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Battle AAR: Skirmish of Cerki-067121
Location: Comet Cerki-067121, Irldai System, Karelian Sector (Map=2pInto the comet's tail)

Date: 3/7/9620-GSY

Mission Task: Search and Destroy (Gametype=PDS Early Assault)

Combatants: HN 17th Fast Attack Responce Force, 15th flt, TF-22 vs Unidentified Vaygr forces

Force Disposition: (HN) 2xLiirHra CL 'HGN Wildfire (CL-97)' and 'HGN Cavanaugh (CL-102)', 1xMarquess CVL 'HGN Bolo (CVL-121)', 4xBloodhound FF 'HGN Driven (FF-678)', 'HGN Sculpin (FF-512)', 'HGN Loa (FF-98)', and 'HGN Ulthw? (FF-231)', 1xWolf FKH 'HN Shiva (FF-693)' , 3xKhopesh VA (Part of 909th Corvette attack squadron 'Coral River'), 12xLSF-IIIs (1008th Attack Squadron 'Bullsquids') ,12xThunderbolt (Plasma) TA (Also part of the 1008th), '1xAvenger IVr (99th Tactical Recon Group)', 4xResource Collector and 1xResource Controller '123d combat logistics detachment'

(VGR) 1xReina De Los Maliciados (DESIGNATION UNKNOWN), Numerous fighters and Shamshir Corvettes (SQUADRON UNKNOWN), At least one Kaghan CVF (DESIGNATION UNKNOWN), 3 Missile Platforms

Background: Recent commerce raids by an unknown Vaygr clan and an attempted attack on a privately owned agricultural space station have begun to cause civil unrest in the Region near Isis, in the Irldai system. The area is near the system's habitable zone and has several space stations, both commercial and private, which primarily manufacture agricultural and industrial goods. These stations are placed along a strategic trade lane between the Nalthoran world of Askit Shanam and the 15th fleet's frontline Command center on nearby Bastonagrad.

Between the two lies the Irldai system, with a single fixed class-K star and three gas giants with no useful minerals, but as a result of it's location, numerous space stations and orbital facilities, have been built here.

The system was previously occupied by the Vaygr before the Hiigaran 15th fleet and Nalthoran 51st fleet routed the Vaygr present in Askit Shanam, the forces occupying Irldai and Bastonagrad initiated a strategic withdrawl to a series of rally points in the Blue Canvas Nebula. However, either elements of the Vaygr fleet remained behind, or were dispatched later. The point being, Several Vaygr ships are raiding Hiigaran and Nalthoran shipping, and the 15th has been tasked with eleminating said commerce raiders.

Strategic summary: Cerki-067121 is the designation of a large comet orbiting near planet Isis inside the Irldai system. This comet is in Isis' gravitational field and will likely collide with the Gas giant within six months. Already, larger then average chunks are being torn from the nucleus, making for not only a perfect hiding place for a small fleet, but a great tactical mining operation as well, as the comet is rich in rare allotropes.

The last encounter with the Vaygr Raiders leads us to belive, by studying their hypertransit vectors, that they are hiding either inside the comet's tail, in orbit of Isis, or in a nearby particle cloud. The Nalthoran 'La'akin' DESRON has been dispatched to Isis' orbit, the Basestar 'NRN Chaw To'ka (BVGH-09)' to the particle cloud, and the HN 17th Quick Reaction Group has been deployed to the comet.

Tactical summary: Upon arrival, the logistics group began harvesting the nearest asteroids, and the Bolo launched several Probes. These were ineffective with all the large asteriods and dust in the area, so manned fighters would have to be dispatched. Half of the Bolo's air group maintained a CAP over the mining team, while the other half remained docked with the CVL.

The LiirHras, Bloodhounds, Wolf, and Khopeshes formed into a single strike group and proceded into the comet's tail to scan the local area. The Bolo then proceded to initiate a tactical jump to the end of the tail, where one of the probes picked up a sensor ping. Upon arrival, the carrier launched an Avenger scout, which began patrolling the area, while the carrier jumped back to near it's inital position.

Within minuites, the Avenger detected a capital mass target nearby, and went to investigate, using asteroids for cover. However, it flew into the sights of a Reina De Los Maliciados class cruiser, and was shot down with the oss of the pilot. But the data sent back was enough to plan a hasty attack, as the Cruiser would likely jump soon

The main fleet broke in two, each consisting of a LiirHra and two bloodhounds. Squadron 'Wildfire' would also include the Shiva as escort, while Squadron 'Cavanaugh' would have three Khopeshes. Each group manuvered into the comet's tail as to have an uninterupted hyperjump to the target. The Bolo also jumped, and prepared to launch fighters to supress the cruiser.

Unfortunately, the CVL was unaware of the Vaygr cruiser's GravWell genorator, and exited Hyperspace prematurely. It launched it's fighter squadron to assault the Reina Maliciados, but that only drew the attention of a swarm of Strikecraft. While disorganised, these fighters (At least one suqadron of mixed I2, I3a, b, and c variants, and several Shamshirs) made a beeline toward the Marquess, and layed into the ship. By this point, the Main forces arrived, with the Wildfire high 'above' the main battle and the Cavanaugh far to the 'Left'. However, they couldn't arrive in time to save the Bolo from destruction, and only 67 of her crew made it to the EVAC pods.

