSOG Joint Task Force
CURRENT LOCATION: Lagrange Point 2G, Bastonagrad-II High Orbit
ORDERS: Await force arrival.
DESCRIPTION: A student of the Sobani center for Strategic Military studies, Watsas is a veteran of the Invasion era, serving as commander aboard a Sentinel class lineship during the Invasion. His force is credited with saving the Cruise Liver HSS Livid Sea from a Vaygr commerce raider force in the Coruc-Tel system.

After this, Watsas was reassigned to a next genoration Arbiter (War Emergency Refit) class cruiser during Operation Sledgehammer, and slowly rose through the ranks to Rear Admaral (As his above command chain was either KIA or transferred). Until recently, Watsas was serving in the southern theater near the Ravinder Democratic Republic.

Watsas tends to use a bombardment doctrane, deploying long ranged combatants such as Wolf, Lothringen, Hydra, Lavi, or newer Arbiter class ships. Vaygr forces usually counterattack with close combat units, which is when Watsas tipically deploys Agressor Arbiters or other close assault ships to blunt this.

This tactical doctrane has proven effective when the HN forces have superior numbers, but has not been put to the test otherwise.


So, anyone who wants to join this little project of mine, feel free to post here. This thread will be the main repository of knowlage and feedback for the RP. If you need any additional info on any thing related, post here or PM me.

So, shall we begin?
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One question - IVF support? Grin
"...We sank a truck!" - Commander Sherman, Operation Petticoat
Direct IVF support; No, as the area in question, save for the extreme north, lies outside the juristiction of House Mar'yan military forces. The Nalthoran provedencial government and Royal Navy are also wary of allowing IVF troops access to their territory. This is stemming from the fact that the IVF still occupies part of the Nalthoran home sectors (including Nalthor itself).

Indirect IVF support; There are however, a large number of IVF personell operating inside the HN military, acting as intelligence contacts (this works both ways), military leaisons, Tactical advisors, and undercover spies within the loyalist Vaygr ranks. There are also some IVF personell operating as crew (usully temporary) on some HN craft, and probably some IVF humanitarian aid effort going into the reconstruction.

There are also several private security groups and mercenaries of Vaygr origin (as well as Turanic, Nalthoran, and Elyassian), though they are primarily deployed to defend freight convoys and lower proirity lacations on plantes and in space.
That's fine. Just had an urge to smack some loyalists around with my QJE...

I'd like to do this, since it would be cool - just give me a day or two to think up a name. Tel's RP attempt seems to have stalled - nothing from our exalted leader for the past several days on that front.
"...We sank a truck!" - Commander Sherman, Operation Petticoat
Tel's probably got RL to deal with, combined with the overseeing of v11. However, this RP has a certian degree of autonomy. Even if I go into a low cycle (notice how Watsas goes into certian periods of lower posting density as compared to others), as long as someone posts it'll remain open, and Indaviduals are not linked with one another to the point that one person not posting for a while won't hold everyone else up.

If this is sucessful, then we'll do an RP in similar fasion featuring the Vaygr/Taiidan in the southeastern theatre, but that will come asfter the conclusion of this as not to overwhelm the forums and myself.
I wasn't criticizing - I completely vanished for almost eight months due to RL issues of my own.

Assign me where you will - bio will follow, largely based on the force I will be assigned to (since we assume that HGN command assigns forces based on commander skill and preferences, for top effectiveness?)

Or, depending on how badly I write the AAR, I might take the indirect Independant Vagyr route (not necessarily linked to Ravindar or the IVF as a core, but rather like a completely spacefaring minor clan with just a fleet to call home) as a clan that would have some grievances against the Loyalists.
"...We sank a truck!" - Commander Sherman, Operation Petticoat
i, too, am interested in participating. i just have a few things i have to do, but a bio and my first AAR will follow shortly. i figured i should lay claim to a seat in this RP before i lose my chance. your assignment Rear Admiral Watsas?
Komo val
Seems like a good idea. I would like to participate, character bio will be posted before Sunday (probably Saturday evening). I'm at Your command Admiral Watsas.
Once your character bios are up, I'll hand in your assignments (I wouldn't want to assign an LCD to a TSOG's job now would I Pfft). Remember, you'll be able to decide your general force compisition (the fleet units under your command) wheras mission assets (indavidual ships) will be requisitioned on a mission by mission basis.

