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Melarn and Visaya (G's "Running With the Wolves" RP)
Breaking through the Ravinder Planetary Army's aerial siege, the eight hundred metre bulk of the VCS Nataraja rises above clouds of nuclear fallout as she strives to push her half-megaton bulk against the restraining forces of gravity.

The plasma engine plumes devastated both the capital ship's home port - an artificial lake dug out of a mountainside, and most of the Ravinder liberation forces' deployed ground units within a 5 kilometre radius of "ground zero".

A pair of Air Battle Force airship carriers attempted to stop the escaping behemoth, raking her with all available weapon systems, but despite their best efforts the space warship was too large for them to tackle as prey, especially since she had already reached escape velocity and were soon out of reach of the airship's main punch of plasma cannons and hypersonic massdrivers.

The Bramhaputra's lifting body hull was devastated by the Nataraja's particle lance fire, and she rapidly lost altitude despite her pilots' best effort to save her by deploying the ship's retractable low-speed wings. Ploughing through a kilometre of temperate forest untouched yet by the war's devastation she finally came to rest in a remarkably peaceful scene beside a slowly meandering river, much of her graceful lines and towering aerodynamic superstructure still intact despite the 10G crash she endured. Signal rockets bearing distress transmitters soon exploded from the part aircraft, part space warship hybrid's forward vertical launch missile array, an automated measure to expedite the recovery of the vessel and any who were still alive on board her - with the lack of command inputs from the ship's control nodes the craft's artificial intelligence decided to take measures into its own hands.

The other airship of the Third Air Battle Force, which had the honour of dropping first into the planet from their mothership the GCV-3 Hajjah Piramesse, met a similar fate as she strayed into the escaping enemy vessel's anti-starship missile arrays. Veering madly upwards as the ungainly space to space missiles tried to make their way to their target in an environment they were never designed for, the Visaya Gita deployed her sweep airfoils way above their maximum designed Mach number as she tried to turn away from the incoming ballistic projectiles, and would have succeeded if not for one of the incoming nuclear warheads detonated prematurely as the Visaya's laser cannons sent one of the missiles' fuel tanks detonating in an orange-red fireball.

When the missile's guidance system, still functional, had sensed that the warhead has reached its closest point to the target, it detonated. The wave of overpressure reached the airship a second later and would be a survivable incident - Air Battle Force units are after all expected to operate in a nuclear battlefield, if not for the vessel's port retractable wing breaking off while the other one due to some freak of engineering decided to remain intact while disabling its emergency jettison or retraction mechanisms.

On the bridge of the Ravinder Exile Fleet commander's namesake, Warmistress Grade 3 Vijaya closed her eyes as her mount spiralled uncontrollably from its attack altitude of 25,000 feet. Flying at over twice the speed of sound (in local planetary conditions), any attempt to escape from the vessel in any craft other than the supersonic fighters she bore in her holds would be tantamount to suicide.

With cold and unfeeling yellow-green eyes, the actual Visaya Gita, matron of the Ravinder Exile Fleet, watched calmly as the enemy spacecraft approached the Hajjah Piramesse at a closing velocity of over 15 kilometres per second. The traditionalist figure of authority had, two hours ago, executed a challenging banking aerobraking maneuver through the planet's atmosphere to turn her equatorial orbit into a polar one - a feat not possible if the ship were built and designed by her race...

The ship was most definitely a monument of their unsteady Coalition with the ruling parties in the Galactic Core. Unsteady for the fact that the REF could only be reached by Hiigaran Navy special operations ships specially designed for high speed interstellar transit at over fifty times the speed of light.

Without the Coalition, there would be no victory for the tiny ragtag Ravinder Exile force. But without Visaya the Hiigarans would not be able to enjoy political support from the more peaceful Vagyr for their war against the Vagyr Crusaders.

Their diplomatic relationship during the Vagyr Invasion a year ago was heavily strained on both sides, yet some amount of reinforcement for the Ravinder Exile Fleet did actually surmount the 2500 light year distance between Hiigara and their exile world of Yelar II. Their present help in the form of a Hiigaran Navy Special Operations battlestar was, at least to her people, an exhibition of divine intervention.

Yes, the Ferin Sha arrived late, yet it was her hypervelocity torpedoes that had prevented the Crusader defenders around and on Ravinder from utterly annililating the Exiles' tiny task force that had the guts to call itself a "Fleet".

And indeed the rightful owners of the Ravinder system had achieved a military feat that in history was usually achieved by naval forces of multi-fleet size. But all this would be for naught if Visaya did not prevent the Nataraja, now a blade black as night pointed right at her face, from achieving orbit. That Invasion-era superbattleship would easily destroy everything that Visaya and the Hiigaran commander, Admiral Melarn Soban, had hoped to create.

She wondered for a moment at the future of their... relationship, before arming the GCV-3's yet-unused trump card designed to tackle specifically this kind of situation. Four multi-terrawatt particle beam systems - so called "Dragon Lances" for the white-hot swathes of destruction they wreak on planetary targets, announced their ready-to-fire status on a virtual status window before Visaya's conciousness, and with a motion that would appear as an impatient chop of her hand if her conciousness existed in actual reality, all four strategic beam weapons were set to converge on the Nataraja's bow section.

