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Vagyr Campaign M00 AAR by Relaxation
During 2 AI, Junior warmaster Malaiya of House Saniilih and his brother-by-oath, Jobinu, were appointed to lead a Culling. That is, a righteous execution of deserters. Such a duty was not unusual nor difficult for Malaiya and his armsmen, were it not for a controversial falling out with the local Saniilih warlord Hiegheili.

This certain incident has left Malaiya's loyal servants stripped of their proud Nachin-gal mounts and without the support of his elder brother's Kaghan II carrier. As a result, Malaiya and Jobinu have stressed over the planning of the assault. Without sufficient heavy cavalry, the destruction of two destroyers, a carrier, their light cavalry and an asteroid fortification was neigh impossible.

After hearing of Malaiya's misfortune his uncle, Shiplord Jasu'kiuo, volunteered to assist him ... of course, this will certainly result in a great debt should Malaiya ever survive. Malaiya and Jobinu rode to battle in their Subasi II corvettes, intent on shaming Hiegheili and winning back their armsmen's rightful possessions.

And so the ragtag Vaygr flotilla crossed star systems via hyperspace to surround the pocket of separatist resistance, an unsufferable blemish on House Saniilih's honour amongst the other great families of the Grand Alliance.

The light cavalry simultaneously attacked the deserters' formation, seeking to overwhelm them through massed torpedo salvoes. Shiplord Jasu'kiuo would then pounce on the softened targets with his two Achaemenes destroyers. The strategy proved to be only half-successful. While the asteroid base was quickly obliterated by the light cavalry, the enemy's mobile battle elements were able to repel the strikecraft assault.

The tide turned against Malaiya's servants, and the junior warmaster saw the futility and withdrew them to Jasu'kiuo's position while covering their retreat. The Subasi II's potent autocannons destroyed pursuing interceptors while Malaiya and Jobinu did the unexpected and moved to an audacious attack position, rolling in between the cris-crossing enemy capital ships to buy their comrades time to regroup.

The tactic proved successful as the two Subasi corvettes danced through the fiery storm of plasma and shells. The two adversarial destroyers, infruriated with their dimunitive yet resilient target, maneuvered out of position simply to rid themselves of this gnat and made themselves vulnerable to Shiplord Jasu'kiou's prow-mounted lances.

Although the battle was sure to be won, Malaiya and Jobinu still had to consider their own lives. While the banat er rih and Saracens regrouped for another charge, Malaiya and Jobinu executed a looping escape maneuver with their autocannons facing rearward; praying to the Maker that they would somehow get out of this alive. It seemed He did not any have particular love for the two Vaygr clansmen, as the Kaghan II's tactical officer achieved target locks on both corvettes.

Jobinu willingly sacrificed the lives of his crew and his own, amplifying his craft's sensor signature and ceasing his fusion torch engines' activity while Malaiya escaped. The Kaghan II's hyper velocity projectiles barraged the lone Subasi II vessel and instantaneously destroyed it in a brilliant double flash.

Jobinu and his crew were killed almost immediately.

Jasu'kiou's heavy cavalry shielded Malaiya and his crew from a similar fate, meeting the charging Achaemenes head-on whilst rallying Saracen and surviving Thaanar and banat er rih vessels sallied forth claiming vengeance for Jobinu.

A bittersweet victory, one that would cause Malaiya to make his first pact with the devil and swear revenge upon warlord Hiegheili for the needlessly spilt blood of his comrades.

... But first, he must repay the honour debt owed to his dear uncle, Jasu'kiuo.
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