Phase 1 of Operation Fallen Winter will likely begin within less then 24 hours, so it'd be prudent to assemble your forces.

Phase 1 consists of clearing out the remaining Vaygr from the outer Bastonagrad system and nearby interstellar nebula. At least one known shipyard and four carriers with primarily frigate and fighter support are known to be operating within the system's heliopause radius, but outside the outermost planet, Sikalai's orbit.

Offensive sector sweeps are the mainsday here, any carriers or shipyards that escape should be reported, and any Intel details on the Tactics of the Vaygr clan are highly valued. Our IVF leaisons have requested sensor readouts and visual confirmation on any enemy vessels encountered, as to construct Tactical doctrane and an Order of Battle for this particular loyalist clan.
let me preface this with saying i am pretty much a noob to the PDS'verse, and im bad at making up names. also this is my first RP, so please have mercy on me...

NAME: Jacyok Serah Donitere
RANK: Fleet Admaral
AGE: 43
COMMAND SHIP: Majiirian BBH-14 Valorous
FOCRES ASSIGNED: 15th Fleet (?)
ORDERS: Liberation of Nostok from Vaygr forces in area.
DESCRIPTION: Hiigaran born and raised, Jacyok Serah Donitere was accepted into the Hiigaran Naval College at age 18. He spent 4 years there, graduating in the bottom half of his class, but showing leadership potential. He was assigned to the ????Curad a then experimental Arbiter IV class cruiser as a gunnery officer and quickly made a name for himself during the Vaygr Invasion. He often takes his meals in the officers? mess, preferring to eat and socialize with the men, greatly endearing himself to them. Aside from being much loved by the soldiery, Donitere has a sharp tactical mind, although he has been criticized as lacking a proper amount of caution. He is known for his indirect approach to fleet battles, tending towards intricate flanking maneuvers, which is, at times, a sharp contrast to his ?go-get?em? attitude. He is a well documented racist, openly despising the Vaygr as an enemy and a people alike. He loves those under his command, though he is known to be a harsh judge in insubordination cases, a characteristic that has caused some to brand him a hypocrite due to his tendency to ?bend? his orders.
Roger that Admaral Donitere, welcome to the front.

Your 15th fleet battlegroup is assigned to begin Phase 1 of the operation. Once the commander for arm 'South' arrives. I'd suggest rallying your forces in Bastonagrad orbit.

There has been some Vaygr activity in the area, likely a modified intelligence and recon CV and some fighters. They are within the Bastonagrad DMZ and should be located and destroyed. The orbital defence network's still a mess, but they've detected the emmissions of an Alanat-ESRA planetary scanning system, meaning that it is likely a Carrier of Kaghan descent.

All forces should be on high alert.
Okay. Sorry for taking up so much PM-space.
I just need to clairify what KIITH AFFILIATION applies to.

After that, as soon as I dig up some specs on some of the newer ships, since I'm not quite savy with the modified versions.

After that, I will be ready to post, and take part of this campaign.
ATTN: Rear Admiral Watsas
Report #54112k

Fleet Admiral Jacyok Serah Donitere

Location: Bastonagrad, Orbital Defense Facility 23b, suite 304, current 15th Fleet HQ

Date: 9/3/9620-GSY

Mission: Eliminate Vaygr recon elements in area.

