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Best Computer Speed for PDS?
Watching some of the PDS movies, I'm amazed at how smoothly the game runs on certain computers. (TelQuessir's, particularly.)

Could anyone give me computer stats for optimum running efficiency?

(fell in love again with PDS, after watching the movies, by the way. great stuff! music works so well with them.)
I'm not particularly sure, but most of the older movies were run with 30fps, so while the original documentation lags, it looks smooth when strung together.

But you know, something like 2.8+ gigs and 1+ gig of ram should allow you to play smoothly most of the time.
It's just a little trick I discovered - let the game lag at 5fps but software video recording is taking place at 20fps at half size (640x480) - the result is a silky smooth presentation.

well, this wont help. My computer Runs its great maxed out. stats are:
Single core AMD athlon 64 2.53ghz OC(64-bit mode)
2.00gb ram (Runs fine on 1.00gCool
Nvidia Geforce 6600 GT PCI x16
WInXP professional x64

thats all that matters really. i mean, i get into some Mean, upclose battles, expecially when testing stress points on Sajuuk. Ive done a couple processors tests while running. its not under much stress, probably b/c hw2 is older. but, my answer, is anything like an average gaming computer, maybe more.

Containment protocols enabled...
Even my Core2Duo E6600 and 8800 GTX can get a little lag while taking videos. It's just that you can speed your videos up when editing.
Komo val
Well if we're talking about v11, even my old computer (2.4 GHz intel pentium 4, 256 mb RAM, and a Radeon 9000 Pro graphic card) runs without lag. The classic PDS is another story.
yeah, classic i have probs with making vids.
Containment protocols enabled...
I have dual 1.25ghz Mac G4 and v11 works quite well.
Very, very old AMD XP2000+ underclocked to 1.2 ghz. It works fine.
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