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Excession-Iain M Banks
Mostly harmless
Just a wonder if anyone has read this or other M Banks books? Every time someone talks of AI controlled war vessels i think of the culture, where the human is less than equal to the Mind (super AI). Micro second battles anyone?
Read one of his books and there is a reason why we are using the GCV designation for one of our ships in Third Era. I like how the plot of Consider Phelebas developed and concluded. It also had those classic old-style storytelling elements that today's modern works lack: this augmented my enjoyment of the book.
Mostly harmless
I would recommend Excession. The larger vessels are actually major characters within the plot. More combat too.

One his other books has a great desciption of the death of the AI by weapons fire. Frenzied rearranging its consience into smaller and smaller parts of its memory as the ship explodes. Throwing away more and more of its self until there is nothing left.
Marked for acquistion together with one of them John Ringo fantasy-sci-fi hybrid books.

I though that Phelebas's actions scenes were rather intense, in that up close and personal manner. It also lacks the all-too-common "all main characters have happy endings" flaw that most modern novels have.
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