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Timekeeping in PDSverse - Randomness
Okay, I've always wonder how exactly time is figured in PDSverse.

HST(Hiigara Standard time) and SST (Ship Standard time) is pretty simple to figure out. Though if their was an error in internal chronometers, or due to the effects of gravity how whould they recompute HST or SST?

I thought about this and wondered if Pulsars could be used to veryify a "Universal Time"

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There is need for a "galactic" standard time reference. Discuss and I will review the proposals. I would like something to work with by the end of the month.
If you've access to hyperspace maybe you could measure the galactic expansion rate and use that to calculate a common time.
I had always assumed that 'Standard Ship' time and 'Galactic Standard' time would be one in the same. That way all of the vessels moving about in space would be on the same reference.
maybe...quantum entanglement with a position that always knows the exact time (ie planetary base)
isn't i possible to calculate the amount of time distortion that occurs in these vast distances? if so, i would imagine in all the advanced technology, there could surely be a computer that could adapt your time, kind of like how my computer can compensate for day lights savings even when i dont tell it to.
Here's my theory, shred and dispute as needed XD.

SST(Ship Standard Time) Depends on what sector/regional authority a vessel is under. So ships in Nalthoran space sync their SST to the ST(Standard Time) used by whatever base/dock/facility/ship that serves as regional HQ. So First Watch is First Watch for all vessels under that authority. Ships passing through/not attached to that command are synched to another ST.

HST is simple, think GMT or Zulu time, based on planetary rotation and what not.

GST (Galatic Standard Time) Might be based on the pulse of the strongest radio pulsar signal in the PDSverse galaxy. And verifiable by triangulation with two other stong radio pulsars.

The point of such a simple system is all you need is a radio and table of pulse period and width to figure time and gross location(plus some math).
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Bring it on. I've mastered multiple forms of Pink!

[small]Zenprime is dead. Well no
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