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Actual research about antimatter
anyone have information of what hiigarian know about antimmatter?
i think that have the tecnology to produce some, actualy we also produce a very very little low amount in our particles accellerators.
if we have a trace that someone in homeworld universe have tried to make it we can create a new type of warhead based on antimatter-matter reaction.
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Talked about before. Smile No harm in asking though. I believe the conclusion was that sure, they can make it, but to actually hold it on a starship is very dangerous. While railgun rounds and missiles can be prevented from exploding because missiles need to be armed and railguns are primarily kinetic penetrators, all you need to do is mess up the antimatter containment even a tiny bit and KABOOM -- no more ship. Also, unless you're going to just drop a bomb on someone, the delivery system is a problem. Can't really put it into a beam -- very very deadly if it messes up, etc.

The ICA, assault ion cannons, take a little bit of matter and convert it straight to energy. It's crude, and isn't a perfect conversion, but it's approaching antimatter in terms of energy released per bit of matter used.
tha antimatter can be stored in container placed in a hyperspace suspension form, if there is a problem in ship system simply the antimatter and his cantainer will disappear in hyperspace. a ship have system that disable hyperspace in case of danger, this type of device simply don't have it.
for delivery problem there are two alternative:
1-anyone see stargate atlantis 2nd season? hyperspace delivery system directly into a ship, i think that a container for sufficient amount of antimatter is very very little. send it into a ship corridor will not be very complicated.
2- kamikaze drone frigate or probes with a special shell around the canister that preserve it until reaching the target
to boldly go where no one has gone before
Hyperspace doesn't quite work that way for the Homeworld universe. Smile You can't move individual objects like that. The Hyperspace Defense System creates fields of hyperspace to intercept large shells and torpedoes and put them into hyperspace. But! It can do this within a gravity field -- why? Because in a gravity field, translating into hyperspace destroys what you're trying to put there. If it's incoming torpedoes, no one cares what condition it's in. But if it's something you want to get back...

The point of antimatter containment being dangerous is that if the containment system is disrupted, poof. And it would have to be heavily armored and at the center of the ship -- not what you want for something that is going to be used as a weapon system. And at the center of the ship, where it's most protected, is where it can do the most damage if it ruptures. No Star Trek "ejecting the warp core".
ehm destroyed at what level?
and can't be producted only when need?
produced, put into frigate and........
to boldly go where no one has gone before
You know Glacialis, making bigger HDS and having them target enemy ships would be a viable next step upwards for hyperdrive technology. Very short range though - probably minimal actual military use as trying to "ram" someone with a HDS would be almost impossible against a maneuvering target.

Reference to rams becoming obsolete in the age of sail, and the aggressor shield system in Independence War, in which their linear displacement systems (LDS) are identical to our HDS.
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