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The Landlubbers' RP
So, how about a Space Marine Force airmobile power armour RP that starts off in a Ghost in the Shell type urban operation setting?

This should be a far more entertaining and unique affair than yet another Star Trek/Stargate SG-1 style roleplay plot. And since I want people to play Instant Action in here without the requirement of essay writing, allow me to get right to the mechanism of the starting scene.

On the topic of joining this RP, I would like you to submit a short character background (no more than name, age, gender and a 100 word or so history) and wait for my reply in placing you in the squad.

Since you will be unfamiliar with the practical applications of our ASCA concepts, or PDSverse infantry ordnance, allow me to do the honors of familiarising you with the RP environment.


Stardate: 120 years after Hiigaran Landfall, 4 years after the Vagyr Great Crusade
Location: New Chennai, Ravinder system, Ravinder Democratic Republic

Of towering black monoliths, New Chennai's skyscrapers glowed with reds, whites and blues in the wee hours of the local night. Like all civilisations of this age, nothing ever slept. Commuter hovercraft flitted here and there around their bases while the occasional white-hot plume that turned night into day followed craft launching from the city's single spaceport.

The few aircraft that plied New Chennai's skies stayed well clear of the towering spires and protruding antennae that adorned the monoliths' rooftoops. Here, over 2 kilometres above sea level, black-armoured hunters waited patiently for their quarry.

"Asha - Display tactical overview," Master Sergeant Abhijit ordered, ticking off quarter-seconds in his mind as the command suit's modest battle computer brought up the requested visualisations on his enhanced-reality visor.

Faint outlines of translucent blue appeared, depicting a isometric projection of the surrounding cityscape, and amongst it, four blue dots arrayed on two sides of a major hover-transit route.

Perfect, Abhjiit thought, mentally calling up additional information on his four subordinates, safely hidden in the monoliths' heavy-duty maintenence pathways and running on internal fuel cells.

When he gave the word, the four Space Marines will break out of cover, destroy a section of maglev machinery, and set the stage for his own role in securing Kassi dominance of the new Republic. Sheika Visaya may be a well-respected and loved leader, but in these dangerous times, those who did not remain at the top of the military food chain would be quickily consumed within it.

With the Republic under the Kassi Regime's control, the long-awaited lifting of The People's curse may begin. But for now, there was grunt work to do - a fact signalled by the still active tactical display which now beeped insistently at the prey entering the spec ops team's passive sensor range.

Dismissing the now-irritating display with an impatient nod, the Master Sergeant made ready the impressive bulk of a portable massdriver cannon once used to down air-assault starships who foolishly attempted planetary landings without first sending in the Space Marines.

The seventy kilogram self-powered weapon system was easily handled with the suit's augmented strength, yet it took all his willpower to point it over the skyscraper's side against a persistent wind that threatened to send the ten-year veteran of powered armour operations over the side.

Yet experience had taught him well, and as he braced himself with weapon ready armoured feet spread at shoulder width, he locked the suit into station-keeping mode while tracking the now-visible target with the helmet mounted sight.

Although the Hiigaran-built infantry weapon system was more than capable of engaging the non-maneuvering armoured hovercar by itself, doing the honors himself would be so much more entertaining, he decided.

"Hammer to Sickles, thirty seconds to execution."
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For purposes of visualisation, the suits we are presently using are heavier versions of this (ours weigh about 1 ton on normal load and have detachable retractable wing and engine units that allow for air mobility):
(artwork used as basis for our ASCA suits with artist's permission)

Our versions of the PSM-22 Bandit are armed with no more than a single handheld or stabilised shoulder mount main weapon system (like the self-powered massdriver cannon above) and are powered by two means:

Internal fuel cells generate adequate power for basic walking and operation of the suit's avionics. For combat power and flight, a turbine engine is used. Airmobility is limited and for most regular grunts it is used not in combat but for rapid repositioning (from point A, fly to point B and engage on the ground)
Very good. But due to our (my) fairly limited documented knowlage on Hiigaran (or anyone's) ASCA doctrane or technology, we should begin open discussion on ASCA types, weapons, technology, and parhaps come up with a universal class definition system.

