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RP: Twilight Glory; Defence of Ittar
Ittar; a region of space constantly set upon by famine, outside agression, ethnic clensing, and civil war without end. Before 9545 GSY it had been a primitive nation, divided by politics, religon, geography, and necessity. Only when the Taiidan Imperial Remnant attempted to unite and secure Ittar to further it's own agenda did it begin to look outward. Not long after that, a coalition operating onbehalf of the Galactic Council, made up of Hiigaran, Nalthoran, Bentusi, Elyassian, Republican Taiidan, Frrern Aggrigate, and Federation of Cush military and humanitarian forces launched a massive effort to remove the Imperial Taiidan presance once and for all.

The Empire was hastily and quietly ousted and Ittar was finally unified under it's own soviergn government. It opened trade agreements with Nalthor, Hiigara, and the Bentusi, created it's own military, and began patrolling it's borders to guard against incursiond between Pirates, Insurgents, and the neighboring and hostile Dresari Imperium. For nearly a decade, Ittar was at relative peace with itself.

Though this would not last.

In 9571 GSY, several groups of sepratist gurellias, religous extremists, Turanic Raiders, and drug cartels organised and unofficially declared war on the Ittar government. The Ittar military was prepared for this kind of conflict and fought back ferouciously. Given the in some cases extreme measures taken to prevent Insurgence from taking hold. While the Ittar were heavily criticised both domestically and abroad for their unnessicary use of exessive force in dealing with the rebels and pirates, they kept relative peace in their central provedences.

This civil war continued until the Vaygr overran The Taiidan Republic. Ittar initially committed their military to a direct counterattack, with predictably disasterous results. The Vaygr and Imperial Taiidan began their attacks and Ittar was forced to adopt the tactics used by the gurellias they had been fighting for over three decades.

Now, Ittar is on it's last legs. It's been almost four years after the invasion. Ittar has to contend with a much better equipped and far more numerous. Many have fallen and most of Ittar space is occupied, but once again, Ittar is unified and must face the coming horde.


The light of the Rhavenno starcluster bathed the unnamed system. Aside from one uninhabited oceanic planed and a cluster of gently floating asteroids, there was nothing remarkable about this region of space. The planet's clouds slowly moved across the surface as the world slowly rotated in place, the asteroids lazily rotated end over end, only rarely bumping into one another.

All was serene...

All save for the unnatural lights and fireballs of high energy strategic level beam weapons, hypervelocity missiles, and various sizes of massdriver weaponry.

The AINF Nome, a lend-leased Frerrn built heavy cruiser, was being pounded by three Achaemenes class fleet cruisers and their attendant strike wing of fighters and corvettes.

The Ittar vessel rolled to port to bring one of it's it's 30GW Chemical laser cannons to bear in an attempt to knock out the ventral missile batteries of the lead Achaemenes. It's ballistic CIWS put up a wall of lead to stop the next salvo of HVMs launched from the cruisers. Several managed to get through and exploded along the hull of the Ittar cruiser, but only caused minor damage.

The Ittar ship's starboard laser cannon fired, quickly heating and burning through the forward section of the Vaygr cruiser's hull before finally destroying the Vaygr ship's forward Crusader plasma lance array.
As the damaged Cruiser backed off, the other two pressed their attack.

Aboard the bridge of the Nome, an atmosphere of near panic filled the room. Captian Rhuai Shal Sara knew her ageing ship could never win against the Phalanx of Vaygr cruisers and frigates.

"Another wave of two missile frigates and a group of bombers and gunships headed our way. Vector 331, Angle 39, range 29000." The sensor officer announced as another impact rocked the ship.

"Damage control reports rudder thrusters are destroyed, torpedo tubes 3 and 4 are inoperable, and flight deck aft is venting into space." Another crewmember yelled.

"Tell me the hyperdrives are operational." Rhuai yelled as she grabbed the Sensor readout console to keep upright.

"Hyperdrives are fully operational, but there is a gravity well genorator in the vicinity, probably behind the..." The ship was rocked by another explosion and the sensor began beeping a proximity alarm " Enemy carrier, Kaghan II class, jumped in on top of us!"

The Vaygr Carrier began rolling to bring it's dorsal VLS tubes to bear as the Nome fired it's own VLS tubes into the CVs hangar bay. Several HACs were caught in the blast as the missiles detonated. The Kaghan responded with autocannons and plasma lances into the Nome's dorsal missile launchers and coilgun batteries.

"The Gravity well appears to be coming from the carrier." The XO announced as he worked the sensor screen in an attempt to verify a plan of attack.

"Then what the hell are you wating for!? All batteries, fire, Fire, FIRE!" Rhuai yelled.

The stricken Ittar cruiser rolled to starboard and fired a brutal salvo of massdrivers, missiles, and it's remaining laser cannon into the forward section of the Vaygr carrier. The Vaygr ship mightily tried to hold together, but the unending onslaught eventually destroyed the front port side of the carrier.

"Gravwell de-activated, jump when ready." The XO yelled as the ship reeled from more cannon and missile impacts. It would not survive much longer under the intense barrage.

"Jump NOW! Quickly!" Rhuai yelled.

The Ittar cruiser was still firing as it was engulfed into the incandescant blue-white lught of hyperspace.


Okay boys and girls(?), here's another RP to play with. It works like any other RP (one persom posts, then another in responce, then another in responce to that)
You will assume the role of a captian of an individual ship, Commander of the air group (CAG) of a larger vessel controlling it's strikecraft wing, or commander of a marine/infantry regiment on ship or planetside. You will also have some control of an 'NPC' fleet in certan circumstances

The story takes place in the present, PDS 7.3.2 operating environment where the player is alligned with the following factions

Assembly of Ittar
Nalthoran Expaditionary Force
Ittar Allied Mercenaries/Gurellias (Mainly of Turanic, Taiidani, or Elyassian origin)

Ittar's military is currently more of an organised gurellia force using older Hiigaran, Elyassian, Turanic, or Nalthoran hardware. While most of Ittar territory is occupied by Imperial Taiidan and some Vaygr forces. There are plenty or areas where natural phenomina make patrolling next to impossible. Nevertheless, the Ittar's surviving forces must keep moving to maintain their advantage.

The Ittar fleet and allied mercenaries subsist on raiding action against resource operations or key enemy positions or ships. While not as well equipped as the Vaygr or Taiidan, they can keep their enamies off balance with well co-ordinated raids, commerce raiding, and destruction of key facilities such as supply depots or shipyards.

Nalthor's expaditionary force primarily works with tactical raids on strategic targets much like the Ittar. Though they have better equipment, traning, and use a more strikecraft heavy approach than the Ittar or HGNS. They will commonly jump a Baseship full of strikecraft (usually derivitives of the Keikei II multirole fighter supported by Khopesh gunships and Lavi corvette/frigates) into an area of operations and throw large swarms of fighters and corvettes in firing standoff missiles under heavy ECM cover and thereby preventing any effective responce before quickly retreating. They also will make numerous tactical jumps with their bigger ships to provide fire support to smaller craft.

