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I have a question on the existing point-defense CIWSs on PDS 5G Hiigaran ships:

Why are kinetic weapons still being used as CIWS? With the recent proliferation of DEWs on ships, couldn't we replace kinetic CIWS with pulsar weaponry, who's ion stream travels at a much faster rate than railgun rounds? This would allow easier interception of HVRs and autocannon rounds.

EDIT: My apologies, I posted in the wrong section on the forums. If some kind mod would please move my topic, I'd be very grateful.
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DEW weapons are a single line of fire weapon, meaning there 'beam' is a single point of damage and effect. Where as with Kinetics you can put up a 'wall' of shells in the said targets path. there for effectivly denying that area to the missile or SC.

that would probably be a very simple explaination, if a plausable one.
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As soon as DEW firing rate can match that of kinetics, it sounds like a good idea.

If DEW CIWS have better accuracy, then a smaller number of them would be required. However, for additional coverage, the same number of DEW emplacements could be used.

Rate of fire and accuracy are the two big factors here. DEWs have good accuracy, but kinetics are tried and true and are certainly no less dangerous for the proliferation of DEWs. I believe kinetics will continue to have a place for their sheer simplicity.
oh yes the good old wall of lead defence
Sorry for reviving an old post, but I do think that DEW CIWS weapons CAN be used in conjunction with standard kinetic weaponry
Kinetic weaponry can be used to intercept things like entire salvos of MRAMs, while DEW CIWS can be used for oh...Torpedoes? Larger projectiles that require precision and pinpoint damage.

But as long as kinetic CIWS can outfire DEW CIWS, I would stick to kinetic CIWS, as DEW CIWS would be more expensive to install in the long run (Installation, space, energy channels). Not worth it, IMHO.

Stick with kinetics, or a combination.
not really a DEW CIWS... but the wall of lead had me thinking... what if u used a sweeper CIWS aka take an ion cannon and sweep it across a salvo of missiles. i figure you could destroy them all and accuracey wouldnt be an issue cause sweeping is fairly easy even manually. the main problem would just be getting an beam that could power up fast enough to respond to a missile salvo. of course this would never work against high speed shells etc... just for missile salvos and torpedoes which have a fairly slow speed.
Torpedoes, maybe. Not missles.
If the warheads are coming in perpendicular to the hull, you're going to have a problem sweeping them, since, you're having randomly spaced and placed circles flying straight at you (From a gunner's point of view). If it was fully automated and wired to scanners with an ultra-low recharge time (Damage need not matter. A single light pulse should be able to detonate it.), it might work. (Like the blue anti-fighter pulse lasers from the Freespace universe.)
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