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The Karelian Campaign (AI +1.5 yr)
Whee, peptalk RP by me. The frontier Karelian Sector was created to break the existing strategic deadlock between Hiigaran, Vagyr and their allied forces. It is also the site of experimental IVF-Hiigaran diplomatic relations. While the two factions will not see eye to eye in the official point of view, fate may drive honored enemies together in facing a common threat.

I will post more information on the Hiigaran Eighth Fleet's deployment to the Karelian Sector, as well as the background and intent of the IVF forces in the region. This links to the upcoming Vagyr singleplayer campaign, as well. No spoilers now - but here is the pep talk for the 8th FLT's deployment.


- Admiral Rigel Manaan VI

As you may know, the Hiigaran Navy has never ascertained the fate of those frontier colonies which we had left behind in our hasty withdrawal before the Vagyr horde during the early days of our Invasion.

Many refused the order to retreat, choosing to give their lives for our men and women planetside, posing enough of an obstacle that the Twelth and Fifteenth Fleets' withdrawal was relatively bloodless. These forces arrived at Hiigara relatively intact and in their assigned orders of battle, and these forces ultimately ensured that Hiigara never fell to Vagyr oppression.

We now know that those sacrifices are not in vain. And we intend to avenge their deaths - but besides this, and more importantly, we will not be fighting for ourselves, or for military gain. The Navy was founded to protect the Hiigaran Peoples' freedom, and honor demands that we pay the price for leaving those million plus colonists to their fate at the hands of the Vagyr.

Wise decision or not - is not the issue. We Left Them Behind.

Recently, Sobani Intelligence operating in Galactic Sector EH-109, more familiar to you as the Karelian Cluster, had made contact with several of our colonies and made a startling discovery. Despite the presence of heavy Vagyr military forces both in space and on the ground, our people are safe and well cared for.

Not all Vagyr are the Enemy, ladies and gentlemen. Not all have fallen to the taint of madness which the tyrant Makaan had sown amongst what is in fact a strong and resilient race who call the void of space their home.

These very people had taken it upon themselves to prevent what would amount to be yet another planetary genocide, against their very masters. It is such courageous conduct against unethical leadership that the Hiigaran Navy holds in high regard.

And they too... would not die in vain. For they are our new allies, whether the Diamid likes it or not. We fight for the same side, for the same people, and for the same essence in which the Hiigaran Navy was created in.

The reborn Eighth Fleet will transit in whole to the Karelian Cluster, and make contact with the Independent Vagyr Federation. There you will assist them in defending the Karelian colonies against Armada de Makaan forces now in full offensive against IVF units in the Cluster.

They plan to conduct what they call a "culling" - forceful recruitment into the ranks of the Armada - and we will stop them.

The Fleet is ready, and the decision to leave our designated patrol point is my own, and mine only. I have forwarded my decision to Hiigara, but regardless of their reply, I will not betray this very opportunity to act decisively, and act we must! Lest we lose both one million of the Hiigaran People and those selfless warriors of the Federation in vain.

All units, prepare for Fleet hyperspace transition - Admiral Rigel, out.
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