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First Sortie (V7.0 Beta Skirmish AAR)
AAR Background

Task Force 56 under operational control of the Hiigaran Navy's 12th Fleet was deployed to the Gehenna II system to intercept a large Vagyr battlegroup operating in the area.

Ingame settings - 2 v 2 (HGN vs VGR, all Expert AI), PDS v7 beta with MCS/PoH fixes as posted in dev. forum, Crimson Bond map, HGN start positions 1 and 2, Vagyr start positions 4 and 6.

This system, part of the mineral-rich Gehenna cluster, was the site of the first successful offensive operation conducted by the MS-2 Expeditionary Fleet, was never secured fully after the Invasion, and is 12th Fleet's first objective for OP Sledgehammer, itself one of two diversionary operations in support of the HGN counteroffensive slated to take place on the second anniversary of the Vagyr Crusade.

TF 56 was divided into two maneuver groups designated TG 56.1 and 56.2 respectively. Each taskgroup is based around each of TF56's battle dockyards.

This AAR concentrates on a particular action led by TG 56.1's deep space escort carrier, the Vigilance.

Survey elements of TG 56.2 successfully located a pair of Vagyr cityships and escorts conducting resource operations within our designated area of operations, and both TGs were directed to intercept and engage.

As our heavy warships deploy, the Arcadia class deep space escort combatants, along with onboard strike fighters and frigates will screen the battlegroup.

The Vigilance plugged in a hole in our companion taskgroup's CSP (combat space patrol) effort on the "right front" relative to our initial deployment. While on patrol she took on critical materials from a nearby asteroid cluster which was used to manufacture a reserve of reactor fuel for both herself and her onboard strikecraft complement of two flights each Blade 22D, Thunderbolt IC and IVC, LSF II, HSF II for a total of sixty fighters.

The TF's electronics intercept systems soon detected multiple waves of Vagyr gunboats and frigates approaching under heavy ECM cover, anchored by at least one battleship.

Taskgroup Vigilance (TG 56.7) was reinforced by one LiirHra class advanced light cruiser (Block 15 configuration), four Hydra IV-EC missile frigates and one Marquess class attack carrier standing by to reinforce via tactical hyperspace.

TF56 recon drones successfully shadowed an incoming strike flotilla composed of at least thirty heavy corvettes and six battle frigates approximately 6 light-seconds from TF56's disposition, with two more similar strike groups following at a moderate distance.

The flank secured by TG 56.7 was 1.5 light seconds from the Vagyr strikegroups' inbound vector, thus it was tasked to advance forward in order to gain better intelligence on enemy efforts and to employ the strike fighters in harrassing weaker portions of the enemy fleet.

TG 56.7 will not assist in the defense of the taskforce proper, but will operate on the offensive. A Deliverance class monitor-carrier along with three fleet cruisers of TG 56.2, and six heavy frigates detached from TG 56.1 will spearhead a defensive counter operation against the enemy strikegroups as they come within HVM300 range.
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As the Vagyr strike flotillas clashed with defending forces, TG 56.7 observes enemy reinforcements transiting to the battle area to exploit their comrades' success in pinning TF 56's attention in combat resolution.

Drifting in semi-stealth configuration, HGN Vigilance's passive sensors detected what seems to be a lone Vagyr battleship lightly escorted by 3 battle frigates barely 0.3 light minutes out of effective weapons range.

In order to sieze the opportunity to conduct a decisive flank attack on the unprotected battleship, the escorting LH Block 15 cruiser was tasked to engage said battleship and draw her attention as all sixty strikefighters were committed to a HVM120 salvo attack. Vigilance will support with naval artillery together with the Hydra missile frigates.

The sudden attack of the light cruiser evidently took the battleship by surprise - but the enemy had an entire wing of fighters and battle corvettes nearby likewise running in semi-stealth configuration, their efforts augmented by the battleship's active cancellation ECM systems.

All sixty of our strikefighters were immediately tasked to attack the enemy small attack craft with both direct-fire weapons and HVM120s/MRAM2s - there were at least one squadron of enemy heavy interceptor craft and 20-35 corvettes.

Both strike wings unleashed flurries of second generation medium range attack missiles at each other as TG 56.7's capital ships concentrated on bringing maximum firepower onto the lone battleship while evading its primary energy weapons and suppressing its missile fire.

Attack carrier Illustrious conducted a hyperspace assault on the outflanked battleship and the Hydra missile frigates were immediately tasked to form up around the CVA for ease of command and control.

Space was filled with dogfighting fighters and corvettes, MRAM2s and point defense autocannon fire, along with successive heavy weapon salvoes as TG 56.7 sought to overwhelm their target, countering tonnage inferiority with multi-vector firepower and superior maneuverability.

Her armour pockmarked by constant assault lance and heavy torpedo impacts, the enemy Titan class battleship appeared to shrug off all the firepower with ease.
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Despite the stalemate in both the capital duel and the fighter battle where each side took minimal losses, TG 56.7 steadily wears down the battleship's endurance - enough to send her back to her yard for repairs and ammunition replenishment.

However the battle took a turn for the worse as a flight of attack bombers despatched from the main battle conducted a standoff missile strike against TG 56.7's capital vessels which while ineffectual, forced the taskgroup on the defensive. The bombers did not press the attack but set a course for a shadowing electronics warfare battlecruiser which soon set a course for the engagement site, probably with another flotilla of smaller warships in tow.

With a successful "mission kill" on the enemy battleship (estimated 75% external damage) and strikefighter attrition increasing beyond 20%, the decision was made to retire TG 56.7. Heavy damage was also done to the enemy heavy interceptor and corvette group, which took approximately 40% attrition in the battle from analysis of battle management data.

As the deep space escort Vigilance burns for the taskforce's position with frigates, attack carrier and light cruiser (significantly damaged at this point) in line formation, the Deliverance class monitor carrier RADM Allen Huber emerges from hyperspace to lend a coup de grace to the crippled enemy battleship and cover TG 56.7's withdrawal.
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It was at this point of time that TG 56.7 steadily took heavy attrition, as the pursuing "Nancy Ajram" cruiser jams its datalinks despite the A. Huber's ECCM efforts.

Two guided missile frigates suffer catastrophic engine failures from battle damage and were scuttled to prevent capture, as strikefighter attrition rises to 35% as the wing attempts to withdraw from the action as the allied capital ships attempt to cover their retreat.

Barely 2 minutes out from the safety of TF 56's defense cordon, the light cruiser disintegrates, with the attack carrier following suit due to incessant bomber attacks, the enemy taking advantage of their superiority in the electronics battlefield as Spahi class attack frigates likewise harrass the Vigilance, doing critical damage to her main weapon systems and drive systems - however she successfully makes a rendevous with relief forces moving to assist; TG 56.2's fleet cruisers having parried the other enemy small craft groups despite their numerical inferiority and are now sallying forth in a counterattack.

Joining up with TG 56.1's monitor carrier A. Huber, the fleet cruisers and another monitor carrier (from TG 56.2) form the critical centrepiece of the entire Battle of Gehenna II, where the efforts of TG 56.7's brave crews allow the successful deployment of the Hiigaran battle-line and heavy reserve units.

This AAR will form the basis of our case study review of the new, 7th major battlespace evolution of the PDS battlespace.
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