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The Great Forge
Anyone remember the mission where we are blocked by the wrecks of the progenitor's ship?
in that i mission i see the engineering section of this ship and in the cinematics karen explain that in that section were created the three great cores.
dammit yes the tecnology is very advanced but why the hiigarians don't try to dismantle all the ship's wrecks and create some progenitors based weapon and ship?
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Coz forge nav cordinates went bye,bye with Karan ??
Actually, if any other ship survived that participated in that mission, the coordinates would be known.

I'm guessing what happened is that the Vagyr loyalists also wanted to recover it, and a fight breaks out. One side can't have it, so to keep it away from the other, they destroy it. Or it detects weapons fire -- no matter how insignificant to the ship -- and after a certain amount of time the hulk hypers out.

Would be great for a scenario.
Um........ I think one of two things might have happened in respects to that.
1) They were in a hurry. Resouces were put towards the war at the time and things were of the essence.
2) I believe the keeper in that mission kind of Self destructed whiping out that wreck.
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but is not the same mission when the keeper blow up!
i think that only hiigarians forget it....
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You never actually fought over the section of the ship that was the forge and S'jet has fled beyond the rim through a hyperspace gate with the ancient's nav comp... Thus you'd have to search thousands if not millions of light years of space for the minuscule section of hull that's actually the forge.
As I previously stated, mistress S'jet was not the only sentient creature within the fleet. If any ship survived, there's your coordinates. If no ships survived, it's going to be in somone's PDA. A discovery of that nature -- you better believe the coordinates were disseminated throughout the fleet command structure!

If everyone died and there's no salvagable wreckage that may contain computer data cores with the coordinates, then correct, it's gone.

As the briefing said the progenitor ship was scattered throughout the sector and was still drifting, (presumably from the original explosion.)

While the artifact took the expeditionary fleet out to several sections of the hull it didn't actually take the expeditionary force out to the forge.
The expeditionary fleet never secured the forge before it went beyond the rim and there have been no mentions as to its location in any of the briefings I can only assume that the exact coordinates are lost at this point.
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Having the forge does not mean you can have the cores. You can have a whole shipyard, that will not give you all data to produce a given ship. You are assuming all materials components and data were 'locally' produced in the forge, but that seems rather improbable.
If the 3g mothership could detect several large pieces, 5g sensor scan detect more. It's quite easy to track where pieces might be. I've done it with stellar drift equations, determining where stars will or won't be in a million years or how the constellations looked from earth a hundred thousand ago. If it was just a simple explosion that caused the ship to break up, no sweat.

While there might not be that much of an advantage to investigating the wreck compared to an actual core or dreadnaught, there is still knowledge that can be gained.

Even if it will take decades to analyze it all.

I estimate that current human technologies, be they Vagyr or Hiigaran or Taidaani or Turanic or Bentusi or otherwise, are fairly close to the Progenitor sciences. Why? It took...not very long to integrate the most obvious Progentech into the fleets. The motership was able to analyse the Movers fairly quickly and devise ways of hurting them. More advanced? Certainly. But not all that different.

With that in mind, the wreckage of a large Foundry ship will certainly prove useful. However, the usable knowledge is likely to be quite subtle and take many years to tease out the bulk of it. The obvious techs -- energy weaponry, more efficient hyperspace propulsion and field generation technologies, more advanced hull materials, energy generation and regulation -- were grabbed pretty darn quick and turned into usable systems.

So would the Foundry ship be worth fighting over? Yes. Is it a top priority? Doubtful. It's possible that each will wait for the other to make a move, stationing a small task group there to keep an eye on things -- and the other task group. Might only be some good sensor networks. It will take days, to secure an individual chunk of wreckage. Are they large enough that they are incapable of being moved? Can they or any other large chunk of matter be "pulled" through hyperspace, even if it's difficult to do so? How long would a particular site need to be secured in order to do what they need to do? Or to move it?

If the Vagyr do not have the coordinates, it's possible the Hiigara could get their first and unmolested. But given the fairly equal intelligence abilities of the groups involved, I don't think that when one side moves on it, the other won't notice.
That, and there's also that group of ships operating in the area of M07, the people of "Navaskiya" or something like that. I wonder - what's the background behind them?
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The Engineering Section is was in M07, it is likely to have the Technology there, but the actual production facilities were probably destroyed when the Keeper blew up. So although you could probably probe the databanks of the Progenitor Engineering section for its technology, you probably wouldn't be able to build any of it without the construction facilities or possibly years of research.
Seems like it was years since I was last here
Still worth it. Smile But probably not a top priority.
While it is possible to find stuff, it appears that this particular galaxy is litered with Progentech. Keepers as relatively simple robots are likely less of a technology challenge than a core. REmember that the Hiigaran now have two types of drone. One appears to be based on Progentech. There have been significant increase in ship and weapon capabilities over the last year for the Hiiggyy. So a conspiracy theorist might opin that the HGN is in fact slowly exploiting Progentech. Perhaps there is a special group out 'acquiring' tech...

I said none of this... :smash:
Even if you could find all the great forge parts and sections, you would probably need a huge ammount of power to get them operational and keep them going. That, mind you, is if you can even find all the fragmented parts and learn how to operate the systems. I think it would be far easier to keep making shipyards and other facilities simply because the current HW races seem to have been getting up to the current level of Progenitor technology (basied on their abilites to intergrate and operate current working progenitor technology)

I've got a feeling that they could easily invent better technology than spend time piecing together parts and tirelessly researching it all.
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