I'll assume you have at least basic familiarity with the HGNS and their deployment tactics if you decide to play as them.

Example of a character setup sheet.

Name: Rhuai Shal sara
Rank: Equivelent to Captian
Species: Tobari/Turanic
Gender: F
Age: 29
Affiliation: Ittar
Ship: AINF Nome (CH-314)
Description: Nothing is known abour Rhuai Shal Sara's past, save that she was the daughter of a little known Turanic fleetlord who used to operate out of New Colorado. After the arrest of her father at the hands of the Hiigaran Navy, she ran off and joined the Indapendant Miners Guild for a while before becoming an Ittar citizen. After working as an administrator for the Ittar naval academy, she entered active service as chief NCO aboard the AINF Mjolnir during the Vaygr invasion. She was gradually permoted as her superiors were KIA and eventually ended up commander of the AINF Nome, and is currently raiding enemy resource operations and supply shipments.

She has a very short temper and has been known to sometimes violently punish anyone who fails a given task or somehow brings about her wrath. She is not the best force commander or shipmaster but is capable of commanding a vessel in combat and under pressure, though usually at the superior officer's expense. She is naturally distrustful of Hiigarans in general and is generally secritive and reclusive when it comes to her personal life.
(I figure, we've rp'd before.. I assume with stricter guidlines I'll do much better.. hopefully this rp doesn't die in a blaze of.. unglory? like the other.)

Name: Revura Daiketto
Rank: Admiral/Equivalent rank
Species: Hiigaran
Gender: Male
Affiliation: HGNS
Ship: HGN Triumphant
Description: A typical Prince of Hiigara BB, Loaded with three squadrons of Blade mk2 interceptors and 1 group of bombers

Personal: A rather tall man, his parents were quite contempt of outsiders, almost complete xenophobes.. Being related to a few actual survivors of the original homeworld crusade, his family, Sobani, have had a long history with the fleet. Being mild royalty, he gained the upperhand in most schools and eventually the acadamy itself. Upon finally graduating, he was promptly elevated to a captain status.. His ability to cope with extreme stress and his calm serene attitude gained him alot of credit with his immediate sector admiral. During the war, he preformed admirably, Losing three destroyers, each one commanded by him personally.. and him being retreived and reassigned each time, and killed an impressive 89 frigates and 2 destroyers. His name wasn't wide spread but the right people knew him and got him a command, a small fleet on the southern borders of hiigaran space, bordering Ittar.

Fleet: x1 PoH bb, "Triumphant"
x2 Destroyer, "Archer" and "Tiger"
x6 Frigate, 2 ion cannon "Kellin" and "Shavaron" and 4 flak frigates, "Dalure" "Harasem" "Vadoran" and "Paktala"

---------------[Assuming it's accepted]---------------------

"Revura? hey.. come on.. wake up." was the first things he heard as he jolted to an upright positon, his long dark blue hair flowed past onto his shoulders, blocking his yellow tinted eyes from the womans view. "Thanks for waking me" he said slowly.. Just as the woman leaned over and whispered. "You said to get you up at 0500.. its 0515.." Revuras eyes jolted over to the clock, then back at her.. a faint smile was seen. "This is why I asked for you to be my advisor.. Thanks Shalara" The woman, Shalara Ker Vetan was his personal advisor and right hand woman. Being a top level graduate, and honor student during her time in the acadamy, she missed the war.. spending most of it inside a bunker outside of the city she lived in. Only hearing the occasional rip in the sky from a missile she still learned from the professor that was there with her.

Revura walked to the bridge after dressing in the typical Hgn Battle-Dress that most admirals wore, with the long rear Flap that went all the way to the back of the legs, He stood at attention on the bridge as everyone stood up and saluted him back.

"At ease gentlemen, mr Ramle, can I get the report?" Revura said

Mr ramle walked over to him and handed a small PDA like device and replied, "Here you are admiral, oh.. and mr daiketto.. did you look over those inventory suggestions?"

Revura turned to him and pressed a few buttons on his pda, switching the topic to that of mr Ramles conversation. "Actually yes, and quite a few made alot of sense.. I'd like you to personally oversee that items two... three.. five and seven are carried out.. The rest are nice, but not really benefitial."

Mr ramle leaned forward and wrote 2,3,5,7 on his hand.. and saluted, "Thank you for your time sir." and proceeded back to his station.

Revura turned back to his view screen, "What kindof activity do we have?" he looked down at his first officer/advisor, Shalara.

"Well, mr daiketto..." she turned around to see him staring with an arched eyebrow.. after a quick smirk, she continued.. "We have.. sixteen reported conflicts, each was responded to by either fleets #434 or #216 We also had an odd sensor reading from a nebulae like occurance nearby.. It looked like a high powered laser on the screen.. but it was far too hard to tell."

Revura looked around then back down, "thank you." and then looked back up at the command crew, "Alright officers.. see to it that all distress calls are monitored and investigated.. I want all ships as close to this one as possible... If we do enter combat, perhaps a spread of force will discourage any aggressor. Obviously monitor short range comms and long range hyperspace scans..... Everyone to their stations."

The entire crew, with a rather graceful haste, made their way to their stations. Revura sat atop a small pillar with Shalara at the base of it, to his right.. four crewmen were directly infront of his position and a large screen visible from there, the tactical control as it was referred to, was an enormus electronic grid, capable of monitoring nearby occurances in a fashion easily readable by mr Daiketto. Above that, almost directly ahead, was another six crewmen and the main viewport. Revura looked around his bridge and could only smile at how professional his crew had become.

I am the Alpha and Omega, the first and the last... the beginning and your end.
Excepted, Seraphim.

I will probably attach an 'NPC' Nalthoran expaditionary unit to your group in the near future (Consisting of a missile armed stealth baseship, with multiple squadrons of multirole strikecraft). You will have full control of this group so long as they are not needed elsewhere. I may also attach ground troops and armor to your unit as well at a later time.

Also, the Prince of Hiigara IVH is designated CBH (I think) designating battlecruiser, not BB. Just trying to help Smile


Ittar Naval Base XD-11 (Former Gas Miner GSH #132), Shien Stellar Nebula

Three Days after Rhavenno System Engagement

"Well, the good news is that your crew's still mostly alive..." The chief mechanic aboard the station said, handing Rhuai a clipboard with several casualty lists.

"Bad news?" Rhuai asked.

"Well, I've never seen any single spacecraft this heavily damaged survive an emergency Hyperspace transit and I can probably speak for most of the rest of the crew on that note. You've got more hull breaches then I can count, most of your guns are either blown up, melted, or jammed, nearly all the electronics save the HSNAV and manuver controls will have to be replaced, we're talking a month in shop at least. That is if I had anything to fix it with." The chief continued.

