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My Speakers! Episode II, Speaker 'Echo' effect?
Guys, I've just run into a strange phenomina regarding my computer's sound system. Since yesterday, my speakers have been 'echoing' sounds unnaturally. At first, I paid little attention to it, but seeing as I've never encountered this before, and it can prove to be annoying at times, I'd like to figure out WTF is wrong here.

Is it my speakers? My sound card? Some software bug? Malicious external input? My own brains turning to pulp?
I'm using an ancient SB Live! and you can manually enable special effects via the EAX control panel.

I've seen a number of other sound cards with such software features as well.
Hold on, I think I figured it out. I just had to do a quick system restore and that seemed to fix it. Though if it happens again, which with my luck it will at the most inoppurtune time, we'll continue this thread.
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