Having no clear target with which to send my forces, I detached 3 Task Forces from the 15th Fleet, TF 15.1, 15.2 and 15.3 respectively. Tasked with finding and destroying Vaygr recon elements, I adopted the tactic of ?netting.? Each task group was lead by one PoH M.6, BCE-23, BCE-31, and BCE-45. Each had, as its escorts, 1x LiiHra M.17 CL, 3x Wolf FKH, 1x Linebacker M.6 FJ, 1x Marquess M.2 CVL, 3x Avenger M.5 TH squadrons, 2x Thunderbolt M.5 TA squadrons, 1x Avenger TRH squadron, 2x Lavi VA squadrons and 2x Bloodhound M.4 FF squadrons. TF 15.1 was charged with skirting around approximated Vaygr Area of Operation (AoO) to the ?north? while 15.3 to the south. Along the way, TF 15.1 and 15.3 left probes behind at regular intervals. The reserve force, my flagship the Valorous, with 2x LiiHra?s, 1x PoH, 5x Wolf, 1x Linebacker, 4x Bloodhound, 10x Hydra missile frigates, 1x Arcadia Aux. carrier, 5x Marquess attack carriers and a large number of assorted strike craft, was left in position to intercept any enemy attempt at a breakout. Once 15.1 and 15.3 finished building the ?net,? they began to move on the center of the Vaygr AoO. 15.2, previously in holding position above Bastonagrad, also began to move inward, forming an ever shrinking triangle with 15.1 and 15.3. All three TFs reported that the enemy seemed to be withdrawing towards the center, choosing to retreat rather than fight. They were, apparently, falling into our trap.
A Vaygr force was detected to be moving between the 15.1 and 15.3 detachments, which pointed to a possible Vaygr breakout attempt. I immediately sent in my reserve force and gave the three TFs the order to halt their advance. Upon arrival in the area, sensors indicated the activation of a powerful gravwell, trapping my fleet in that area. Nearly simultaneously, Vaygr strikecraft were detected. Knowing this to be a trap, I attempted to send word to my three TFs, but the Vaygr had chosen their ambush sight well. Due to the high levels of radiation, caused by close proximity to the nebula, long-range communication was impossible. I sent one of my LiiHras, CL-87, with a minimal escort, to leave the gravity well and warn the other TFs. This, CL-87 accomplished with flying colors. Meanwhile, the strikecraft were withdrawing and the gravwell powered down. Knowing this could only mean the carrier who had trapped us here was about to withdraw, I spread my reserve force wide and managed to catch her, a Kagan-class, with her pants down. My Thunderbolt squadrons made short work of her and the rest of my force mopped up the strkecraft escorts. No frigates or other capital class ships were detected in the area.
I then left the area and was again able to receive long-range com. TF 15.1 had been the target of the Vaygr ambush. Thanks to the rapidity of CL-87, however, TF 15.1 was not surprised, and, thanks to the initiative and quick thinking of my subordinates, the other TFs responded quickly and effectively. Unfortunately I was unable to be present for the battle, but the word of my Captains is infallible. The Vaygr attacked with as many as 17x frigates and the 3x remaining carriers, along with up to 24x squadrons of assorted strikecraft. This force, previously believed to be a recon detachment, appears, according to my intel. analysts, to be a raiding party, probably to be set upon the supply lines of the forces involved in Operation Fallen Winter. The massing of our forces here seems to have tipped the Vaygr off. In any case, the failed ambush saw Vaygr losses at 10x frigates destroyed, 2x severely damaged, 1x additional carrier destroyed and another damaged; as well as 15x squadrons of strikecraft destroyed. Our losses included 4x squadrons of LSF IIs, 2x Hydras, 1x Tridentsquadron, 1x Thunderbolt squadron, 3x Hydras and 1x Wolf. The cruiser CL-87 was moderately damaged during a brave run against two of the Vaygr carriers and her escorts. Subsequently, I would strongly suggest a battle merit to be given to the crew for their bravery. Also, a Marquess and one of the Linebackers was seriously damaged during the action. All are undergoing repairs and should be up to full combat readiness within a week.
Unfortunately those Vaygr forces not listed among the destroyed managed to escape. The shipyard, which was not present for the battle, was in TF 15.3?s line of advance, but managed to escape without even being sighted. My scouts were able to find traces of ion particles left behind by the retreating shipyard, but caught no sight of the facility itself.