"Look, I respect your hard work, but we need every ship we can get. If those Vaygr were heading where I think they're heading then the units on Skulda aren't going to stand a chance. There were at least twelve troop transports and landing craft probably full of tanks and helicopters heading down there and there's no way the forces down there are going to hold. Now If the Nome can't fly, then give me something that can so we can at least stall those transports." Rhuai responded.

"All I got is an Elyassian Missile Frigate, a civilian cargo barge with no weapons, and a Turanic refinery ship. Now, the Nome can be fixed, but not without either tearing those ships apart or finding some more parts to use."

Rhuai paused for a moment, thinking about her options, when suddenly an idea came to her.

"The Tanatulas Ship graveyard, If I take the Civilian and the Raider ships with the frigate as escort, we can scrounge the derelicts for parts. Do any of the ship's have crews?"

"Both the Civilian barge and Raider ships are crewed, they're not professionals, but they'll do the job. But not without substantial pay, the frigate has no crew, but it only needs six to operate." The mechanic gestured to the frigate moored to a nearby asteroid outside the station.

"I'll take 'em all, tell the civilians and the Raiders they'll get their pay from me personally. I'll have crew from the Nome operate the Frigate. How soon can we launch?"

"Whenever you like, all the ships are fueled and ready to go. All you need to do is wait for the crews and you're off. I'll set up a list of things we need and you'll be set." The mechanic nodded and led Rhuai off to an ajacent office.


HMNS Sah'anlir (BVG-211), Bana Hiel System

Tasking: Rendezvous with HGNS taskforce 5. Flagship, HGNS Triumphant

A lone Nalthoran Baseship exited hyperspace on the northwestern edge of Ittar space. The sleek, rounded vessel with numerous antennae and weapons made long shadows on the olive green hull of the kilometer long vessel.

The Nalthoran ship had no external lights, not even an engine flare (as it had a Bentusi derived reactionless drive). The stealthy ship, although massive, was made almost invisible by it's composite/fibersteel hull and low thermal signature. It continued to manuver, alligning itself with the ecliptic plane of the trinary star system it was in.

In the ship's CIC, the Nalthoran crew waddled about with machine like percision. Several frog like members of the Nalthoran worker caste were at the ship's control consoles. Wearing sophisticated neural interface suits and headbands, they were able to direct the ship with unmatched percision. Members of the Insectoid Nalthoran warrior caste stood guard and a few were seated, operating weapon and sensor stations. They too wore NCI headgear, but not the full body suits like the workers.

Out of the corridor leading to the rest of the ship, a creature renembeling a giant bipedal salamander walked in. The creature wore cerimonial robes and meddalions, identifying him as a member of the Legislative caste. It also wore a gold armband and ornate tatoos idendifying his status as Queen's Knight of Nalthor. The Legislative Nalthoran spoke in a raspy amphibian voice.

"K'hala shu'sa vanhi [Status Report]" He asked to the presiding officers aboard.

"Bako'l ilgilm sa ksin, iryl katsa'n xie xavik kao'askh, ona, tu, sa'jha, kno'i, xir. [We have achived desired position one, two, seven, four, sir]" The helmsman replied.

"Whal'n irlda kuo ksha anhka tu lih tha'dah, xir. [Onboard systems and Drives are running in cold mode, sir]" The Engeneering co-ordinator anounced.

"Bako'l avh sa reh nial bi k'techt nhai LIDAR vi en'mi. Dhak'tu bi'rld d'iret hahn k'nah hala'ro omai, xir [We are not detecting any unnatural objects within LIDAR range. We're clear to send transmission, sir]" The sensor operator announced.

"Dir'ka hala'ro pakh-brsh'ana. [Send pulse burst transmission]" The captian ordered. The comm operator sent the coded message, translated into Hiigaran giving rendezvous co-ordinates in a nearby gas cloud.

"Hala'ro awih, ordl xir? [Transmission away, orders sir?]" The sensor operator announced.

The Nalthoran captian sat back into his command chair and gave his next orders. "Alonat, ah'lk ivh jump shac ti hagi kao'askh. Avik hayl eghin khakl tu nai ilon. [Alright, bring us out of cold mode and prepare to jump to position. Set condition two throughout the ship.]"

The Nalthoran ship rung with the alarms and PA announcements indicating an immenant jump. Technicians began shutting down electronics and activating the HSNAV equipment, Pilots and Warriors went to their assigned positions, damage control was standing by, the Nalthoran ship was within minuites ready to jump.

"Kru rap'th eko nali khakl tu achiv hal tkhr. Hyperdavih pahn khai isn hyu tha vhier liid. Ih arh k'nah tu Jump ahn re m'rkh, xir. [Crew reports all sensitive systems are in null and condition two has been achived. Hyperdrives are spun up and ready. We are claear to jump on your mark, sir.]"

After verifying on his PDA that the ship was indeed ready, he gave the order.

"Jump. [Jump.]"

The HMNS Sah'anlir was engulfed in the searing blue-white of hyperspace. It's destination was on the far side of the system where it would hopefully rendezvous with the HGNS Triumphant.
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HGNS Triumphant battlegroup, location 3.42.211 on spacial grid 4..
Current tasking, Patrol and recon of active vaygr operations

Shalara looked around, her long brown hair pulled loosely into a tail with numerous strands hanging down infront of her eyes.. She sat calmly at her post, monitoring the situation and incoming sensor data. To her left, where mr Ramle was standing holding a glass of V'runda (orange juice like drink)

As his arm extended to her small cleared space on her console, the drink almost immediatly left a ring... "Here you are ma'am.. anything else?"

Shalara looked up and gave a brief look of satisfaction and made a deep hummed "Nuh-uh" After noticing him walk away, she glared at the glass which was completely still, not even a ripple from being sat down was visible. "Almost too calm" she quietly muttered as she began reviewing the latest sensor data.. "Wait.. what's this?" she said as her fingers, almost like a machine, quickly touched numerous parts quickly on the screen, almost fourty different calculations had been done and two probes launched..

"Attention all crew, would admiral Daiketto please report to the main bridge.. I repeat, Admiral Daiketto, please report to the main bridge.. thank you." The click at the end of the message was what awoke the slumbering admiral... as he rose up he glanced out the small doorway into the main room of his quarters.. "damnit Kas" he stated as he walked toward his uniform.. "Kas.. I swear, if you do this one more time... " his anger was quickly thwarted as the small Orange colored Cat, 'Kas' Walked out, slowly rubbing its side against Revuras leg.. "Alright, fine.. claw my uniforms onto the ground all you want.. I admire you more than my crew.. you knoew that?" His fingers slowly massaged the cats chin and cheeks and it began to purr.. "So carefree.. just another place for you to explore.. I envy that so much.. no fear of reprisals.. no tension.. just play time.. eat time.. and sleep time.." After sitting Kas down, he grabbed his over coat and put his crest on.. cufflinks, arm bands.. all the things that made him stand out from the crew were the things he hated the most..