Well, either way here's my proposed member of the team:

NAME: Kiiki 'Hatchet' Mahiil (Sickle 2)

AGE: 21


EQUIPMENT: 25mm Recoilless HEAP massdriver (R shoulder mount), 20mm Multibarrel chaingun rifle (Hands), Enhanced perspective visual antenna/camera unit (L shoulder), Sponson IJP-E2000 Disposable flightpack (Back), Smoke Grenade/Visual countermeasures (L & R Arms), 32mm defoliant projector (R forearm), Rocket propelled grappler hook (L forearm), Detachable armor plates and hydrolic supplementers (all Leg hardpoints), Sponson MedTech stimpacks (waist), Utility Vibroblade (Hand used, holstered on waist).

DESC: While she may seem typical of hardcore Kassi grunts, Kiiki Mahiil can be described as "Sajuuk's one fear".

She is the number two person in the ->insert name here<- ASCA squad and an expert on covert tactics and recon. Usually watching the rest of the squad's back through the virtual scope of a 25mm recoiless massdriver.

Outside of military operations, she rarely socialises with anyone and is usually avoided by the rest of the ->insert home base/ship here<- staff and crew. She is the textbook military grunt following orders without question (and word much of the time), even if it means her own death.
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Indeed. Why don't you start up a OOC discussions thread for me? And your char. background is a go. Note that I'm leaving suit equipment to imagination - just don't go for A-rockets and personal ion beams - these and infantry plasma weapons are the equivalent of a M2 heavy machine gun today. The lighter we are, the faster we can move without running out of precious fuel for the turbine engines since their endurance in ground combat is time-based.

Also note that besides me, the rest of the squad is presently on close-attack assignment. Urban snipers are fine in this ambush situation; autocannons/launchers very welcome for mopping up and suppression. Multibarrel MGs also great but suffer from ammo shortage (500 rounds at 3000 RPM?) and heavy power reqs. Our suit weapons also have to be auto-loading, no bolt/manual action stuff here (we don't have anime style mecha articulation).

Finally, secondary weapons for close defense situations can include wrist SMGs and grenade launcher arrays similar to smoke projectors on today's armour.

ASCAs with turbine engine on benefit from "shockplate" electro-reactive armour that can survive hits from 37mm cannons if fully charged. However the suit has a limited fuel supply and generates a lot of heat. Assume only 20 minutes max main powerplant operating time. On non-flight conditions the turbine consumes the same amount of fuel at idle or max electrical loading - for flight conditions follow same rule as jet aircraft. The suit is fully electronic ("fly by wire") with some hydraulics for high powered leg movement when running, etc.

While your armour can survive hits from most lightweight ballistic weapons, the wings and engines are unarmoured - one IR missile detonating nearby will take you out - jump jets won't help you recover from a 200 knot uncontrolled desent as unlike Gundam, we need the wing pack and engine to even get off the ground for more than a couple seconds.

Backpack payloads for flight are optional for this team and it will add to the challenge factor of the plot if some of us don't have the flight packs.

Mechanics of flying the suits will be discussed as required when I go along. Note that flying and blazing away with a "anti tank" heavy massdriver like mine is impossible unless the weapon is a flight pack payload (yes you can have at most two hardpoints for air to ground payloads on the flight unit, only usable when airborne)
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ok i think ill give it a try although im not familiar with textbased RPs.

Name: Soyran "Lictuel" Kish (Sickle 4)

Gender: M

Age: 28

Soyran is just an average fighter compared to his other squadmembers but he is well know for his calmness in dangerous situation. This helps him to analyse battle situations faster then most of the other squadmembers can.

He is a good close to mid range fighter but lacks skill when it comes to longrange tasks like sniping. When ever he is seen on a battlefield hes seen with his "Ripley" (Infantry Assault Coilgun M185) or with an 17.5 mm recoilless massdriver.

He is getting along well with most of the other squadmembers although there are some exceptions like Kiiki Mahiil.

PS.: if there is something in this desc. that should be altered
then pls inform me and ill see what i can do Smile
ok thx ironwatsas Grin
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Go ahead, Xanthor. I got no problems.

Also ASCA discussion thread opened as advised by Tel.
(OOC: Hi everybody. Asking permission to join zee RP. Also, since I'm not certain of the naming conventions for the Kassi, notify me if I should change the name.)

