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Video Card Inquires
I have a Colorgraphics Xentra GT 4 PCI video card (it supports up to 4 monitors) and i was wondering if it was compatiable with HW2 (I think its chipset is an ATI 9000 or something) and if it is can anyone tell me why when i try to start a game it crashes once the game gets to the "battle scar" loading screen?

It's probably not your video card or hardware. It wouldn't get that far if it was.

Here's what to do:

On your shortcut to load PDS, add the command -luatrace .

Go load PDS and crash it again.

Go to to your homeworld 2 root folder (i.e. .../sierra/homeworld2/) and go to bin .

Find a file called hw2 .

Paste contents here.

edit: go to bin and then the folder release, the hw2 file should be in there.
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