"Alright, What do you have for me?" Revura stated as he barged onto the bridge, Yellow lights were seen in all corners..

"I took the liberty of engaging our 2cd level combat status, all turret crews are to their stations as well as torpedo crew.. the ship is battle ready! but you already knew that.. didn't you." Shalara said with a smile.

"Well, perhaps it was the lack of competition getting here down the halls! or the whole, 'All crews report to battle stations' page you did.." he said in the most sarcastic manner he possibly could.

"Well sir, I got reports from the Navigational bridge that we are on course, so that is your first question answered.. But the most important, we have a small battle going on... about six hundred kilometers from our current location, and they have asked for help." She turned away from him and pressed a few buttons on her screen.. "The planet is in full distress, I guess it looks like a few Assault frigates and maybe a destroyer in orbit, looks like preparations for an invasion.. S... K... Skulda.. that's the planet.. " She turned back to him, her Blue eyes staring directly into his.

He stood there for a second holding the handle of his dress sword.. "Alright, Set a course.. The vaygr are NOT going to take another allies planet in my sector.. If they do, then they will spread from here.. moving further and further and who didn't show up to stop them.. Well that wont be me! bring us up to Full combat status, I say again, Combat alert alpha." his adrenaline obviously flowing.. suddenly it shunts down though and he sits down, "Your V'runda is getting cold.." He smiles a bit then points.. "I know how much you hate it cold."

She looks at him angrily.. "Oh come on, you've never had V'runda cold?! come on, it's not bad.. OH! I almost forgot to tell you, we have a Nathalorian Base Ship on intercept with our current location as well, Assuming it.. is still coming.. Command is trying to have our outer borders consisting of mixed fleets, to encourage cooperation! and friendship amongst our allies.."

"Your sarcasm isn't well taken.." Revura says with a smirk, "But you're completely right.. I suppose keep us at Yellow alert until they arrive.." He says this right as the main sensor operator looks at him, "Sir! Hyperspace exit signature! right side! fourty two degrees.. I have a lock on, Nathalorian Base Ship, BVG definantly.. "

all three of the said crew members turn to the main view screen.. Almost simultaniously, a Large yellow Dot appears Three km away from the Triumphant.. and almost on cue and with upmost grace, every ship in Admiral Daikettos fleet turns to bear down on the nathalorian Warship.. Channels opened rather quickly.. And Revura was the first to speak.

"Hello, I assume this is the HMNS Sah'anlir, I am Rear Admiral Revura Daiketto, of the Hiigaran Naval Forces.. Who may I ask, do I have the pleasure of working with?" As his message transmitted into the small speaker, it was recoded into Nathalorian tounges.. The captain recieved the horribly disfigured by Hiigaran standards version of it seconds later.. The Two large ships, to an outsiders eyes looked as if they were about to draw.. Revura sat back in his Chair with his hands clasped.
I am the Alpha and Omega, the first and the last... the beginning and your end.
Aboard HMNS Sah'anlir, location 3.42.211 on spacial grid 4

The Nalthoran and Hiigaran ships sat there in space, masked from the Vaygr by a small dust cloud. The Nalthoran ship began to roll on it's axis to align itself with the Hiigaran vessel and began to activate it's laser communications arrays.

Despite the activity, the Nalthoran CIC was very quiet. Nalthoran bridge crews rarely spoke, communicating via their neural interface equipment. They only spoke when communicating with one who lacked such equipment.

"Ilon Hiigara k'techt, enmi trai c'mateir, a'glah kno'la s'ie. LIDAR k'techt h'sa Vaygr Iloni, kno'i Spahi fan'lir'k unt oei Khalifa destai ledrei cah. Sevle k'aklj tu ki hulda'l ev'ni unt renfurch y'uio manih furch on y'uio fareih k'jha n'tenp, xir. [Hiigaran ship detcted, range Three kilometers, angle 45 degrees. LIDAR is detecting Vaygr ships, four Spahi frigates and one Khalifa Destroyer leader. They appear to be holding position and reinforcing the main force on the far side of the planet, sir.]" The sensor operator announced to the captian.

"Ink'laild hala'ro fai'm Hiigaran ilon, ach'ani tur'h, xir. [Incoming Transmission from Hiigaran fleet, patching through, sir.]" The communication operator activated the audio feed.

A male Hiigaran voice spoke over the bridge speakers. "Hello, I assume this is the HMNS Sah'anlir, I am Rear Admiral Revura Daiketto, of the Hiigaran Naval Forces.. Who may I ask, do I have the pleasure of working with?"

The Nalthoran captian activated the laser communication array ans replied in Hiigaran "Greetings, I am Kavi'sah shal'i, Queen's Knight of Nalthor, Captian of this vessel and friend to Hiigara. I am truely honored to be working alongside you in this. To the point, we have detected several Vaygr combat vessels within our vicinity, we're requesting position to network our tactical NCW datalinks, so as to work out a viable plan of attack."

The Nalthoran stood by the communicator and awaited a reply.


Tanatulas Ship graveyard, Taonat system, Vaygr occupied space.

Ad Hoc AISF salvage group, consist; PFCG-721 (Kerch missile patrol frigate), ISS Wayland (Modified Bishop MCS), Tortuga Mobile Mining/Salvage Barge, Several Tugboats and Salvage Corvettes, one Palintir class scout fighter

Merely three hours after the descision was made, A small squadron of freighters and a missile patrol frigate appeared in the outskirts of the Tanatulas ship graveyard. The three large ships were flanked by nearly a dozen Tugboats, Salvage Corvettes, Resource Collecters, and Utility ASCAs. The small fleet verified that there was no immediet danger and proceded into the field.

Talatulas was the byproduct of several centuries of industrial development around the Imperial regional capital of Ghisara II. The Taiidani dumped most of their spacecraft in the Lagrange point between a pair of Gas giants locked in orbit for over ten million years.

After the Empire collapsed, Ghisara was abandoned by the Taiidan and the Ittar colonised it using existing infrastructure to support large sale mining and manufacturing. Ittar used the existing graveyard to store scrap metal and starship componants for possible later use as a second stage resource, this would prove to be of much greater benafit to the survival of Ittar then anyone could have ever guessed.

As the Ittar fleet made it's way through one of the 'lanes' cleared of debris for salvagers to pass through, they began scanning for anything of value.

"Tanner lead to eyeball, what do you see?" Rhuai asked over the Elyassian ships communication array.

The voice on the other end replied in a thick Turanic accent "Mostly plain old scrap metal, one ship with a reactor, but it's leaking radiation. Stay away from that one."

"Aye, move to grid one one three and begin scanning again. There's a large gravity displacement at point 0, 0, 7, 1." Rhuai replied.

"Copy, Tanner lead." The small recon ship, little more than a modified racing vessel with a sensor array, zipped ahead of the main group and began scanning the next area.

