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Using the Hiigaran BB in duels
Sun Tzu
TigerVX wrote:


Another problem I'm facing in ship duel's is that for some reason I always seem to lose. Are Hiigarans just not as powerful as the Vayger, or am I doing something wrong? In BC vs. BC the Hiigaran BC in the beginning seems to have the upper hand. But as the Vayger missiles begin to get through the point defenses, they devastate your subsystems, knocking out turrets and missile tubes and you lose all firepower while in comparison I can barely dent Vayger subsystems, the missile tubes are near impossible to kill from my experience so far. I use waypoints most of the time, is it suppose to be like this, and if so how can I improve my ship vs. ship skills?

The HGN BB seems to have a better defense points arrangement and is more agile. Keep your distance and the Vaygr missiles will not overwhelm her defenses so easily.
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Also note that the Deliverance has a fully turreted main weapons arrangement - this gives her much more freedom to maneuver compared to the Vagyr battlecarrier equivalent.

Lateral agility is also much better than the V-BV, make use of this by move commands after the AI engages the enemy.
Ah I see what I was doing wrong. I was charging the Battlecruisers in right against the Vayger counterparts (Ala Trafalger) And attempting to get the two ships into a broadside exchange, allowing me to blast away with all my cannons while avoiding the dreaded Vayger main weapon. Although I did managed to dodge away from the main cannon, I think that the missiles did manage to get through much easier due to the close quarters of the combat. I shall keep this in mind during my next engagements, many thanks!

PS. Ironically, PDS 7 also fixed my other problem as the Vayger bombers do not use the same SFX as they used to, there is no more crashing on Chimera, much thanks PDS!
On engagement ranges - it is possible to launch missiles at point blank range such that enemy CIWS have minimal reaction time against them. This also bypasses LDS/HDS and the Hiigarans can better afford to risk close in missile strikes due to the nature of their HDS.

Details on HDS (versus LDS) can be found on the Port of Nalthor forums - do a search there.
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