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Darth Muzzy
Karan S'jet was the first Hiigaran Unbound. But is she the last?
She was capable of controlling the first Mothership with increadible deftness, able to respond with human flexibility to an increadible number of stimuli at once. Would it not make sense, in light of the increadible success of the first Unbound, to create more?
Seriously, is there any reason that the commanders of Hiigaran armadas and flotilas shouldn't be Unbound?
I mean, from both a strategic and tactical standpoint it is desireable. In addition to the high level of combat awareness and response capability an Unbound brings, the process also seems to lengthen the subject's lifespan, which would allow the Hiigarans to amass a large pool of veteran officers in future generations.
Any thoughts?
If I remember correctly, it was stated that she was not the last of the Unbound, but that she chose such a position as the Unbound connected to the Core because she felt as if it was her home or something like that. But there's also the thing that you can't really get that old-time feeling of walking around your flag bridge if you were connected.
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Darth Muzzy
Oh, when was that stated?
History of Hiigara. Though the usage of the word unbound is bothering me.

IIRC in HW1, after meeting the Bentusi they welcome you among the Unbound races. Is this right?
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There are certain disadvantages to "total immersion" type man to machine interfaces...

But I have nothing against having Ghost in the Shell and Deus Ex style cybernetic implants to boost human potential and facilitate extended-reality interfacing between man and machine.

A Matrix type system or one which enables an operator to "become" his/her machine or ship is very, very dangerous. An example? Read the book Interstellar Patrol, there is a short story at the end of it that details ore mining "powersuits" with such total immersion control systems.
Transforming people into living fleet command or battle computers are bound to provoke some discussion on the subject of "ethics", though obviously this has been done before in most of the conventional starfaring races by this time. Neural-control ships and systems are not far-fetched at all. Consider that wartime necessities - total immersion gives a decidedly great advantage to reaction times and speed of information processing.

In my book I've the Vagyr given a headstart in cybernetics technology due to their general lack of seriousness in the term "ethics" (you either survive in space or your sister that wants to kill you to take your ship, or you don't), and their constant exposure to "61st" century technology with a relatively primitive social structure.
Darth Muzzy
Actually, I'd think the ethical angle would be the easiest for the Hiigarans to overcome. The reverence that the Hiigarans feel for S'jet would probably mean that becoming Unbound would take on an almost mystical connotation, like a Mystery Cult of sorts.
And there would be an influx of volunteers to follow in Karan's footsteps. That is now the present topic of discussion.
The Vaygr as a nomadic space race would have far less concern about interfacing with the ship that a more planetary one such as the galactic core societies. They are at home on these vessels so over the centuries would likely find more affinity toward them.

That said it is very likely that cybernetics as we think of it today would be a "given" to space faring races. If you really wanted to go out on a limb, prenatal care might include nanotechnology preparing the child for ?normal? life with electronic elements. That is very scary and horrible by our modern philosophies, but in 3000 years would our progeny look at us in the same vain as we do the societies of the Indus and Yangsee (sp) river valleys?

As to being ?Unbound?, I had assumed that was something that required a core or other ?Progentech? that only the Progenator and Bentusi had access to. Those who gained access became unbound and so regular old space faring races that could only make short jumps would not have access to the mysteries of the universe that one could find with the higher technology. If everyone becomes ?Unbound? then there is no ?Bound?.

Here ends my philosophy exhortations.
i think that the only reason for the lack of "unbound" is that karen is see from tha higarian (that are a very very religious people) as the "sajuuk kar" and be unbound maybe a sacrilege if see from higarian eyes
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Well, then religion would be a good excuse to those who don't fancy the wonderful life of floating around with cables in their head and the occasional distraction of feeling in their brain and nerves the exquisite bite of Vaygr nukes hitting the battleship's hull.

Karan was either a saint or a fool to choose this miserable life.
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Sun Tzu eloquently makes my point regarding modern norms. :wink:
Speaking of Cybernetics, what kinds of implants would be available other then the linkage Karen used?

I've been thinking about Medical, Data Retrieval, HUD while doing some of my writing. While we use the word nanotech a lot, not all of these devices need not be on the nano level.

Medical would cover a wide variety of implants, from ones we already have today (pacemakers), to artifical kidney and liver types.

For the Data Retrieval, I was thinking more along the lines of a secondary storage device, instead of a link to an external one, though it could perform that function also.

The HUD implant I was thinking about would be very useful for medical personel. Simply inject a microbot into a patient and have a HUD of the common medical readouts appear in the visual field.

Oh, would the Karen-type interface be compareable to a wired version of the BCS(Brain Control Systen)/BDI(Brain Direct Imaging) systems from Macross Plus?
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