"I've got several mostly intact ships on sensors, looks like an early model Qwaar-Jet cruiser, a Mjolnir destroyer, and a Mastadon freighter. All parked right next to each other, all nice and neat."

"Aye, can you confirm their condition?" Rhuai asked, now confriming the Gravity displacement as three seperate ships.

"Looks a little rough, likely most of the important stuff has been removed, but the crap we need is probably still installed, or at least aboard." The scout replied.

"Affirmitive, hold position." Rhuai changed the frequency of the comm array and broadcasted to the fleet. "Tanner one to hullcutters, time to go shopping. Derelects 1211, 1212, and 1213 are our primary objectives, Eyeballers remain on the outside of the group and keep a lookout for anything moving unnaturally."

The salvage fleet went to their duties as they closed with the nearby hulks.
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HGNS Triumphant battlegroup, location 3.42.211 on spacial grid 4..
Current tasking, Patrol and recon of active vaygr operations

Revura smirked a bit at the nathalorians request and nodded to shalara... she began pressing buttons on her console and in turn, others on the bridge began feeding information to the massive Nathalorian Craft. Revura sat back in his chair once more and brought up his tactical map, engulfing the whole bridge in a bright blue light.

"Shalara, why do you suppose.. they sent only one ship to aid us?" revura said, still eyeing the situation nearby.

Shalara turned her head slightly, still pressing buttons on her console. "I assume it would be because of the massive strain on their economy and military at this point.. they DID get the ass end of the war you know."

Revura stood up and walked toward the holographic map. "I agree.. but this.... I mean come on, this is the only nathalorian vessel registered in almost six-thousand lightyears.. that's a big gap for a vaygr fleet to get through."

Shalara was quick to reply.. "Perhaps it's due to this being their border with ours? or perhaps they feel that.. You can easily defend this sector by yourself."

Revura could only look down on her angrily and swiftly mumbled.. "atleast I'm an admiral.." He looked up and narrowed his vision. "Get the Dalure and paktala on the horn, tell them to move in advance and scout the enemy forces near that planet.. I want visual confirmation of the forces but... tell them to be swift and silent.. blood hounds are quite fast, they shouldn't get trapped."

Shalara smiled big and turned around to relay the orders to the two bloodhound Frigates. The two craft broke formation nearly twelve seconds later, passing the baseship by only a mile as they began their move towards the besieged world. Revura sat back in his seat once again.. and looked to shalara,

"You were joking right? I mean.. yo-" Revura stopped at the moment he heard shalara snickering. he sat back once more in his chair and leaned his head on his fist.. "Sometimes I regret joining the navy."
I am the Alpha and Omega, the first and the last... the beginning and your end.
I am the Alpha and Omega, the first and the last... the beginning and your end.
(mmm k... guess I'll post something else!!!)

HGNS Triumphant battlegroup, location 3.42.211 on spacial grid 4..
Current tasking, Patrol and recon of active vaygr operations

Shalara turned to revura, who at the time was staring off out the main view port. He was standing with his hands firmly clasped behind his back. "report shalara?" he said in a very professional tone.

"Sir, the nathalorian Ship has finished transmitting complete codes, and confirmation of recieving ours. They are awaiting your orders for combat tasking." Shalara said to him softly. She stood up seconds after and walked up to him. "Is everything ok?"

Revura turned around without any expression. "Something just doesn't feel right out here, I don't know.. I guess its the pre-battle tension I heard about." he smiled a bit, "Thanks though.. But here's my plan. I intend to allow our nathalorian Comrade to dictate our plan of attack, They've served in this sector longer.. Plus it'd be a good oppertunity for us to learn more about their relation to the ittar situation, A chance to strengthen their trust in our decisions.. I'll appoint myself as his personal.... advisor, however.. if the situation goes ill, I'll take command. Issue that order to the Nathalorian Captain, Tell him I want his input on the situation, and his desired combat plan."

Shalara began walking back to her desk, "A noble thing to do.. I suppose. " She sat down quickly and once again began issuing orders via touch screen interface. "I'm sure their captain will be pleased to be leading a Hiigaran strike force.. I wonder how he will really take it though."

Revura who was by then standing over her shoulder smiled big, "If I was him, I'd tell all my friends." He walked up the three steps that lead to his Chair. He sat back and took a deep breath, then his eyes opened wide. With a upmost urgency he said to her, "any word on the paktala and dalure!?!"

Shalara turned, "don't worry, unlike you.. I didn't forget orders I sent out ten minutes later, They have begun transmitting that they believe they caught the signal of a vaygr carrier, but are not going to investigate. They've stated the force is exactly the estimated size around the planet.." She turned around back to her console and reached for a cup of water. "Any other orders for them? any you'd like to forget?"

Revura smiled, "I didn't forget.. I was merely, Side tracked.. yes, Side tracked.. But tell the two to rejoin the fleet, Thank their captains for carrying out the orders to the letter, it's quite obvious those.." he smiled even bigger and said very sarcastically, "Those, Crusaders!!! crusaders of the light! didn't obviously find them... How can a group of people be so mislead?!"

Shalara could only laugh at his comments. She continued to issue orders and recieved the 'Affirmative' Reply from the Paktala and Dalure.

Revura walked down once again after turning on his tactical map, "Shalara, They said the carrier was.. here.. correct?" He pointed to a small area of space debris near the planet.

She just nodded in agreement, "However.. if they were there, don't you think they would have been using their fighters to support ground operati-" She was cut off by a now very serious Revura.

"I do agree that if they were, they'd have used their fighters in conjunction with their ground forces, however, there is no sign of such.. if there is infact a carrier, I believe they know we are here. Intending for us to move right into their main formation, blind to a possible trap. Order the Tiger to openly transmit itself as the Flag ship of a hiigaran force, Have the Archer follow us, and the Paktala and Dalure meet us at these coordinates. Tell the Nathalorian commander the situation and give him direct control of the Tiger and remaining Frigates." He gripped the handle of his dress sword. "Using this debris field, we'll move around their side, and when the nathalorian captain springs their trap, those vaygr will spring ours."

Shalara nodded in agreement once more and transmitted the newfound data to the nathalorian captain, and an appology for any confusion. Almost on cue, the Massive Prince of Hiigara 'Triumphant' and the Destroyer 'Archer' broke formations and entered the tail end of the debris field.
I am the Alpha and Omega, the first and the last... the beginning and your end.
Aboard HMNS Sah'anlir, location 3.42.211 on spacial grid 4

Knight Kavi'sah shal'i looked over the 3d holographic sensor display of the region, and after drawing several holographic lines with his staff, he barked an order to his XO and reactivated the comline with the Triumphant.

"Honorable Hiigaran warrior, we see the Vaygr carrier's formation and gravity displacement and can assume that it is carrying atmospheric landing ships and several corvettes of Shamshir designation. It does also have numerous orbit to surface weapons designed to attack surface of planet.

