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totally wacked-out sound...
When I play PDS or regular, i get these really strange, sort of gargling noises during regular play. i have had this problem for a while, but it has been getting worse over time. Note: The problem seems to lie in the music as spech and ship sounds are fine.
Sun Tzu
As long as the cups don't shake on the table and the forks don't fly into the kitchen, this is just a moderately annoying poltergeist. Nothing to worry about ;-)
I just wanted to know if anyone else had this problem and if it was fixable.
I have.

It's not.

And it has nothing to do with HW2 or PDS.

If I remember correctly, I had a long rant about this earlier this year and found that the problem could be

A: Transmissions from cell phones or a transmission tower or passing aircraft could be interfereing,

B: Your house is haunted and you shuold call an excorsist (check under 'pest control' in the yellow pages),

or C: Republicans are trying to hijack your speakers to instill subliminal messages into your mind for the mid term elections. They pull this kind of stuff every year. Those mysterious hangovers every November aren't a midnight Shanghai from Captian Morgan (Democrat). I'd advise to stay away from the ballot box altogether.
Well that's what I would think to but the fact that almost every modern audio device in my house as well as those of a locally owned Mi-24 Hind helocopter gunship are fuzzing our regularly and all with the exact same pattern every time.

So either PDS is possed by some demon who does'nt want us to have access to IPods, Cellular phones, or state of the art refrigerator mounted subwoofers who's base vibrations could shatter drywall or it's not PDS' fault.
well, only HW2 is affected. My TV and other devices with audio are fine.
Well than you have something diffrent than I do.
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