As you well know, Admiral, Vaygr prisoners are hard to come by, most choosing to perish with the ship, and those who escape, using their pods as traps, set to explode when boarded by our S&R personnel. Fortunately, we were able to capture 3 Vaygr alive. I do not have the proper facilities to house or interrogate these monsters, so I have taken it upon myself to send them along to you. Their arrival should coincide with this report. Good luck with the interrogation, Admiral, those bastards won?t break easily.

Post-battle analysis: While we managed to get quite lucky, suffering minimal losses, mostly due to the loss of surprise, lack of capital ships, and numerical inferiority of the enemy, the Vaygr have proven themselves, once again, to be both wily and aggressive. Had CL-87 not made it clear of the interference and been unable to communicate the valuable information, TF 15.1 may have been hard-pressed to survive. The Vaygr seem to have some indication that a major offensive in this area is imminent, unless a force of this size operating so close to a future theatre is purely coincidence, which is just as likely. Nevertheless, I would suggest further measures be taken in securing the supply lines in the future campaign.

-Fleet Admiral Jacyok Serah Donitere, 15th Fleet, HGNS, SN: 0921-4412
ATTN: Fleet Admiral Donitere
Brief #IW-06913

Location: Bastonagrad system, en route to Xirsano

Date: 9/3/9620-GSY

Subject: Response to previous report

I have recived your report and read it, and archived it for refrance. In the meantime, you have now orders from HN CENTCOM; My forces are to secure the area around Xirsano, a rocky, uninhabitable planetoid, and the next planet (or large asteroid) in the Bastonagrad system. You will enter the nearby 'tail' (OOC:any map with the same background as 'Sarum Dust Clouds') and eliminate what we belive to be the Vaygr shipyard that escaped your forces before. My forces will be on the far side of the planetoid, securing the Roten mining base facility.

On a side note, I have assigned the Vaygr prisoners over to HGNS personell, who are 'processing' them as we speak. At our current strength, the Vaygr cannot threaten our forces directly, though attacks on commerce and key facilities (Resource operations, Space stations, and possibly the NebuleX sattelite grid in the outer part of the Bastonagrad system)

Good hunting out there.

-Rear Admaral I. Watsas, 308th LCD/56th TSOG Joint Task Force, Hiigaran Navy, SN: 1337-4229


OOC: I may also suggest that when writing your reports, put spaces between indavidual paragraphs (instead of mere indentations), makes it a bit easier to read.

Aside from that, great job. It's really what I intended for the style of this RP.
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NAME: Turom Ryamna Jestam
RANK: Jefet (Sub-Commander)
AGE: 28
KIITH AFFILIATION: Hykam (Naabal offshoot)
COMMAND SHIP: Dervish III/IV FE (War Measures upgrade)
FOCRES ASSIGNED: (?) ----- and pending forces.
STRATEGIC ROUTE: South (Rearguard)
CURRENT LOCATION: Lagrange Point 3F, Gastion (near Bastongrad) Surrounding space
ORDERS: Awaiting South arm transitions before commencing mop-up operations.
DESCRIPTION: Raised and born of the Hykam Kiith, Jestam was well rooted in military origins. (The Naabal Kiith is noted for several combat-oriented specialties) Being a relatively fresh student from Sotokaw Strategic Military School at 19, Jestam missed a better part of the larger campaigns, or was lucky enough to be at the wrong front at the wrong time. His first assignment at being an Ensign at an aging Arbiter III Class vessel, Glory V, he proved his worth. After fire teams had been unable to douse raging chemical, and electrical fires during an unfortunate break down of the vessel?s main aft engines, while Jestam managed to cut losses, and contain the fires until the ship could reach dock. Shortly after, steady promotions due to diligence, and quick thinking on small, yet crucial situations lead him to be a Sub-Commander under Jefet?ne Rijass (Including those gained from KIA?s and transfers).

