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Introduction of Everyone
I am Your host.
After seeing some of Your work, I am impressed by PDS.
Tel'Quessir was kind enough to approach me recently for some reason and we agreed on setting this up.

Being very involved in Relic and The Homeworld games I run plus a couple of co-hosted sites like this one.

Having more stuff up my sleeves, I wont bore You with all the details.
I will be helping Tel'Quessir here, if needed, setting up this Web Software CMS You see the site in, and answering questions about it, or about anything. Won't be very much involved in what You do, but expect me to slip in a comment from time to time.

Be aware that I will do some moderating to keep this free from the most abnoxious stuff. But I am tolerant, and will probably allow too much anyway. You have Your own staff to clean up Your mess.

The reason for me keeping an eye here is obvious. I invest TRUST, SPACE and BANDWIDTH in Tel'Quessir and this site. In return I expect it to be representative of my co-hosted sites.

Feel free to ask me stuff in this thread, and please make Your own threads for Your introductions. You may of course not need them, since You are a team, but it would be an interesting read.

I am HomeBoy (or Homy). 40 years old, married with children, residing in southern sweden. Work with PC administration (network, building, fixing), software packaging and some web-making.

/ HomeBoy out...
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Aye, it is good to have you as a host.

Rest assured that this site is and will be completely free of the crap you may or may not have seen flying around last month. So-called "staff problems" have their roots annihilated, and they never did were serious in the first place.

Despite what some people have to say.

As the case has been closed with a successful resolution, discussion or commenting on this matter will not be necessary.

This is of course, FYI.

Now for my introductions - I'm 21 in a month's time, presently serving a staff appointment in the Singaporean military. I'm in a rather vain stage of my life and I'm free to develop myself in any way I see fit until the start of my actual career.

PDS is a personal development activity - this fact may not be apparent to most, which is why I state it openly now.
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As well good to see a new site up and running!


I'm going on 16 in november and presently enrolled in boarding school. As for my modding carrer, its only limited to my own textures and scripting until i get a better computerSmile

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OK, my account is now active, thanks for help HomeBoy.
Nice to see the new site up and running.

Well i'm now 26 and work for a rather large Multi-national comapny (Stena) and in my free time I build and repair computers and run a couple of gaming fan web-sites.
Nice new site, looking forward to seeing PDS continue into the future. Smile
Nice Avatar...ARRRR! M8ties!

Thank you and keep the intros coming...Grin
Hi my name is Kurt..I design electronic/physical security systems. Ya know cameras, access control, digital video recording...on and off of the enterprise network. I have a bit of a mixed background. A former marine...Aviation Ordnance (bombs, guns, rockets, and other things that go BOOM in the night! Ham radio and computers are life's blood for me...ok call me a geeek and get it over with.

I have been lurking the PDS forum since the beginning of the mod. It is the only mod that has been able to maintain my interest. I still even have some of the very first beta releases dating back to Dec of time does fly!

I am looking forward to the continuing development of PDS...who knows where it will take us?
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Wow december! Thats awhile..glad to have you aboard Kurt/frodoski!
I'm a utility locator in baltimore, ex-millitary radio Op, been altering games since '98. neverwinter Nights - Jay's PVP was my work. along with several scripts in siflidge. I have several map packs on the net (probably lost in the sauce now) for Homeworld 1, O.R.B, persistant world modules for NWN, ect. I'v been silently watching PDS for about a year now... its a great leap in a good direction... "We require LARGE scale encounter zones. 40-90 billion cubic kilometers of Movement area. And the full scale Fleet capability of an entire race. 'Capitol Phalanx' has its name for a reason..." - Me, relic forum... outdated post.

That volume thing versus in-game presentation has been taken note of:

In terms of weapons range (NOT ship scale) each 1m in-game can be imagined as 1km in PDS. This said existing missile velocities are somewhat valid in such a scale.
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This is a nice, clean interface. Thanks to HomeBoy and Tel!

My intro, I'm myrddin, and I'm a civilian. I've been a science fiction fan for as long as I've known the genre existed (since finding Heinlein in Middle School), and I read everything I get my hands on, of practically any genre. I'm a military history hobbyist, space flight enthusiast, strategy game nut and former RTS design consultant. I know what I can and can't do, and what I can and can't contribute. I've been following PDS since pre-5, and I haven't played much else since. Smile My undying thanks for this colossal, thoroughly engrossing time-sink. Grin It's the only reason I boot Windows anymore.