Name: Kel'ron 'Vamp' Petrovsky, Sickle 3

Gender: M

Age: 22

The long-range support for the Sickle squad (as no one else has taken this role), Kel'ron is naturally an aloof, curt individual. He cares deeply for his teammates but rarely shows it. His suit is sensor-stealthed and a non-reflective black for night ops. He completely disdains air operations when a Marine, and only uses his flightpack for high-risk insertions or ops where normal travel is impossible. Kel'ron adores directed energy weapons, and is nicknamed 'Vamp' because when he is seen on the battlefield, he is often draining downed mechas of their energy to power his high-powered shoulder-mounted LR-PC. Carries no anti-vehicle weaponry, yet is highly mobile on foot.

Suit Armaments:

Head - Night-vision sensors + suit sensor array.

Left Shoulder - First-Aid stim packs and sensor amplifier.

Right Shoulder - Kratos Armaments Long-Range Directed Energy Particle Cannon (Designation: LR-PC) optimizied for mechas suit penetration for sniper combat. Main weapon.

Left Arm - Plasma Projection SMG (PSMG). Low-power designed for quick suit-shielding depletion and then penetration by melting. Sidearm.

Right Arm - Specialized energy draining probe that siphons battery power. Requires direct contact with a downed suit. Mainly used to rearm the LR-PC.

Back - Tactical Flightpack + Generic Power Pack for energy weapons/suit PDF.

Waist - Reserve powercells for the PSMG (4x). Wired through the suit and activated by push buttons.

Left Thigh - Armor supplement and hydralic enhancer.

Right Thigh - Armor supplement and hydralic enchancer.

Left Shin - Armor supplement and first-aid stim packs.

Right Shin - Armor supplement and first-aid stim packs.


EDIT: Finalized configuration, and reduced the power of the vampiric probe to RP manageable levels.
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Name: Kain Omix

Callsign: Sickle 5, Eyes
Gender: M
Age: 24

An electronic warfare specialist detached from the >spec ops forces< for training purposes. While on duty has been known to ?ghost? into and out of the enemy communication nets leaving diss information and disarray within his wake. Several times he has modified enemy artillery and support fire onto their own positions. Several incursions into allies tactical nets and supply lines have ?just happened? when Kain is around but no one has ever been able to prove anything.

Doubles up as a close support specialist with a master?s grade of >Some HtH fighting style< but to stay in the shadows dealing with the enemy through trickery and superior tactics.

Suit equipment:
Enhanced Sensor systems
Dark vision Ultra short-wave radar

Hack gear
-Designed to infiltrate comm nets and landlines. (Radio/laser/whatever)
-Enhanced Suit computer including a ?battlebox? system
(Battleboxes are computer system that can be swapped out ?on the fly? for a back up. This allows for a successful counter hack to be cleanly disposed out and a fresh system installed. No linkage between the hack systems + comm systems and the rest of the suit systems)

x4 remote relays
-Repeaters for relaying hack/comm. signals

x2 Jampacks
- Designed to disrupt a wide range of comm and sensors. Functions as a decoy in needed (Looks like a highly stealthed suit on most sensor systems. Can move. Plasma grenade destruct system.)

20mm railcannon repeater with several ammo types
(Explosive, AP, Shot)
Underslung 45mm grenade launcher
-6 shot rotary mag

10mm automatic packgun
- Stowed on the right side, just behind the waist

x2 combat knifes ?Short swords?
-Leg mounts

[edit] Stupid gender mistake... Happened when i decided we didn't need another female super sniper...[/edit]
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Wow wow, I really love the creativity you guys are putting out especially on your suits' equipment. Consider yourselves all approved with the minor exception of the "Vampire" electro-draining weapon... (talk to me if you're serious) but for now I'll let you RP with it as for a special operations squadron we are in need of such devices. Who knows, if we all have fuel cell damage we might have to rely on you to keep us charged to keep moving. Offensively Smile

Eyes - is it a he or a she? The background says... both XD

Your comms relays will be invaluable in this deployment for it will allow me to interface with your suits' tactical systems remotely. Remember that all 3 of you are not within reach of normal comms. Also note that hacking is not a valid combat tactic in our universe. But I can setup situations for you to use your leet hacker skills to say, gain us intelligence on which is the decoy vehicle in the motorcade and which is the real one - this you have already done about half an RP hour before we got to our ambush positions. Feel free to RP that.