If you make distraction for escort detachment, we can sneak in and overwhelm the carrier before more lives are lost. Do you agree?"

Once more, the Nalthoran waited for the Hiigaran's reply.
Revura only sent one reply to the Captain of the vessel, "We are not certain of their forces, thus why a risky plan is to be used. I am confident, that if you attack the force orbiting the planet, the four Spahi frigates and one Khalifa Destroyer leader... If you engage this force, more than likely the carrier group will engage from the debris field, allowing us to see their full size.. Once they take the bait and begin moving towards you, we will take their old position, and emerge from the field, Trapping our foes. It is a time tested and proven plan.. Your race has very talented fighter squadrons, and our crews are top notch as well. This wont be a long battle, nor very costly if at all.. Suprise is on our side my friend. They expect an attack, but don't know from where.. they will probobly assume your force is the only aggressors." he looked around and spoke a few more words, "May your lords be with you, and... good luck. this world will be saved."

Revura sat down and watched as the image of the Base ship and escourts got smaller. "A simple plan.. no?" he said.

Shalara retorted quickly, "If they have forces on the ground, do you think it'd be wise to contact command about getting marine troopships?"

Revura was quick to reply, "Yes, see if they'll send us two or three.. anything to bolster that world."
I am the Alpha and Omega, the first and the last... the beginning and your end.
"A fine plan, Hiigaran. We will jump the ship and engage the Vaygr nomads to assess their force strength. Our fighters will overwhelm the Destroyer as we rain fire upon the Frigates, You provide probes to find the enemy as they approach. So let us attack?" The Nalthorans transmitted their plan of attack to the Hiigaran cruiser.

Knight Kavi'sah Shal'i then turned to his Lieutenants and gave his orders. "Jump shac ti hagi kao'askh. Avik hayl eghin khakl oei nai ilon. Uia ka'xt, lana't fha'leir kaih Khalifa destai unt bie'r dah'j saham tu beil Spahi fan'lir'k, hal harin alpha lima. [Prepare to jump to position. Set condition one throughout the ship. Upon exit, launch alert fighters to supress the Khalifa Destroyer and fire dorsal missile batteries at the Spahi frigates, spread patteren Alpha, Lima.]"

"Ai, xir. [Aye, Sir]" The XO replied, as he transmitted the relavent orders to the ship's crew.

All across the Nalthoran ship, crewmembers went to their stations. Fighter pilots made their cerimonial prayers before suiting up and boarding their ships, technicians began activating robotic munitions loader systems, Nalthoran warriors moved to their assigned stations primarily to act as damage control and to repel any boarding action. Then, finally, the HMNS Sah'anlir made a tactical Hyperspace jump.

It then suddenly reappeared between the Vaygr Destroyer and frigates. Barely before the Vaygr detected the Nalthoran carrier, it had fired several multi-kiloton Nuclear warheads at the Vaygr destroyer, each scoring a near direct hit. The Vaygr ship's armor buckled under the initial onslaught but held firm before it's CIWS could fully be brought to bear.

While the Nalthoran basestar continued to pummel the Vaygr with an unending rain of hypervelocity rockets and torpedoes, 70 sleek, claw-shaped Keikei II multirole fighters disgorged from the baseship's launch sleeves backed up by eight Jak'la tactical missile corvettes and five Khopesh gunships.

Ten of the Keikei interceptors established a perimiter around the baseship,attempting to shoot down incoming missiles by trapping them in a grid of fire from their four twin linked 30mm autocannons, while the rest of the Nalthoran fighters and all but two Jak'la corvettes swarmed the Destroyer, pounding it with a barrage of autocannons, missiles, and pulse ion cannons. The other two Jak'la corvettes and the Khopesh gunships broke formation to pound the Vaygr assault frigates with interlocking fire, preventing them from escaping while the Sah'anlir pounded them with salvo after salvo of guided missiles.

The Vaygr destroyer was now running as fast as it could, while being pummeled with sheets of lead and lances of ionised gas. It's tactical datalinks and C3I haedware had been destroyed by the initial barrage and it's CIWS was only serving to barrage the over sixty Nalthoran fighters bearing down on it. While the situation looked chaotic, there was order in the swarm, the Nalthoran fighters were moving with pinpoint accuracy, avoiding CIWS, friendly fire, and each other while raining hell down into the now burning hulk of the Vaygr destroyer.

Finally, the Vaygr ship erupted in a ball of flame as it's Nuclear reactor melted down and ammunition stores began detonating. The Nalthoran swarm flew away in unison to avoid the final death throes of the Khalifa.

By that point, the Vaygr carrier nearby had launched re-inforcements. Fifteen HAC-IIa 'Chakara' fighters and a wing of Irrish-Shel gunships and Failika corvettes closed on the Nalthoran battlegroup. Additional strikecraft, several Saracen bombers HAC-IIs, and Shamshir corvettes were assembelling a fighter screen for a mixed group of Spahi, Ansaar, Chevilier, and Merkava frigates. Adding to the fray were missiles from the planet launched from high altitude Jet-fighters, Nuclear submarines, and mobile, trailer mounted launchers. These were intercepted by the Nalthoran baseship's missile interceptors and GECO (Guided Emergency Combat Option) dispensers, but the nuice was tightening around the Nalthorans.
HGNS Tiger battlegroup, location 3.42.211 on spacial grid 6.

The blinding initial flash of a hyperspace gate opening and the subesquent expanse into a fully functional two way gate formed right off the bow of the Huge Base-star. The HGN Tiger, An Typical Hiigaran Destroyer, followed by Two BloodHound Frigates, the Harasem and Vadaran. emerged into the battle, Almost immediatly after entering the situation, the long range missile launched from attacking forces on the planet had broke orbit, and made their way toward their intended target, the base star. The first missile came within fifty Meters of the Vadaran, only to be hit by a salvo of Long range "interceptor" Antimissile-missiles. The Second missile to enter close proximity took a direct hit from a 700mm Cannon aboard the Tiger. The Tigers battlegroup merged tactical data with the Base star and began transmitting regarding the additional Three Spahi frigates approaching from the far side of the moon, as well as the Rumored Quaar-jet in the area. A, "Garbled Transmission".

HGNS Triumphant battlegroup, location 3.42.211 on spacial grid 5.

Revuras flagship, now escourted by Five vessels, approached its intended position. Two "Broadsword" 450mm Ion Cannon Frigates, Two Bloodhound FighterFrigates, and the Destroyer Archer Moved swiftly aside the massive Triumphant. The craft Approached the signature that most matched a Crusade-Era Carrier, and began firing Stand-off one-kiloton Nuclear Missiles. Massive flashes were seen along the entire view port as Revura pulled his sword, its point directly at the carrier, "Attack!!!" he yelled, "Go my kiith breathren! to war!" The engines of the five ships ignited as the Triumphant got a signal lock and engaged Hyperspace.