The target was now passing the stratosphere and timing was a great challenge - firing too early meant that the particle lances would dissipate as the planet's atmosphere absorbed their energy, while firing too late would leave the enemy ship intact - this attack against a vastly superior opponent in space combat called for a penetration in the target's bow that would be fatal during hypersonic atmospheric transit.

Focusing every erg of mental energy on her task, Visaya ignored the various "good luck" calls from other Fleet units and from her vessel's CIC team as she programmed the Hajjah Piramesse's bomb-pumped beam weapons to fire as the target passed the thirty five kilometre altitude band.

It was all in the computer's hands now, she decided, as she watched the time to firing counter race down to zero.

Will I survive this? she asked herself.

The answer came momentarily, as both the Nataraja and the orbiting GCV-3 above fired their Dragon Lances at each other simultaneously.
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((Tsk, as implied in my yet unpublished first two chapters of Visaya's POV the present RP is located in the Ravinder system. So reading about the discharge of multiple strategic energy weapons over Yalar II was... funny. Duplicate event in the Matrix?

But enough of this. Excellent writing otherwise, as usual!))
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I will write later this week when I have no work commitments. Appointments for MSN diplomatic contact would be nice Pfft
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There was nothing more terrible in life than emergency disconnection from a major capital ship's neural command interface, and Visaya Gita to this day still had nightmares of her few previous exposures of living hell.

Imagine a situation where the mind felt as though it were forcibly torn from a host's body and implanted into another, then left to its own devices and expected to function normally as though nothing out of the ordinary had transpired.

No words in any language could describe the feeling of one's body rejecting its mind while it suffered itself from chronic information starvation as it registered that its information links to another bodily entity - that of the starship, was now "dead".

The effects of forced disconnection from a mentally-operated one-man personal shuttle could be shrugged off as a minor headache, but for a vessel almost a kilometre long like the Hajjah Piramesse...
The Piramesse used to be the Exile Fleet's only ship that was equipped with gravity generating deckplates. However due to the lack of spare parts (that will have to be shipped in all the way from the Hiigaran Republic) and due to the blatant sorcery that such technology were in the minds of the Vahgyar people, most of the ship was, after the Galactic Core systems had broken down from neglect, subsequently converted to the more "natural" aquatic life support systems integral to the space technology base of this quadrant of the galaxy.

While Hiigaran Combat Information Centres were often lively with intercom chatter, Vahgyar ships at battle stations were nothing more than eerie, murky aquariums with their crews protected from the effects of extreme three dimensional acceleration by bodily suspension in life support fluids. Although their working environments could very well resemble something from a horror holovid that fact was lost upon them for once "hooked up" to their ships' enhanced virtual reality command and control interfaces they would be instantly teleported to a more natural environment that wasn't very different from conditions aboard a more refined and ergonomic Hiigaran vessel.

However the Hiigarans' comfort within their ships was actual reality, while for the Vahgyar it was merely a computer simulation. It was in all their squalid reality that the dozen men and women of the GCV-3's command nexus strove to save their ship.

Their half-dozen terrawatt power strategic beam weapons indeed had fired on time and on target with devastating effect, the damage the combined Dragon Lances inflicted on the VCS Nataraja caused the Crusader battleship to break up as it attempted to punch out through Ravinder's atmosphere. Even now, large pieces of what had been the Nataraja floated past their ship, the little triumph that the few surviving electro-optical sensors aboard the Piramesse transmitted to her command nexus was ultimately overruled by the fact that simply one good-sized piece of diamond composite capital ship armour striking their crippled vessel would summon them into eternal patrol amongst the stars.

While there were scores of Vaghyar who were enthusiastic about their cause to the point that they would willingly give their lives for matyrdom, the people of the long-lost Ravinder Democratic Republic felt such sacrifices wasteful: especially so where every single man, woman, and child aboard their surviving tradeships turned craft of war represent irreplacable resources that will be invaluable once the campaign to rebuild their homeworld went underway.

That could only become reality, however, if they actually lived through the still-ongoing Crusader counteroffensive. The thrust by their strategic reserves up from the planet had been stalled literally at its source, but the Exile Fleet's spaceward flank was still wide open to attack despite the best efforts of the Fleet's strategic intercept wings.

On automated guidance, waves of purpose-built one-way attack craft streaked off on firey plumes from their plasma rocket engines as the robot craft made to engage the Crusader ships that rained ballistic payloads on the trapped Exiles below.

And while that first and last means of keeping the Crusader counteroffensive at bay waged their high-tech war, the crew of the Piramesse worked in conditions resembling an age of planetlocked industry millenia past. Crimson emergency lighting bathed cramped compartments as engineers and their robot attendants conducted manual inspections and servicing on the ship's critical systems.

Others made ready to fire up the craft's auxiliary power systems and to their dismay three of the four fission plants had been de-fueled years ago, their enriched uranium hearts already plundered to serve as "ammunition" for the Exiles' strategic beam weapons.