His last year was spent aboard an upgraded Dervish III/IV, Servustus, which was retro-fitted for extra war duties instead of being scuttled and salvaged. Most of his knowledge is comprised from accounts of other battles, both recent and ancient. Among his personal effects is a thick book of bound parchment, with long notes on battles, stratagems, and the like. He has a cautious demeanor, and tries to only speak when spoken to, with varying results.
Jetsam?s main stratagem is what he proudly declares a ?Swiping wall?, detailing heavier forces in the front, with lighter and more agile forces sweeping around for a flanking maneuver, this is specialized to Vagyr forces, since many of their ships tend to be directional.
He rarely ever disagrees with a tactic, just only when it?s viable.

Recently, Rijass was relieved from duty due to mounting physical disability. This has left Jestam to pilot the rearguard for the southern arm of the assault, as other parties have either been contracted or brought from other duties to fulfill the other rearguards, and other Commanders are needed elsewhere, in other theaters or operations.


-please note other forces that may be available to this theatre, if possible-
(OOC: And, what is LCD and TSOG?)
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OOC: LCD = Line Combat Division (A fleet using a modified Capital Phalanx with multiple heavy gun ships at the front to batter through enemy defences, with strikecraft and frigates only for support)

TSOG = Tactical Strike Operations Group (A smaller unit primarily using fast attack frigates and fighters, with few bigger ships, usually LiirHras or Carriers operating behind enemy lines using speed and stealth as their main offensive punch)



ATTN: JFT-N Jestam

Date: 9/3/9620-GSY

Subject: Assignment

Location: HGN 'Willamatte' (CVH), Bastonagrad system, en route to Xirsano

Greetings, Jefet'ne. I'll dispense with the plesantries, I have read your Bio and will accept your transfer after the standard Drydock period (IC: the time until your copy of HW2 is up) for decontamination, refit, resupply, and a fresh coat of paint. Your assignment is to the 50th TSOG 'Windriders', which is under the command of Vice Admaral Ralka Irstav S'jet. She is also in command of the joint humanitarian aid effort, alongside civilian head of said effort, the Nalthoran Kia'ervak'oh.

Your initial tasking, once your Shipyard detail is complete, is to escort a convoy of food and medical supplies from SY-28 'Manaan' to a de-commissioned Elyssian Colony ship turned Orbital city called the ESS 'Kamchatka'. This ship is a mothership sized colonisation ship launched during the Elyassian expansion between the fall of the Taiidan Empire and the Itaar conflict, now locked in Geosynchronous orbit with a large, unnamed asteroid with subplanetary mass and characteristics. Once the mission is complete, you will return to Bastonagrad for your next assignment.

No resistance is expected, but there is the possibility of Vaygr attack, so you will be deployed with a Squadron of Avenger Longbow strike fighters (Longbows have intrasystem hyperdrives and larger wings, to accomidate antiship missiles and external laser pods).

I expect your report following as soon as possible. And good luck out there.

-Rear Admaral I. Watsas, 308th LCD/56th TSOG Joint Task Force, Hiigaran Navy, SN: 1337-4229
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Komo val
NAME: Val B. Nabaal
RANK: Fleet Admiral
AGE: 38
COMMAND SHIP: Naabel III class CVHA ''HNS Relentless II''
FORCES ASSIGNED: High command decision not yet reached
CURRENT LOCATION: Hyperspace, en route to Lagrange Point 3F, Gastion
ORDERS: Exit hyperspace, and await further orders
DESCRIPTION: Born and raised among th higher branches of the Nabaal, his interest for starship battle doctrines began at an early age of 8 (Hiigaran standard years). Trough his family military prestige (his grandfather was an admiral, and his ancestors served either in The Hiigaran navy, or before that in the Kharakian Homeland defense navy)' he was accepted to the elite multi-kiith military school on Hiigara. He finished first in his class and had the second highest vote for carrier operation in the whole academy.

Shortly before the Invasion he was station on board the training carrier 118 ''Bright Star'' or as the crew called it ''Old Man'' (it was an old heavily retrofitted Imperator class carrier) near the Karos graveyard. After he was promoted to commander, he received command of the Naabel class Heavy Assault carrier ''Relentless''.

