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[ROTN] Republic of Taiidan Navy primer
For the Imperial Navy [ITN], see this thread



The Republican Navy was born out of the Chaotic times of the Taiidan Rebellion and Homeworld War. For the first Two and a half Decades of it's existence, it was in a constant fight for survival. First against the Turanic Raiders, Taiidan Imperialists, and the creeping territorial ambitions of the Frrern Aggregate, and later against the horrific abomination known as the Beast.

Initially, the Republican Navy consisted of the surviving forces of the Taiidan Rebellion, the personal guard units of the various former Imperial Lords, and a large number of former Navy personnel. A close alliance with the Kushan Exiles and extensive nationbuilding support by the Galactic Council were key to the ROTN's survival in the early days. Initially, many high-intensity engagements were fought with Die-hard Imperial supporters, but these slowly gave way to a steady insurgency waged by the Remnant Imperialists and their allies. The lull in the fighting allowed some time for the Republic to reorganize its command, recruitment, and doctrinal infrastructure.

This abruptly changed with the sudden appearance of the Beast. The plague soon spread across almost the entire Eastern Galactic Core region, and involved almost every inner core power in some way. The Republican Navy was decimated, as it's tactics and equipment were in no way adequate to fight the Beast. Total losses of the Navy's fighting strength approached 30%, second only to the losses incurred by the Frrern Aggregate.

In the aftermath of the Beast War, things began to quiet down. The Imperialists and Frrern were in no more condition to conduct offensive operations than the Republic was, and the Raiders concentrated their operations in other areas. The Taiidan Republic underwent severe budget cuts, as successive Republican administrations were forced to undertake economic austerity measures in an attempt to complete the process of nation-building, and recover losses incurred during the previous decades of war. Over the years, these politics evolved into a staunchly anti-war public opinion; the Republican public was tired of war, violence, and the economic woes that came with it. What funding the Navy did receive went into slow modernization and limited R&D of new ships.

The latter-quarter of the 9500's saw the largely obsolescent Republican Navy get a major funding boost, in response to more pragmatic politicians and military leaders gaining power, and a general increase in activity both by the Frrern (who were completing their own Post-Beast-War reconstructions) and the Imperialists. The Republic made some attempts at reconciliation with the Empire, in an attempt to call a general ceasefire. A very tentative armistice was declared in the decade prior to the Vaygr Invasion, but neither side was particularly sincere in their intentions. Aside from a few jointly operated 'special economic zones' straddling the Republican and Imperialist borders, few diplomatic breakthroughs were made before the outbreak of the Vaygr War.

The Vaygr Invasion happened at a time when the Republic Navy's modernization was only about half complete. Just prior to the invasion, the attention of the Republic was focused on Political Matters; the big headline was an ongoing scandal by members of the ruling Republic Nationalist Party involved in financial embezzlement, including of Naval Development funds. Worse yet, was the fact that almost the entire military intelligence division of the Republic was compromised at the highest levels by Imperialist Intelligence. The Empire had been feeding the Republic false information for years, effectively cloaking the Vaygr Military Alliance's unification and build-up. The only real warning of Vaygr Militarization came in the form of a personal memento from the commander of the ROTN's Eastern District, Admiral Ioan Tiberiiu, to the Republican President, Samiir Adalan. Admiral Tiberiiu's frontier forces were conducting deep CSP and Recon into the Thadiis Sabbah region, without authorization from high command, and discovered evidence of a massive military buildup ongoing. The Admiral requested urgent re-inforcement of the Eastern Region since it was expected there would be some sort of offensive. The message was delivered only three days prior to the Vaygr Invasion, and was never even seen by President Adalan.

When the Invasion did come, there was little the Republic could do to stop it. Most of it's forces were either located on the borders or demobilized. The Vaygr, using the Third Hyperspace Core, were able to jump their shipyards and capital ships deep into core Republican territories and gut the nation from within. By the time troops could be redeployed, the Vaygr had already destroyed lines of communication, seized hyperspace gate networks, and sterilized a number of planets. Republican forces that could fought gallantly, but were effectively unable to stop the overwhelmingly superior forces of the Armada. For most of the Republican Defensive Campaign, the ROTN were fighting rearguard actions to stall the Vaygr's progress and evacuate their surviving military forces, civilians, and technology towards Hiigaran Space. Hiigaran, Nalthoran, and Galactic Council forces rapidly poured in to assist, but a combined force was soundly defeated over Triistara.