Right, lets move the character registrations somewhere else and bring on the action - we're presently ambushing the Ravinder Republic's head of state (Sheika) Visaya Gita on orders from the Kassi owner of one of the Ravinder Navy's main capital ships, the Alyssa Silvermane.

The Silvermane was, 3 years ago, interned in Ravinder Exile space and was pressed into service to liberate the Ravinder homeworld from "Crusader" occupation that lasted 50 years. Gita served as the fleet commander as depicted in another RP. Now, the Kassi are taking advantage of the Ravinderians non-reply to a diplomatic request to return the Silvermane, using it as a casus belli (cause of belligerence/war) for an invasion. Sickle squadron (yep, its not just our four suits) is one of the "behind enemy lines" insurgent units assigned to destablise the Ravinderians before Kassi naval incursions.

All this is secondary background knowledge, so you may all focus on the action.


At this time I would like to ask - would you guys prefer I set up the tactical scene so that your first RP is just opening fire on the motorcade (decoy vehicles have all been identified by mission control, this is the real one)... or do you prefer to take it from here and RP getting into position?

If it is the latter, feel free to, on the squad leader's command (imagine it as already given), break out of cover by blowing out the maintenence shafts you're hiding in, blow up a predesignated section of MagLev field generators and rake the escort hover vehicles with fire.

Alright, that should be enough for now - fire at will! And ask if you need more info. My PM box is always open though my online time these days is limited...


Finally, new RP vacancies:

Sickle Squadron is based off a VTOL (vertical takeoff and landing) atmospheric dropship capable of low supersonic flight. We need a pilot proficient in close air support, combat extraction and insertion of powersuits, and terrain following flight at high speed.

Recommended viewing for this is the anime movie Appleseed. Our suits are not dissimilar to the Landmates featured in that show.

Later on if this is successful we will play with "Vertical envelopment" scenarios, combined arms operations and even scenarios with air and spaceships. For the last bit, fiction writers like Yasotay are by default capable virtual ship captains/admirals by now, Honor Harrington style.
Edited by TelQuessir on 30-05-2006 13:15
Right. The vampire weapon is not really a weapon at all - it requires direct contact with an enemy suit, requires that no other load be on the power cell (meaning the suit would be downed) and we have to consider that weapons of that type would be extremely effective against powered suits, ergo all users of mecha suits would have developed countermeasures. Its only purpose for Kel is to keep his sniper rifle going, as I think I want to limit his starting 'ammo' to 8 shots, so he's not overly powerful, before I have him start bleeding power from his combat shields, PSMG, etc.

I vote for the latter. It'll give us the time to work out any bugs with text based RP if you're new and to give us time to get a bit more familiar with the characters themselves. You can throw a character together in a matter of minutes, but you won't really know them until you RP with them.

EDIT: Clarifications...
Edited by Makaze on 31-05-2006 00:24
I guess I'll go for the latter.

Although there are some inconsistancies (Male Kassi in military service for one) which I will let slide this time, this is going better than I expected.

The two issues I have are 1: Thorin's not here, and 2: A few minor technical issues with the ASCAs in question, but this is to be discussed on another thread.
First, this thread can be the OOC discussion thread - saves us the trouble of moving everything. Next, it was not uncommon for males to rise to military service in matriarchal societies here on Earth, which I'm assuming the Kassi are based loosely on. A male commander for the unit would be overdoing it, though. Kel'ron and Soyran would likely be the lowest ranking members of the squad. Speaking of ranks, is there a ground-based ranking system for the Kassi I'm missing?

EDIT: Of course it's going well. Who doesn't like the idea of suiting up and blasting other mechas with futuristic weaponry?
Edited by Makaze on 31-05-2006 00:27
The Kassi are not based on any one culture on Earth, real or fictional, with the exeption of their naval structure, which is based heavily on the WWII Japanese army/navy. In fact, very little has been said about Kassi culture except what I have stated in several other threads. I would have finished this, but this was among the stuff I dropped to work on this and other RPs.

Any help with this would be appricated when the time comes, but it is going to have to wait for now.

And don't use the word "assuming". Tel grilled me for that twice in the
past week. Just wanted to warn you.Hides



Tel told me to tell you that since he is busy with the creation of a new release package and will not be online tonight, he will be unable to participate.