The first ship to engage in visual combat was the 'Broadsword' Frigate, Kellin. Firing its Massive 450mm Ion cannon deep into the side port of the Carrier. The Blue flashes and electrical surges triggered the response, Two Heavy Frigates and one Destroyer Lead craft emerged from their positions and fired multiple salvos into the Kellin, Crippling her badly. The Kellin Drifted in space, venting plasma among other things, "We're ok command, keep em off our back though." was the words heard from the kellin, as right over its bow, The Vadaran, A bloodhound2, menuever upside down over the Kellin, Waving its body a bit.. The Harasem moved quickly sideways around the back of the kellin, shooting down two incoming missiles.

The second Ion frigate, Shavaron, Moved quickly behind the asteroids nearest to the Destroyer, Evading its fire with easy cover. It turned, menuevering with its side jets into a firing arc. The auric blue ball of light formed on the tip of the frigate, unleashing a massive beam of energy into the top turret of the destroyer... The beam slowly cut its way down onto the actual hull of the ship. Massive blue fires erupted from the ship as the Medium range missiles fired by the Sharavon Found their mark. Able to reach their target due to EMP from the Ion cannon fired just seconds earlier.

The first heavy frigate to engage hit the Harasem hard, Three 260mm Cannon shots directly to the side gun pylon, and two 300mm Torpedoes hitting directly on top of the craft, It seemed it was in bad shape until it turned upside down again, bringing its heavy guns on target. Shells pummeled the Frigate as the second Hiigaran Craft entered the sphere of battle.. Massive flashes erupted as the Vaygr Frigate gave its all to hold out. The second Vaygr frigate managed to enter the battle too late, as the Archer had already moved into range. Large 700mm Cannon fire barely missed the First Frigate, but hit the second as the Two Hiigaran frigates continued to menuever in and out of gun range for the Vaygr. Hits all along the first Vaygr destroyer, followed by an impact from a Hiigaran Sledghammer III missile rendered it useless.. A trail of smoke, lead by a frigate rolled on its side was seen.. fires across most of its hull were seen.. shortly before it exploded in a cloud of red flame. The second destroyer attempted to make it back to the carrier, where the Triumphant was emerging from hyperspace, The obvious lack of fighters signaled doom for the carrier. Revuras plan worked perfectly. The Shavaron Fired a second well-placed beam through the Vaygr detroyers Rear Hull, and engine ports. Effectivly killing the destroyer.. it floated powerless in the Asteroid field.

"All hands, Martyrs of Kharak are with us! Prepare for combat!" Revura said softly into the comms. Damage control crews moved quickly to pre-planned secondary positions, constantly rotating. Supply teams moved along the dorsal ports, mostly with large Missile-carts and Solid-slugs for the massive cannons aboard the Triumphant. The ship itself moved near the Carrier and Fired the first of its 650mm Ion cannons directly into the Left side of the Carrier, ripping through the Fighter-Bay and control stations, Just as the beam finished cutting through the carrier, the bottom turret fired an identical pattern, just above the first... The massive electrical discharges caused a failure in CIWS, Enabling the first salvo of two-kiloton Nuclear torpedoes to find their mark.

Revura sat back, as his ships moved in a ring formation around the damaged Vaygr frigate and carrier. The two vaygr ships moved close to the heavily crippled destroyer.. By now, the Kellin had regained control and was moving back towards the Triumphant. All of Revuras ships kept their distance as The admiral himself sent a message to the Vaygr Ship-lord. "Attention Vaygr Carrier, This is Admiral Daiketto, and I'm going to give you the option to surrender, You have Three Standard minutes to do so, or I will fire my Ion cannons through the closest ships bridge." Revura sat back on his spire command seat, and overlooked the situation.. "Shalara, Any word from command about those ground forces?" She wasn't quick to reply, but after a few seconds did, "No, I haven't even got a reply that they got our message.."

The triumphant moved directly toward the carrier, and aimed its Two Heavy-Ion turrets, directly locked onto the Carriers Bridge. "The clocks ticking" he muttered, "What will you do.."
I am the Alpha and Omega, the first and the last... the beginning and your end.
HGNS Triumphant battlegroup, location 3.42.211 on spacial grid 5.

Blues lights glare against the glass inside the vaygr carrier, Red lights inside the bridge driving scared men mad, the sound of screams, the smell of sweat... The vaygr, a race of warriors, now pinned against their mortal foes with nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.. Pride was the first course... The simple, "Go to hell Hiigaran" was simple and broadcasted.. The vengance was swift though, blue beams searing through the destroyer.. The blue flash, and searing ball of fire lit up the bridge of the carrier. Gasps were heard, and anger visible. "Admiral, we can't stand up to that kindof firepower a second time.. we already have signifigant hull damage, We'll all die!" a crewman yelled.

Gunshots... Traitors, "All who would oppose the sajuuk-kar are unworthy of neither pity nor respect, all who oppose will die." The words were swift and blunt.. The smoking gun still clung to his hand, the barrel still aimed at the blood spot on the wall, the dead crewman slumped over below. "Bring us about, we'll ram that damned Hiigaran blasphemer to hell!" he yelled..

The only sight inside the Triumphant, was the admirals hands gently moving through his own hair. A brief sigh, and a gently forward pointed finger... The blue beams once again ripped fourth, the hard vibration and deep humms heard all throughout the triumphant was only a signal of the Vaygrs demise.. Beams Tore through the carrier, ripping hull platings off and destroying critical systems.. "One last warning" revura said quietly.. The obvious lack of speed from the carrier was an obvious sign of the situation.

Debris and smoke filled the view of the Vaygr frigate, that was now moving in the opposite direction, its battle signals gone, and weapons fully powered down.. It had given up its chase, and removed itself from the carriers control.. Secured alongside the Archer, the crew watched their brazen admiral sacrifice their lives for a memory of defeat. "I'll ram this ship into the bowels of hell before delivering myself to you!!!" the admiral screamed.. With a rage that sent chills down even the most veteran Bridge crews.. "I'll be a martyr!! for the sajuuk-kar! for all that I hold de-" His eyes only got wider as the second gunshot rang out on the bridge... "trai..." he said slowly.. "Traitors.. to our.. gods.." The admirals pupils dialated, and rolled back.. The second in command raised his arm, the pistol still drawn. "Anyone who would give up others life for a defeat, obviously doesn't have any blessings at all."

Revura smiled as he witnessed the carrier turn to its side, as if to broadside... but intead, a single unarmed scout fighter flew out, transmitting surrender.. and an appology, the second ion blast had destroyed their communications array. "Finally, some good news.." revura said, "Indeed" was the only reply from shalara.

---Minutes later, after the successful transfer of marines to the carrier and frigate..---

"Sir, Hyperspace signals, directly off our cluster.." A voice heard behind Revura...

"Any ID?" revura replied..

"No sir, bu-" The man was stopped by Shalaras Intervention..