With only one fission plant operational, it will take about half an hour to generate enough electrical power to start one of the ship's main fusion drives. This finding was relayed to the command nexus and the decision was made to abandon ship - for without her fusion reactors the Hajjah Piramesse would not be able to mount more than token resistance with her point defense lasers, not that their effectiveness could be gauranteed without the main director systems.

The Nataraja's return fire was devastating and had gutted the GCV's entire front section. While the fore of the ship was totally empty after the deployment of their Air Battle Force division with their two aerial assault ships, the thermal shock of the strategic beam attack had wreaked havoc on the rest of the ship. Compartmentalisation and Galactic Core engineering had however saved the intact rear half from critical damage.

The process of saving the ship could be delegated to a volunteer skeleton crew and the vessel's still-functional AI core. Everyone else will be evacuated off the ship - the elderly but still capable GCV-1 Vajra had already altered her orbit to intercept the Piramesse within the next ten minutes and was already covering the crippled GCV-3 with her orbital defense laser arrays. More importantly the GCV-1 had a functional fleet command suite complete with neural interfacing, and it was this capability that will allow the Exile Fleet to triumph against the hated Crusaders who had taken their homeworld for themselves...


Warmaster Rajendran hated diplomatic affairs. He was trained from birth to lead soldiers, aircraft and spaceships in battle. Not indulge in the blasted likes of flowery praises, flowing court robes and representing his Illharess before the nightmare-black visage of the mysterious ship that had annihilated a Crusader cruiser squadron in what seemed to be the blink of an eye.

Rajendran had, with the Illharess's insistence, memorised the ship recognition manual that was included in the diplomatic briefing package installed in the Hajjah Piramesse's AI core back when the Hiigarans had sent the whole converted liner filled with warfighting supplies to the Yalar II system. Like the ship, much of the information in the diplomatic package was hopelessly outdated. But nevertheless way better than what they possessed.

And it did not take much imagination to identify the black angular ship as an enhanced Prince of Hiigara class. Big ship, big missiles, but you don't have much of those and you've trapped between the enemy and alien "friends" it had never met. You need us just as we need you...

"Communications!" he ordered, his lilting accent giving an exotic taste to the Galactic Standard. The former Ravinder Democratic Republic sided closely to Galactic Core politics, and had paid the price when Makaan Ramakrishna siezed power in the Vahgyar High Council.

"Hai!" came the sharp reply a moment later. Specialist Shadia was one of the best there was in her role, like the majority of those chosen to serve in the Exile Fleet that will resurrect the Democratic Republic after the well-predicted failure of Makaan's Crusade. She had singlehandedly managed fully a third of the Exile Fleet's electronic linkages that enabled it to fight as a cohesive force regardless of time, distance and space. And she hated AI assistance.

Rajendran, owner and caretaker of the 150 year old Vajra, took a moment to savour his communication specialist's dagger-sharp charms before continuing: "Signal all surviving Fleet elements that GCV-1 will assume supreme command of the REF based on proximity to senior leadership. Open an encoded diplomatic channel to the Hiigaran battleship."

And while waiting -

"We need to improve our laser defense concentration - ask the AMCs to stop wasting interceptors in headlong attacks. Get them to deploy some over us and the damsel in distress or I will shoot them myself!" he snarls as he whirls in virtual reality to face the space traffic and tactical control team on his right.

"Sir! Yes sir!" echoed the three STT specialists, almost in unison.

"Conn, Interface, comms link to Hiigaran vessel established. They say they are the HN Ferin Sha. On screen."

Rajendran raised a brow. He followed the progress of the Invasion campaigns almost like a religion. He knew the Ferin Sha's history by heart. Still, this was not the time for cruel games with Illharessen and he focused a nose-low glare at the main communications viewscreen "forwards" on the virtual bridge as it sparkled to life. He liked how he looked that way.

Without waiting for the video link to synchronise both ways, he started: "This is the Ravinder Exile Fleet secondary command unit GCV Vajra calling Hiigaran Navy battleship Ferin Sha. We are eternally grateful for your timely intervention in this affair purely personal to our nation - and rest assured we will do all that we can to, " he paused, searching for the right words. "Reward you in kind."

"The Illharess has been incapacitated but her second in command reports she is in stable condition and is being evacuated from the damaged command ship. I respectfully request that you assist in covering the transfer to the Vajra - once she is implanted into this ship's command system we will launch a full spaceward offensive supported by planetside weapons now being prepared for deployment against their former owners."

"But even if you elect not to assist us, your gift of military assistance and friendship is all that has made this possible. I leave this matter to your decision."

The Hiigarans were nice as to wait for him to finish speaking before they replied, he thought. Warmaster Rajendran now wondered as to the nature of the reply... and admitted silently that even if they did win the battle at hand it would be the Hiigaran Republic's recognition of their newly reborn nation that will ultimately decide if he and the people of the Fleet will get a chance to live to a ripe old age.
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This is intended to be the introductory two chapters of my character, attached:
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