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Fluff hole: The Vaygr and Hiigarans both have the knowledge to construct nuclear weapons, yet the issue isn't really addressed except for the planet killers.

Why doesn't either side use them? Sure, if everyone nukes eachother, there's nothing left and thats just alittle too punctual. I assume there is some kind of agreement not to make a mess of the whole place and ruin the galaxy, but there have to still be incidents here and there. If one force insists on victory then nuclear weapons may be employed regardless of agreements. For instance, the Hiigarans would have been pretty damn justified if they had decided to use nukes in the seige of hiigara. Once the planet killers came in, the Vaygr pretty much did use weapons to that scale (technically, i don't think it ever said what the missiles were, but the effect would be the same).

Just thought that should be addressed.
Did you know...

That any and all ship to ship missiles in the 300 or larger class are nuclear based?

There are blatently no "Geneva Convention" equivalent for all races in warfare (with the demise of the Bentusi)?

So before you think something should be addressed, note that a number of people on this forum have been discussing the amount of radiation generated in a typical PDSverse ship to ship battle. Nuclear weapons were also discussed there.
Forgive me, could you point me to this discussion?

Also, when I say nuclear weapons, I was mistaken, I should have said very high yield nuclear devices or rather "big flash and everything dead" type bombs. More or less doomsday devices.

(you can probably delete this thread if it is covered already)
in all combat are used fusion and fission based missiles: nuclear weapon.
simply in space nuclear weapon are not very very dangerous in long term, there isn't any type of radiation point because the sun's radiations are already radioactive.
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What Enterprise means to say is that there is a lot of "naturally occuring" sources of intense radiation in space - nebulae, stellar radiation etc. Interstellar ships, especially military ones will need to be well protected against them with little to no compromise.

Same goes for thermal protection - if you (and your missiles can operate near Mercury and your opponent can't then you have a decided strategic advantage as you've greater leeway to maneuver.

This two factors combined is one reason why I see equipping all ship personnel with at least vacuum survivable light powered armour (augmented infantry systems) is beneficial, as the suits can be a form of interface between ship system and crew member, and additionally provide protection from vacuum, gravitic, impacts, thermal, radiation and electrical hazards which may very well be present in a ship of war engaged with the enemy.
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As to why planet killers aren't more widely used: Would you really destroy the production capability of an entire planet when you could capture it?
Given what happened to Kharak, I would say that the Hiigarans would never use such a weapon. On anyone. For any reason. After all, if you commit the atrocity that was done to you, are you any better than them?

What are the Vagyr's thoughts? I would think they would abhor the waste of resources, as Nemmerle says.
i remember when i after killed turanic raider sigh, i returned to kharak sigh.
i remember that the scene was very sad :cry::cry::cry:
and when i destroy the taidans' mothership Bump
but anyone remember the recording of when the missiles destroyer fire the planet killers?
kharak was not very fine.Sad
to boldly go where no one has gone before
Weren't really planet killers. Were thermal weapons that ate the poles. More like...continent killers. ^_^

And what makes you think they don't use the weapons? I'm under the impression that most/all ship to ship weapons are tactical nukes. If they fire it at the planet, they can surgically (as much as possible) remove all those pesky inconveniences.

As to why, who knows? The hiigarans, I think, would have no qualm annihilating Vaygr settlements (as they have no qualms about slaughtering fleet stations), but, remember, most of Vaygr occupied worlds were once hiigaran or other alliance members. Not very good to nuke worlds you want back.
Planet burning may not require the complete burning of the planet. All you really have to do is turn enough of the oxygen (assuming human physiology here) into other gases, and the population suffocates. This is far more economical than nuclear devestation. Also radiation adds cost to exploiting the resources (to include the planetary population) to do your bidding.

Ultimatley, even for the Vaygr, it comes down to economics.
Correct me, if I'm wrong. I just want to harden my understanding of this.

Ok, originally I thought anti cap missiles were conventional warheads. Now obviously I know that is not the case, and I realize that space contains nukes (not much shockwave or displacement, because its 'space' ).
So what you end up with is sort of "dense" explosions of heat and radiation. How do the ships withstand the hits then? It seems like a couple would melt/vaporize anything and wouldn't that err... cook fighters

Sorry, never took this level of chemistry or physics.
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Radiation shielding and armor/hull made from materials that can withstand such forces. Simple enough, let's not get into technobabble...unless you really want to Wink.
If you've glanced at the new nuclear missile modelling in v7.1 demo - you'd see that there is now a fine balance between killing power and defensive technology.
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