"It's one of ours, the Fleet Carrier Shal'Talam and... It appears six escourt frigates, mostly troop-transports.." Shalara said and turned, with a smile.. "It seems the day got even better."

"Alright, turn us about, give the carrier instructions to take the two prisoner-craft back to our space, we'll take care of their transports.. and once operations planet-side are done, we'll meet up at location x-43.. Should be safe and out of the way.. " Revura took a breath, "Hiigaran Battle stations are always fun.."

The auric blue lights once again predominated the scene as the Triumphant group moved toward their allies.. Revura had no idea of their situation.
I am the Alpha and Omega, the first and the last... the beginning and your end.
Aboard HMNS Sah'anlir, location 3.42.211 on spacial grid 4

Nintey Minuites Later

By this point, the Vaygr had either surrendered or been destroyed. While missiles and the occasional Strategic Interceptor would streak up from the surface, the Nalthorans had deployed their Keikei IIs and Khopesh Gunships just outside the planet's atmosphere in a formation which gave allowed them to create a grid of fire to easily engage missiles before they exited the Stratosphere.

Kavi'Sah Shal'i was inspecting the recon data from a number of expendable drop-probes which indicated the majority of the Vaygr were still oblivious to the threat of a ground Invasion. Communicaton chatter indicated that the Vaygr were also expecting a large fleet to arrive shortly, including a division of experianced troops and at least three super-capital class ships.

"Honorable Hiigaran Captian, we have good reason to belive that a Vaygr reinforcement fleet is very close. We can expect a very large force, far more then we can engage sucessfully. I shall advise that we leave the area and establish a staging position an the system's nearby asteroid belt. There, we can bide our time and launch ground forces when ready. Nalthoran planetary forces and additional Hiigaran Marines will arrive soon and assist us in clearing the planet. Meanwhile, your current force of Marines and the Nalthoran guards aboard this ship can destroy defences on the surface. I belive that..."

Kavi'Sah Shal'i was cut off by an explosion as a whitehot beam of light streaked up from the planet's surface. The beam appeared to ba a Deuterium-Flouride laser fired from a Nuclear submarine, too deep for any of the Nalthoran or Hiigaran weapons to accurately hit. A second beam from a diffrent launch point hit the Triumphant. Both ship's reflective heat shielding and barrage shields limited the damage from the Laser, but the unmistakable signature of numerous missiles launching from the surface meant that a quick descision must ba made.

"Hiigaran Admaral, we must retreat. We cannot engage that many missiles and the Vaygr are jamming our sensors with ECM and Laser Blinders. We have a rally point in the asteroid field. If we retreat, we will drop stealth probes to maintain reconnisence. What are your orders."

Kavi'Sah anxiously waited as he watched the signatures of more than sixty thermonuclear missiles launched from various aircraft, submarines, and installations streak ever closer to the small fleet.
Revura, acknowledging the obviousness of the situation, Dispatched three probes to stay in the area, as well as four cruise missiles.. the missiles, not given a destination, were given a strict count down, to exploit the enemies knowledge of the hiigaran fleet.. to falsify losses, and create distractions for Hyperspace tracking.. The acts were swift, drone after drone, while the frigates entered hyperspace, along with the carrier, and finally the rest of the Triumphant Battlegroup..

The unmistakable blue shift from a hyperspace opening was seen by frigate crews in the belt, The Nalthoran Base-star and the Triumphant, last to retreat, forced their way into the scene.. Revura spoke calmly into his translator, "Alright, Very wise Tactical decision on your part, But.. the question is, When is the time to strike? and what options do you believe we have?" He sat back and crossed his arms, sighing slightly... "Damnit shalara, We don't have the forces for these continued, more comes.. more comes situations! Get Hiigara HQ on the line, tell them a situation may be developing in this sector." Before he could even finish, she had begun fabricating a message, and by the time he was finished, she had it sent..
I am the Alpha and Omega, the first and the last... the beginning and your end.
HGNS Triumphant battlegroup, location 3.42.211 on spacial grid 19.

Location: Triumphant pilot-officers mess.

A tall blond officer walked through the sliding doors. His armpatch, the 244th SilverHawks, was the first obvious acknowledgment to the others in the room, a pilot.

The man sat down at a table after waving to a woman nearby, sat smugly and stared across the table.. He then held out his hand and made a deep growl.. "fine.. Damnit fine, here." the man across said, handing him three coins.. "I was wrong to doubt that you'd wave at the ugliest chick here.. man..." The blond man, after sharing a laugh with the others, looked down at his hands.. "Yall get your gear ready, we are next up for Combat space patrol.. Load up lr pods and such.." He put his hands on the table and pushed himself up. "Be in the second bay at 0400.."

The others, gave their typical oks.. and went back to drinking.. One of the black haired men, Kam Faralen was first to speak.. Directly to the bald man across from him, "Yurin.. How long have you known Cass?" he said.. "Cass? Well, not too long.. actually just as long as hes been in this squadron." Yurin replied, Kam smirked a bit, and looked around.. "Rumor says alot about him, about his parents being researchers on the calshto, but some say he was in the first homeworld war! heh.." He stopped to take a drink of his beer.. "You know, he did personally request transfer to this ship.. and this squadron.. It does have roots back to the first carrier that was made.. for the homeworld push.."

Kam looked around, "Why the hell did he transfer here.. I know our admiral was pissed about it, going to the ass-end of the theatre. I mean, to the north, you have that big push to retake lands from vaygr.. in the south that whole ordeal with the hiigarans missing Super-Battleship is going on.. and here, we have a simple world.. and an admiral that doesn't even launch his fighters! we seen no action at all!."

Yurin started to stand, "Alright man, i'm outta here.. 0400.. great." Kam stood too and the two proceeded out of the door.

HGNS Triumphant battlegroup, location 3.42.211 on spacial grid 19.

Location: Bridge of the HGNS Triumphant.

"Alright..alright.. I'll consider your plan! I just want another crack at him.." was heard.. Revura was standing infront of the main viewer, looking at the stars.. "I am sorry that he took out your old Hawk4.. But how can you be sure that one pilot.. is even alive?".. The voice, Cass's.. the blondhaired man.. was heard again, "Because I haven't shot him down yet."

Cass walked out of the room, acknowledging his request... Revura sat down, crossing his arms and staring out at the stars.. "Shalara, you can come out now." She slowly moved from behind a doorway.. "Sorry sir bu-" He was quick to interrupt.. "Look, Cass is a... special... Overseer.. that's why I accepted his squadron ID and him.. himself.. Don't worry about it." Shalara looked at him, "you sure this is the time and place for little sidegames?" Revura stood and walked out.. "Yes".

"Ramle, bring up local starchart and pulse scans.." After reviewing the results, he got back in contact with his nalthorian Ally.. "Look, he gotta do something, the more we wait, the less chance of taking that planet back..."
I am the Alpha and Omega, the first and the last... the beginning and your end.
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