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HW2 PDS map 3D
When I stumbled across this week, Norsehound's HW2 map came to mind. (I've included it with this post)

Now it is possible to modify Celestia, but not without effort. has details about this process.

Time and effort is needed to discover just how far Celestia can modded to reproduce Norsehound's HW2 map in 3D.

Any thoughts?
zenprime attached the following image:
6.0 wallpaper map[11].jpg
Bring it on. I've mastered multiple forms of Pink!

[small]Zenprime is dead. Well no
I think it a great idea.
Would certainly make a fun playground for the 'fluffers'.
If I remember corectly, you can also put smaller than asteroid things, like space stations or probes.

This means that you can put HGN HQ, trade ports etc.
Sun Tzu
Given the shape of the galaxy, 3D really makes sense only in the center, therefore Hiigaran space.

Unless you plan to add obscure remote systems like the archive lab in Vinge's Fire Upon the Deep :bigeek:
Edited by Sun Tzu on 24-10-2005 15:29
We can start with key locations (Hiigara, moon, and primary space stations) for a start, then work from there.
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