That's all.
A starlight sharpshot magical girl!
i think we shoudl go for the latter since im not so used to textbased RP it would give me time for getting used to it :wink:
misspellings are property of the creator
I'd like to join the RP and take the slot of the pilot. I'm not sure if this is acceptable, but I'm thinking that perhaps the pilot is less important than any of the Sickle squad members.

Name: Mako L'wyn

Age: 20

Gender: M

Desc: Pilot assigned to Sickle Squad; transports troops to and from battlefield. Various missions force the role of combat support. Is a proficient pilot, but gender restricts further "extensive" training. In addition, assignments are usually suicidal. Gains little respect from the troops, often verbal abuse; however, endures only because of patriotism. Little combat experience outside of aviation.

Usually socializes with other male soldiers, although rarely any. No female acquaintences whatsoever. Dreams of grandeur and epic battles, but has little actual hope. Usually dissatisfied and wears a constant sober expression; however, enjoys good humor. Tall, but not noticeably so. Quick to argue with females; has led through many ordeals.

Equipment: Basic pilot gear. Carries an outdated handgun; given as a gift from an empathetic female officer.

Edited by Inert on 01-06-2006 02:18
Perhaps perspective is all you require.

Anyway, very good take on the role of a Kassi pilot in this situation.

So are there any other personell needed for this RP or are we ready to go?
We are already go since I posted "fire at will". Which was a long time ago. Pay attention Iron - we are not going to aim for any canon specfics regarding the races and technologies in this RP. There is a right time to do that and that time is not now because momentum is crucial for starting and making this RP a success.

The primary RP thread will be this one - since I have already posted the first entry. Since all are in favour of the "latter" sort of RP, you will proceed accordingly on independent initiative. Start small, so you can get used to my world setting - stay off my toes, do your assigned jobs, and most importantly communicate any potential problems in advance and there will be no problems keeping this on cruising speed.

After the first barrage of opening RPs from you guys we will work on scheduling of commitments so we can maintain said cruising speed.

The only quality standard required in writing is that you are free to deploy stuff but I'll be the master of the battlefield and thus state the effects of your ordnance, device, ECM, etc deployments as well as enemy reactions.

Iron, after this operation is complete I will split the squad into two - I'll be pursuing a plot based on a textbook infantry raid on a military installation, while you will do a GitS style recon mission. Proceeding at minimum RP strength, each of the two resultant teams will have two members, plus a single dropship playing ferry and airborne fire support.

Finally I will state the importance of paying attention and maintaining momentum by doing the "right thing" - use your imagination if you run into "plotholes", we will fill them up later or ignore them totally. Just like in RL, you do not, and indeed cannot know about everything that occurs around you. Especially not, in fact, if you have about 20 seconds to prepare before you will conduct a simultaneous attack on a heavily escorted motorcade from multiple vectors, a wide variety of tactical weaponry, and most interesting of all, a very varied personnel makeup that due to the nature of this mission (Colonel Kalya says: Do this or you die, you mercenaries are expendable), mean that we either get along and trust whomever is in that blasted command suit, or we get blown to bits.

That's all, have fun, you lot.


Personnel Status as of 1wkJun06:

Dasher Five-Nine Dropship (Inert)

Hammer Command Unit

Master Sergeant Abhijit (self)


Sickle 2 Battlefield Sniper

Third Sergeant Hatchet (Iron)

Sickle 3 Battlefield Sniper

Corporal Vamp (Makaze)


Sickle 4 Close Assault

Master Corporal Lictuel (Xanthor)

Sickle 5 Electronics Warfare

Third Sergeant Eyes (death_ab)

Note - this assignment is to group the two heavy sniper units together for easy tactical redirection of effort. The snipers, naturally, will be initially assigned to blow up the maglev generators on the futuristic equivalent on the "highway" and subsequently take out the most threatening of the escort forces with precision autocannon or grenade launcher fire.

Blowing up the maglevs won't stop the target convoy (they'd be going fast enough to fly in ground effect by this point), and that's where the sole short-range assault unit, and myself, come in. I have limited rounds for the anti-tank massdriver and will of course use it on the target limousine (or military maglev/air-cushion vehicle, depending on difficulty level desired - I'm leaving this dynamic as none of you see anything more than a blip on the tactical display at this point).