During the invasion he participated in all the major, and most minor engagements that took place in the Hiigara system. In a final stand to defend an recyclable orbital junkyard above Hiigara, just days before the siege was lifted, the Relentless along side the other defending forces was destroyed, but not before inflicting heavy loses to the Vaygr assault fleet. Thanks to the valiant effort of the 306th Bloodhound Squadron, most of the remaneing crew maniged to evacuate. The lifepods where eventually picked up by a Sobani covert-ops carrier.

In honor of his brave efforts he was promoted Fleet admiral and given command of the Naabel III Heavy assault carrier named ''Relentless II'' in honor of his previous ship. Since it was still under construction, he asked to be put on the front lines, so he was among the few Hiigrans who were part of the Nalthoran expeditionary forces and participated in the operation Sledgehammer.

Finally just 3 months before operation Fallen winter the state-of-the-art ''Relentless II'' was completed. The brand new ship has yet to be tested in combat, an it seems that she will be the first of it's class to see real combat.
Sounds fun. I might poke at it but I'm allergic to Hiigarans. I need an IVF post, preferably with questionable trustworthiness...
OOC: Well alright then. Makaze, Tel, you will have your IVF. Backstory to follow.


ATTN: All HN fleet commanders

Date: 10/3/9620-GSY

Subject: IVF involvement

Location: HGN 'Willamatte' (CVH), Xirsano orbit

Attention all HN Admarals, Starship commanders, and asundry personell. If you don't already know, the Indapendant Vaygr Federation Navy is confirmed to be attaching it's own naval forces to ours, so be prepared for joint operations. Now, I know the Nalthorans are whining about it, and left wing politicians are going on about 'Zomgwtfbbq Tehy hate uz1!!', but they're going to have to deal.

Now, I don't trust the Vaygr, and I don't expect any of you to, but I do expect you to act like professionals and treat these Vaygr as foriegn dignataries or you own countrymen. Show them the Same respect that you do the Nalthorans or anyone else.

How will this change the operation you ask? The IVF forces will help to plug the gaps in out frontline, and allow greater force density during tactical engagements. IVF strike forces will likely provide heavy support to all three arms, though the Strategic plan will undergo no majou changes aside from Force compisition. All standing orders for all active Fleet Commanders remain unchanged.

The IVF strategic commander is one Fleetmistress Sharai Katisha Mar'yan. She is a highly compitent commander who seems to enjoy life on the battlefront and will likely command from the front lines. She is a veteran of the initial Invasion, the New Shougua Incedent, the Taiidan attack on Ashara Prime, and Operation Broken Sword.

At least two other IVF Fleetmasters will join the operation. Katisha will reinforce arm 'Center', while Fleetlords (YET TO BE NAMED) and (WHAT DID I JUST SAY) will take arm's North and South respectively.

IVF forces should arrive within 24 to 48 hours. They will be given the same IFFs and autonomy of HN forces. But do not let them operate outside of their juristiction. Any problems should be reported to My desk Immedietly.


-Rear Admaral I. Watsas, 308th LCD/56th TSOG Joint Task Force, Hiigaran Navy, SN: 1337-4229
ATTN: Rear Admiral I. Watsas

Date: 10/3/9620-GSY

Subject: IVF aid and support

Location: Dervish III/IV FE WMU "Yurano", Gastion surrounding space

On the record, sir, I haven't any problems with the I.V.F. as long as they're on our side. But, if I may ask, is there any efforts that may be extended to my region of work? If the IVF is extending any infrastructure or humanitarian aid, I'd like to know so I can coordinate with my own shipments, and possibly even have my own escorts ensure that things will go well.

And, Sir, is it possible to request a Bloodhound II Battle Frigate in replacement for my aging Dervish? If not, any replacement will be honoured. And, may I ask how many Avenger Longbow Fighters will be assigned to me?

-Jete'ne T. Jestam
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