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More Smileys! HA HA HA
As per requested I have looked in some way to "hack" in more Smileys to this CMS (Content Management System). Alas, there is no way but for altering the code pretty much in some crucial files.

Next is to look if someone has done this, via "Infusion" system. Addons.
Fortunatley so it is. At I found an Infusion that will not only bring more Smileys, but also allow us to add any Smiley from within the Administration Interface.

Some coding is required, but only minimal, comment out a few lines and add one line to one file.

Currently I have it implemented at and made my Shoutbox Public for Smiley visibility. If You want to check it out better, I am afraid You will have to register.

Will do some trials this evening or tomorrow morning (GMT) and if successful, implement here.

QUESTION: Should I shut this site for Maintenence while doing it?
Estimated time: 5-10 minutes.

EoR. Feedback expected.
My two cents. Do what needs doing. If its down for a short time to get better functionality, then its worth the down time. Love the site by the way, keep up the good work.Smile
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As Coolhand said, the ends justifies the means Smile
Keep up the awesome work, HomeBoy! We love you Grin
It's your choice, Homie. I don't personally care much.

We shall bow before your might and hail thee as our lord.
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Better to take it down and stick a message up in place of the site about it than have twits complain of the errors.
Thank You really warms...Smile

A problem.
I will with this add a bunch of Smileys, BUT, in order to be customizing stuff the Administrative Interface provided is pretty worthless, since it only allows for new Smileys after creating a new category. I can not add Smileys to the existing bunch and have them available without a new category which basically sux. I will show You why tomorrow, given time.

BUT, I can add eventual more Smileys manually by editing code of a file that is external to the core CMS big deal. Just dont handover 200 in a bunch or so, please. Pfft
Edited by Homdax on 05-10-2005 18:09
XD. I have some of my own smileys. Do what must be done, but what do you mean? After you load up one group, you can't edit that group? That's just... wrong. Ah well - we can delete the old category and recreate a new one with everything, right? It's a bit tedious, but it works.
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No, because the default bunch comes uncategorized...yes, dont ask. I know. Shock

But zip your ones up an mail them to me (e-mail), I will be adding to my site, and when it is done and ready I just copy it all over here.
Pile on the smilies, that's an order Smile
Aye, Sir. As soon as I get Daniels and have them tested as mentioned above....Smile
Edited by Homdax on 17-10-2019 19:36
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Edited by Homdax on 06-10-2005 10:42
Ok some minor adjustments. : overlord : couold not work, changed to : master :

: offtopic : similar problem, changed to : topic :
Need to add "title" and "alt" tags to it, but will experiment elsewhere.

I consider this finished, unless some error is reported.

ONE THING: Be on alert for slightly longer load times on the site and report any issues.

Thank You
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