As I don't want to micromanage you guys, feel free to conduct OOC discussions amongst yourselves if you want to form teams within the team (ala Alpha and Bravo) to work as a cohesive sub-group in the action scenes. Also, speaking from the strategist's point of view, electronics dominance of the tactical battle may mean "generally easier going" from enemy comms being jammed etc. And Inert, thanks for the contribution of the dropship pilot - indeed your present extraction mission is quite suicidal! But since the ground commander for tonight is a male...


Dropship background

Again I will leave this dynamic but the prospect of seeing a fully-featured tilt-jet assault ship gives me wet dreams. You, Inert, get to fulfill my fantasies in the realm of futuristic vertical envelopment doctrine :)

But a barebones low-observable craft with just a pair of rocket pods and a single chaingun turret from a present-day attack helo will also get the job done. If it can handle 5 tons of powered armour and still get out of Dodge. Fast. That means a relatively big boat with a cargo bay the size of a Stallion (CH-53), or like Appleseed, a craft with special power-armour docking points. Speaking of docking points, they'd be a natural requirement for "military" insertion and extraction missions if you're going to be bouncing around supersonic at sea level at 4-5Gs.

These are of course, hints, and creative liberties to further the scope of the plot are most welcome. Just make sure not to outpace your team mates - one reason why a schedule is nice to have. For instance, your number in the team can be used to RP battlefield initiative like in computer RPGs.

Command suit and dropship acts first (I already have) followed by battlefield snipers and then the support assault and electronics dominance mecha. Using this logic Inert can roleplay a landing into a LZ (hot or cold is up to him and mission control - they are presently inactive) followed by combat suit deployment in sequence. Command suit says go, snipers secure local area and team forms up for movement to mission area.
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Alright then. So begins my chapter in this RP venture.


"Hammer to Sickles, thirty seconds to exacution" came the hushed but obviously anticapating tone of the squad leader over the com.

Sickles 2 had taken cover near a small drainage ditch while Sickle 3 was in a position inside an abandoned warehouse. The first ten seconds ticked away as Third Sargeant Kiiki Mahiil moved the sight of her long range massdriver over the intended target, the maglev generator of the elavated highway.

"Targets in visual range, right on time" Sickle 3 said quietly over the com. Kiiki did'nt bother to glance at the visor as she was focused solely on her scope, which almost caused her to miss a potential, mission comprimising detail.

A small train was backing in front of the highway, right near the maglev generator she was targeting. "Damn it, somthin's in the way. I got no shot! Came Vamp's voice over the com. Twelve seconds remaining and the train had come to a stop, leaving a small gap between two boxcars.

Just barely able to see the maglev box, Kiiki leveled the rifle. The wind played havoc with her suit's targeting systems and the pipper in her HUD was going crazy. eight seconds, Kiiki thought and gritted her teeth.

Five, four, three, two, one, NOW! Kiiki fired a single HE round which sailed across the open lot and beautifully glided between the railcars, transforming the maglev box into a flying mass of molten debris.

The hovercraft on the highway dropped over the damaged section, crashing into one another and the ground. The convoy slowed down rapidly and tried to avoid one another as the artafical gravity gave out underneath them. "Maglev box destroyed, all units clear to engage. Vamp, go for the escort unit" Kiiki shouted. She then fired an HE round into the road deck, further disorienting the escorts...


How was that?
"Hammer to Sickles, thirty seconds to exacution" hearing this Soryran begann to mentaly prepare for the battle to come.
It was about time to cut of the snakes head and sickleteam had the honor to do so.

Soyran knew that he was best at close and mid range fighting so he had chossen a cover that was close enough to the target's pathway for him to bring his firepower to bear.

These where the thoughts sickle four had while counting down from 30.
When he rached 17 sickle three said"Targets in visual range, right on time". 2 seconds later the target entered soyran's field of vision
"here they come" he said to himself lifting his massdriver and aiming for the leading escortvessel of the convoy.

Right in that moment he recived a messeage from vamp saying that he got no chance for a clear shot."Neverless we have to annihilate them right here right now Vamp" he told vamp still aiming on the leading escortvessel

9 Seconds later he saw Kiiki's massdriver hit the Maglev box while hearing Kiiki's voice stating "Maglev box destroyed, all units clear to engage. Vamp, go for the escort unit" over the radio.

"Here we go" he answered via radio, trigering his massdriver.
The massdriver round was closing in on the escortleader.

ooc: it's your turn now mates :yes:
misspellings are property of the creator
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