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HI everyone
Just wanted to say how jazzed i am to see you guys reinvigorating the old girl!

Its been a long time since i worked on this project and im happy to see you guys chugging along. I wish i could help out but my 3d modeling days are long behind me. But i will say im on my way to becoming an engineer in the defense industry.]

Best of luck gang!
Former team member and modeler!
HGN Escort Carrier
Many Others
Welcome back! Grin Things have been quiet lately but we're still alive and kicking. Glad to see you back.

If you decide your 3d modeling days are no longer behind you, or decide to step up to 11d tesseract modeling, we definitely need the help!

Either way, good to see you.

Welcome, very nice to see you among us. Buddies
Hello all..this is hisdivineshadow. Longtime homeworld enthusiast, acquaintance of iron and Sri from way back, and one of the founding members of the TPOF mods for homeworld 2. Looking forward to getting this started back up. I have no coding experience, or modeling, my contribution lies in creative input, backstories, and chiefly admin..not sure what Iron will utilize me for, but I'm looking forward to working with you all..look me up on Facebook as Erik Mann
Spam your ideas away! It'll give us something to think about. We haven't really had any issues with admin yet but anything you can offer is useful.

Good to have you back, HDS
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