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HAC 2 C (G?) delay, why?
I was wondering why there is still no third HAC 2 model in Vay production list, the model is fully hoded, it even as it's own icon but it's still in eXperimental stage. Cezador is a X-type unit too but we can produce them.

I wonder if it could replace Pionieer LAC as a standard fighter or even better, use a Pionieer as Vay drone (same caplimit as HGN drones) and put HAC 2 C in place of it.
The HAC2c as I recall was a standoff missile bomber or something like that and is not designed for space superiority in any way. Similar to the TIE bomber in star wars, only effective aganst anything smaller than an frigate when equipped with anti strikecraft missiles.

If anything is going to replace the pioneer, it would be a standardized model of the HAC2a or a completely new model yet to be seen. The most forseeable scenario is thad the pioneer would be supersceeded by the HAC2a/b or Shamshir entirely and used exclusively as a defensive swarmer or as a remote controled fighter drone used to support Ct, Sb, or ASCA type craft, or even as a remote controled suicide drone.

The HAC2c could be modified for a number of roles including heavy bomber, second line missile dogfighter, corvette hunter killer, or it's original fire support role.
HAC-IIB seems like the best replacement to the current LAC - because the HAC-IIA LACs (HAAHHAHAHAHA *facefaults*) the maneuverability (I think) as compared to a dedicated dogfighter like the IIB. As for the LAC - it also LACs (HAHAHHAHAHA) definitive armaments. What is it really good for? It even gets killed now by Hiigaran Interceptors. A HAC-IIB stripped down slightly seems better.

Damn, that was too punny.
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A new battlespace is needed to properly simulate missile boat operations.

The HAC IIG is the mainstay Vagyr anti-starship fighter in NGCS.
I was thinking about HAC IIC as standard fighter because it could use a 2x autocannos + 2x MRAM2 config. it's still better than 1 PC40 + 1 fussion missile of LAC. It's also better armoured so the squad of 6-7 would be good as standard fighter squad.


TelQuessir wrote:
A new battlespace is needed to properly simulate missile boat operations.

The HAC IIG is the mainstay Vagyr anti-starship fighter in NGCS.

Similar to the use of AEGIS Cruisers in current military operations land or sea based?
I think a sneaky way of portrail like that would be large area debris fields where as these missile boats hide amongst the space junk and fire missiles/ torpedos away with realitive safety and comfort when the larger ships are duking it out. Not to mention an attack pattern that will definately keep them out of harms way during battles.

I always hated how the torpedo frigate would get in the middle of battle when it served no purpose to do so.
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Sitting still means death in the Newtonian battlespace of NGCS. Also, in general space warfare the "terrain" will be a flat vacuum 99.9% of the time.

Reference today's NGCS news update for the Lavi missile attack loadouts for inexperienced pilots.

The thing is - while we do want missile boats to keep out of harms way (ie, from counterbattery fire) we must do it in a believable and lifelike manner. Having them rely on mythical concealment is not satisfactory.

So, in roleplay, if I detect missiles streaking towards my force unexpectedly I will deploy adequate countermeasures then commit fast attack and tactical recon elements back towards the missiles' inbound vector.

For a counter-countermeasure to this reaction, missile boats need to have suitable secondary weapons to combat fast reaction forces or have enough agility to shoot and scoot successfully. ECM helps both here and masking the "shoot" portion of the maneuver.

In NGCS, mobility is not a problem at all, and I have successfully employed low-rate missile attack forces in RL like saturation strikes against enemy formations, to pave the way for escort/attack frigates to blast open a corridor for a light cruiser surgical strike against a high-value enemy installation.

Making good use of the confusion generated by the missile boat and frigate attack, the CLs successfully accomplished their mission then withdrew as the enemy frigate screen was still drawn out and attempting to adapt to my fast attack forces' offensive actions.
Missile boat attacks - you could fire them off on a tangential vector and have them turn back towards the enemy tactically. Allows you to run away from the enemy if they're going towards the detected vector. Reference: Tom Clancy novel "SSN" which illustrates submarine combat. Very interesting.
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That's what my Arbiter AI does Smile Missiles are great opportunity fire weapons when you get a good velocity match on the target (to make for more efficient missile interception thus effectivenes).

Refering to the NGCS thread with my latest updates this week, some of my novice AIs are green enough to do nothing but standoff missile strikes.

Arbiters will have two AIs depending on the unit's assignment - one direct action and the other standoff bombardment. The DA one of course does all the fancy Gundam style flying and missile employment while the SB one basically sits a long way off and bombards with the railguns.
I have an offtopic question to Tel: at one page you write that PDS will be frozen at 7.0 while at another you post that it will continue with NGCS modernisations. I'm confused.
It would be shame to left Falchion, Deliverance II and few other ship unfinished Sad .
Not to speak for the C/FDB, but I believe the ships are still being worked on. However a focus of the NGCS is to center more on the exploitation of the ships capabilities within the overall tactical operation, vice just the introduction of new ships. There is a dichotomy between the tools and the tactics. I think our focus within PDS has been rather ?Tool-centric? for a while, and the Boss is attempting to balance that focus with NGCS.
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