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Skirmish AI: What can we do to it?
HWRM's default AI is stupid. It still thinks single-build strike craft are squadrons, and doesn't build them in nearly the quantities it should. It still just sends ships forward wholesale and is really just sort of repetitive.

I may not be an expert on AI modding, but I think we can do better.

I have a few ideas I'd like to brainstorm anyway. HWRM does at least add a few useful improvements that we may be able to take advantage of. Like the script that makes the AI chase after Relics.

There are two things I want the AI to be able to do: The ability to deploy sensible amounts of ships in proper formations, and be able to flank the player and attempt to fight 'guerrilla style', or otherwise take full advantage of the 3D environment. A tall order without thinking about things differently.

-For the first point, we have that 'carriers deliver fighter reinforcements' script. Would it be possible to use that to allow the AI to build set-piece formations. Like, say, instead of individually building fighters, there would be a number of squadrons it could call in (not buildable by players) and somehow put into a strikegroup or formation. Possibly sort of randomized, but otherwise a sensible strike package (I.E. a pair of missile corvettes with 6 or 7 assault craft supporting). Possibly even recycling the old 'Hive Carrier Script' from PDS v11 or something similar. Carriers launching their own fighter sorties.

-For the second point: My idea is to create an invisible 'relic', without a visible model, that the AI would chase down. Said relic would spawn at a random point near the players' ships, and the AI would respond as it would to a normal relic (I.E. send it's fleet there). When the AI's ships arrive, the 'relic' waypoint would disappear, and the AI would then change direction to the player's ships. Generally this is to avert the 'Enemy sends all it's ships in an endless parade' syndrome.

I'm also curious as to if it would be possible to get the AI to put it's ships into formations and strikegroups. Or properly deploy support assets around it's units (I.E. covering a command ship with a sphere of Defenders).
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