Then, the Main HN fleet attacked. The Wildfire and her escorts, attacked the Reina Malacidos and managed to slough off the Vaygr ship's initial torpedo salvo, however, not without some damage. The Cavanaugh's squadron attempted to round up the Vaygr Strikecraft and save the surviving fighters from the Bolo. The Vaygr recon cruiser proved astoundingly resiliant, taking many impacts from DEWs, combat drones, and nuclear rockets, but inevitably succumbed to the onlaught. The Cavanaugh's group fared slightly worse. The Ulthw? had suffered several missile impacts and was desperately attempting to egress the battle, while the Corvettes and frigates covered.

The tide turned when, finally, the Maliciados' reactors melted down, transforming the vessel into a short lived artificial sun. The Wildfire taskforce then turned on the surviving fighters. The Vaygr fighters were drawn into a killbox and decimated with Proximity detonated nuclear missiles, as were several nearby Missile platforms. With this, the battle was effectively over. Without the Bolo, however, the fighters couldn't hyperspace home, so the crew of the LiirHras managed to transfer the pilots aboard, abandoning the unmanned strikecraft as well as commence a SAR sweep for the crew of the Bolo.

The Vaygr carrier likely managed to escape, as Battlefield Analysis & Investigation Teams (BAIT) later discovered plasma trails and quantum strings that indicated that the Carrier had, upon the destruction of the Maliciados, loaded it's Resourcers and hyperjumped away. It was never located. The BAITs later recovered debris from the Maliciados and the Bolo as well as the abandoned fighters.

Memorial services for the fallen crew of the CVL were held the following day.

Post Battle Analysis: Of the initial HN fleet, the Bolo was the only capital ship destroyed. as were 16 of it's fighters, including the Recon ship. The Cavanaugh took some severe damage from sustained fighter attack, but was structurally intact and no loss of life was reported aboard (though there were minor injuries). The Bloodhound frigate Ulthw? took a direct SS-93 impact to the port bow, killing one and injuring several. The Frigate is still in drydock.

The Vaygr lost their primary raiding craft and a number of strikecraft, and were forced to perminantly withdrawl from the area. Since this incedent, no loss of cargo tn the Irldai system has been attributed to Vaygr activity.


Report filed by RADM I. Watsas (61st TSOG, 15th Fleet) to Hiigaran joint command, far eastern sector, High Admarals A. Huber and K. Koh , pending analysis and strategic conclusion.
Superb report RADM Watsas.

I am sure that the Board of Inquiry on the loss of the BOLO will find no negligence on the part 17FARF or TF22.

Thank you for your time admaral Huber. I shall continue to send post combat reports as Operation Fallen Winter commences. Any additional commanders should report their victories/defeats to help form a cohesive doctrane, as this opposing Vaygr clan seems to use a completely diffrent Strategic doctrane then regular AdM forces.

(Fallen winter is a strategic offensive to rout all Vaygr agressors from the Bastonagrad, Kechlyr, Nostok, Brie'n, and Ezra Shanair systems and return them to Nalthoran government and military control, for those that don't know)

RADM Watsas, HN 308th 'Dreadnaught' LCD/56th 'Interstellar Raptors' TSOG/NRN 21st 'Kavo Lai-Shu' SSTF joint task force, currently stationed aboard HGN Willamatte (CVF-68).
Raids on low-technology neutral settlements within the Vaygr Federation is considered a capital offense under the Free Vaygr Charter instituted by modern decendants of the democratic IVF.

Federation naval intelligence has requested sensor logs of the engagement for aggressor identification purposes; large Vaygr ships custom-configured by their owners to meet personalised performance standards usually have unique emissions and signatures; these can be correlated to trading port databases for ship or clan identification.
Unfortunately, most of the sensor logs were lost with the BOLO, and were unable to be transferred to other ships due to cometary ice, dust particles disrupting the Laser datalinks and Vaygr comm jamming interrupting the Radio and Nanowave transmitters.

However, the BOLO's black boxes and data recorders have been recovered and are being decripted, though the EMP from the reactor breach caused significant damage to the Data. What was recovered are several Images from one of the CVL's probes, which may help in further identifying the Subclan behind the commerce attacks.

At least one Vaygr carrier (presumably a Kaghan derivative) is belived to have been in the area harvesting mineral resources, but hyperspaced immedietly upon the destruction of the cruiser.

The cruiser itself appeared to be similar in design to Nalthoran 'Cenikur' class Cruise Liners' baseline hull configuration, but built with Vaygr materiels, weapons, and hardware. These ships have proven highly effective when converted to strategic recon ships or battlecruisers, and this may be an indegenous and unlicenced copy of the design.

The Following probe images have been transferred to HN CENTCOM, several Nalthoran officials, and security cleared affiliates of the AKH Naliin design firm which owns the rights of the Cenikur hull and it's official derivitaves.
Ironwatsas attached the following image:
Mostly harmless
That would make a nice little mission.
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