The surviving forces of the Republican Navy either withdrew to Hiigaran Space, or continued to fight as Guerrillas within the former Republic. The latter however was only minimally successful; The Vaygr would frequently react with 'collective punishment' on Republican worlds. If a Guerrilla attack was made, the Vaygr would bombard the nearest population center with Nuclear Weapons. Their rule under Makaan was characterized by fear and barbarity. This did, however, alienate a number of more moderate Vaygr clans, whom after Makaan's death would form the core of the Independent Vaygr Federation. Ironically, many of the surviving Republic Guerrilla forces would join with the IVF out of sheer necessity. The formation of the Ravinder Democratic Republic was itself the result of an alliance with local Republican governors and Jin-Vaygr clans attempting to escape the Armada's persecution.

A proper Government-in-Exile was formed in Hiigaran Space, with Admiral Tiberiiu (the ranking surviving officer) as the head of the Republican Exile Fleet. By this point, most Republic Forces have switched over to using Hiigaran equipment out of necessity. What few Taiidani-designed ships are still in service are facing obsolescence and becoming increasingly difficult to maintain. The Republic is also actively hiring a number of Mercenary and Irregular organizations to conduct independent operations or further bolster it's forces.


Prewar Doctrine:

On the eve of the Vaygr Invasion, the Republican Navy was still in a transitional period. During it's early years, the Republican Navy was essentially a scaled down version of the Imperial one, with massed combined-arms frontal assaults being the norm. The Beast-war abruptly ended this, and forced the adaptation to smaller-unit 'hunter killer' tactics based primarily around Destroyer squadrons with strike-craft support provided by attached support frigates. In essense, the Taiidan placed heavy emphasis on Destroyer-class combatants as opposed to Hiigaran TSOG units (emphasizing combined Strikecraft/Frigate maneuver squadrons) or the Imperialists' take on the Capital Phalanx (Capital Ship hunter-killer groups, evolved out of deployment of Heavy Cruisers during the pre-Beast war period).

Close cooperation with the Hiigarans and technology sharing has lead to a high-level of interoperability between their forces, and several (mostly unsuccessful) joint projects were undertaken. Despite the failure of attempts to develop hulls for use by both navies (citing substantially different operational requirements), the modern HGN has taken many, many lessons from Taiidani engineering.

Strikecraft doctrines are generally similar: Fighters are used as fast, high-speed, low-endurance combatants, and corvettes are used for escort and support purposes. This is opposed to the Imperial-era use of Corvettes as frontline attack craft or armored cavalry. The big difference is in the aforementioned preference over larger Destroyers over squadrons of smaller Frigates. The Taiidan have some of the best DD class vessels in the galaxy, with their newest designs featuring fighter docking pads (forgoing the need for a support frigate), high-efficienty power and heat distribution systems, and retain an Ion Cannon main armament. Frigates are mainly used as support assets or escort ships.

The Republic's inventory of capital ships has waned over the years in quality and quantity; Large Warships are difficult and expensive to maintain. The Republic still heavily uses the old 'Sarkiin-Cho' hull, which is nearing two centuries of age and is woefully obsolete in the modern battlespace. Several replacements were being planned, but the Invasion effectively put a damper on this. The heavy gun ships of the ROTN fare somewhat better, consisting of a number of modernized 'Qwaar-Jet' class heavy cruisers, in several loadout configurations. These ships tend to be old and lack extensive modern missile armament, but are still quite dangerous. Additionally, the Republic has purchased a number of Hiigaran-built 'Zeal' class Heavy Cruisers (often referred to as pocket battleships).

When the Republic was overrun, the organized remnants of the ROTN largely switched to using Hiigaran equipment and tactics, although they retain the preference for destroyer squadrons supported by carriers. Arbiter-series hulls supported by Marquess class carriers are the bread and butter of the Republic's patrol forces. Frigate Squadrons are used as screening elements or for support. Most of the large capital ships (cruiser and above) are attached to Hiigaran Line Combat Divisions and subordinate to the local HGN commander.


Additional Information on specific ship-types will be given below.
This might be interesting (for now only Corvette seems to be finished):

Also HW: @ seems to have Missile destroyer model progressing nicely:

EDIT: more progress on Taiidan Republic mod - dat sexy fighter:
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