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Movieland Virus
Everyone, watch out for this one. It seriously screws up Homeworld2 and causes it not to start up. If you reinstall, it starts but your computer crashes. If the homeworld 2 main menu looks like its vibrating, you may have this virus. If you have it, get it out quick.
Where does it come from?

Am I at risk?

What can I do to stop it?

Are the Republicans responsable?

Give us the details!
Yes, Ironwatsas, the Repblicans are responsible. I have no idea where this virus comes from, but it is very easy to remove. On windows all you have to do is delete a file in your system 32 folder. Your antivirus software can't do anything about it because it has to be manually installed, or something. I know I didn't manually install it on my computer, but there ya go. but like i said, its easy to remove.
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