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Big Fat Annoying Error Message
Ok first of all i need to tell you what i did to get to this point.

I have a HW2 disk and it got scratched so that the HW2_Setup.exe part of the disk is unreadable. At first i didnt know so i called sierra tech support and they told me to copy the disk to the hard drive and it told me i had a cyclic redundancy check problem. So thats when i found out i had a scratch on the disk.

I tried getting it professionally fixed, it didnt work. So anyway, What i did is i copied all but the HW2_Setup.exe onto my HD then I Dl-ed a copy of HW2 to get the HW2_Setup.exe file, which i then copied to the area with the other information from my disk. After that was done i installed it. It ran fine, till i installed the HW2 1.1 patch on my computer at which point the computer gives me the following error message when i attempt to play the disk (with a cracked exe because my disk causes my computer to completely freeze if i try to play off that):

Title bar: Homeworld2.exe - Entry Point Not Found

Main description: The procedure entry point ?SaveAll@LuaConfig@@QAEX)N@Z could not be located in the dynamic link library luaconfig.dll

Options: OK

Does anyone have a solution for this?

Please note that i do have a legal copy of HW2 its just the HW2_Setup.exe that is from DL material.

I want to play HW2 again.


P.S. if it would be easier to send me support to that would be great thanks.
Ok on a second note, I do believe it can be fixed if someone were to send me a HW2 1.1 nocd crack (remember i do have the CD but it is scratched) then i would be able to play again (the message was because the nocd Crack i had was for version 1.0 Please Help

Email me the exe file if you can (rename it to Homeworld2.doc or Homeworld2.txt)

Again, Email address is
Sierra should be able to provide You with a new CD.

That error about entry point, I dont think its related to the CD. Then You would have a "Insert CD" prompt. I think the files you downloaded might be corrupted somehow, which may be a common problem with such an old game.

I can help you, but I need you to pm me scans of your original cd, manual with key, and possibly receipt of purchase. Having those makes your copy legit.

What kind of professional help are you referring to when getting the CD fixed?
No the entry level point, meant that a version 1.0 patch could not read the version 1.1 dll files. i got the game online so i dont have a receipt (it was around when the game came out) i dont know what you mean by scans of my original cd (do you mean use a scanner to take pictures?) and i can send you everything but the key (thats mine and mine only b/c no one else can have it) Pfft i can take a webcam picture of myself with the cd, manual, and jewel case (w/covered cd keym and i guarantee it is a real cd key, i have been using it for years) if that would help.

Being dealt with. Locked.
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