I've been a Homeworld addict since acquiring the first two games in 2001, and I've played all three iterations of the franchise. I've analyzed both HW1 and Cataclysm for tactics and adaptation of design principles. I've been a 3d space combat junkie since the original Descent (which I know is more of an FPS), and then I found Freespace. Grin

My research expertise is ground troop tactics; I also study air combat. I also 'study' a wide variety of science fiction universes, and I can't help but mix the two.

I'll help in any way I can; at the very least, I'll continue to enjoy playing. Smile
lets see, I'm 26 year old from the depths of Australia (er . . g'day . . . ), I have a long a sordid history as a multimedia/digital atist. When I manage to aquire the proper motivation I will upload some of my PDS art to the gallery (note: I'm lazy)

One of my art pieces is currently my avatar

I am currently a director of a web design frim @ you can see some of my art in existing incarnations of pds well the main menu (bg that's it atm) and probably in some loading screens as tel see's fit to put it in.
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He whoms hand pimps what is . . .

vini, vidi, vici
i came, i saw, i conqured

vini, vermulli, ventulli
I came, I caught an embarrasing disease, I ran away
I'm Thorin. I've been quiet, really. I started on the scene in '98 and '99, discussing and debating things Homeworld. I supported and argued for the nice badges you see in-game, thanks to Relic's style of listening to its fans.

I remember watching PDS 1.0 hatch, adding much needed PDS grids to capital ships. I think there might still be vestigial remains on one or two ships. I became a Star Wars: Warlords fan for a long while...

I joined up with PDS some time before the PDS 4.9N release, and joined as a part of the "fluffer" department in PDS. I have since moved up in skill and am doing experiments and script refinement so that the results can be taken into consideration for PDS official releases.

On the other side, I work for a company by the name of Chipotle, a gourmet mexican chain that is one of America's currently fastest growing food chain. I am also working up my nerve and my weight down so I may join in the service of the US Army. EDIT: Oh, I'm 19. I'm a youngin' Grin

For all it's worth, I am also an Eagle Scout, Vigil Honor, and stuff. Also, my attention span tends, that is a really shiney penny, right there.
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whoa nice guys...

I changed the thread title to encourage some more to introduce themselves.
hi im arghy heh long time fan, i have always wanted to help but lacked the motivationSmile

currently liveing in hawaii-18 working in a dead end job to pay for my college. Also looking into joing the military but unsure whether to join now or after college. will be starting my bachelors degree in advanced computer science next semester if i learn anything to help thel mod i will offer my skills until then i'll try to humbly offer my opion and ideas if they can help.
Well, I've posted a couple of things in the FDB so I might as well introduce myself a tiny bit.
I'm a (21 in a few weeks time).. well, vagrant pretty much, wandering around life without much of a clue what to do with myself. Started off living in North England, schools and college, University didn't quite sit well enough with me in North Wales, so I moved south to Cardiff to share a house with a good friend of mine and worked awhile in the insurance industry (but I got sick of lieing to people, so I'm currently unemployed Pfft ) I'm also an amateur herpetologist, and not many people can say they've been face-to-face with a komodo dragon, but I can Grin

I've been lurking around PDS since version 5 and have been stunned by what I've seen. A mod to me in the past has never meant much until I stumbled upon this. I'm a gamer at heart and fan of the Hw series, strategy, fps, and some rpgs, sci-fi / fantasy nut, and a good deal of my free time thesedays is spent between Planetside (mmo-fps with strategy elements) and this bundle of spaceborne joy right here. Being able to contribute at all, even just a few opinions and words to help possibly shape the mod for the better & future, brings a smile to my face for sure Smile
hmm.. I dont usually go in for this but I think i'll get more involved with the move and all.
I'm 18, from Belfast (the one in N. Ireland, not USA) and going to Uni this year in Edinburgh. I've been lurking since 4.8, and around that time chipped in with the relic forum talks a bit. I tend to play PDS on and off, due to other commmitments but I find that getting a new release is like another game - can't wait to install and see what shiny new toys I get. (im a Higaaran at heart Wink ).

Keep up the good work - im sure PDS contributes greatly to the overheating problems my PC has Pfft But its worth it.
Nice archon there fu lol

Maybe I should crack out my tassadar icon

Is there a place you can still get extracted starcraft in game icons?

He whoms hand pimps what is . . .

vini, vidi, vici
i came, i saw, i conqured

vini, vermulli, ventulli
I came, I caught an embarrasing disease, I ran away
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