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Branches of the Hiigaran Military
Like any nation state, the Hiigarans have a number of defense organizations with varying purposes and levels of specialization. The Hiigaran Federation is somewhat unique as, prior to the Vaygr War, each individual Kiith was essentially a microstate unto itself, with it's own navy and security apparatus, each (nominally) subordinate to the Diamiid. During the Beast War however, lack of cooperation and coordination between rival kiithid often lead to disaster. The United Hiigaran Military formed out of this, although it wasn't until the Vaygr war that it became a truly coherent command structure, and remnants of the Kiith System still exist.

Central Command:

All Kiith Navies and Branches of the Hiigaran Military are legally subordinate to the Diamiid. Hiigaran Joint Headquarters (HGJHQ) acts as the overriding body coordinating all branches of service, the intelligence department (save for some particularly shady black ops units), civilian contractors, and other arms of the Federation's defense apparatus. It is essentially symbiotic with the Diamiid, consisting of military commanders from each individual Kiith.

The line where the Diamiid ends and JHQ begins is somewhat arbitrary, but generally it consists of each kiith's top commanders, and several 'neutral' representatives who operate in close coordination with their respective Kiith-sas. Karan S'jet is the overall commander and coordinator of the Hiigaran Military (given her exceptional abilities as the result of her integration with the mothership), although she holds no 'official' rank within the HGN (her leadership is considered 'honorary'). Legally, the current commander-in-chief is High Admiral (Phia?sa) Hadar Paktu, although he de-facto subordinate to the S'jet both due to operational and political circumstances.

Branches of the Military:

Hiigaran Navy (HGN or HN): The most prominent, most powerful, and by far the most critical element in Hiigara's defense apparatus is the Navy. Without it, security cannot be maintained, troops and supplies cannot be moved, and the federation would have been annihilated long ago. In relative galactic terms, the modern (4G) Hiigaran Navy is probably the most powerful space-faring fleet since the age of the Progenitors (though by sheer quantitative terms of individual hulls, several navies have exceeded it, including the Vaygr and old Taiidan Empire).

It should be remembered, that the idea of a unified Hiigaran Navy is relatively new: Originally each Kiith maintained it's own fleet, command hierarchy, and logistics; each was left to it's own devices, except in times of crisis. The chaos of the Beast War exposed dramatically the various flaws of this system, leading directly to the formation of the HGN as an institution. Politics however precluded the complete subsumption of Kiith Fleet Resources until the Vaygr War made it a nescessity. Individual Kiith Navies continue to exist on paper, but currently only the forces of Kiith Somtaaw, Soban, and Tambuur remain independent. Only a few ships in the fleet still remain painted in their Kiith Navy heraldry, and even these are heavily patched over.

The official designation for Hiigaran ships is 'HGN', although 'HN' is used internally. The reason for this is because most Galactic Council laws and treaties regarding interstellar navigation and recognition mandate a three letter organizational code for their databases, and a four-letter ship designatior 'HGNS - Hiigaran Navy Ship' in this case.

Current commander of the fleet (The S'jet nonwithstanding) is High Admiral Eliora Manaan.

Hiigaran Army: The Hiigaran Army (HGA) is, obviously, the main planetary combat force, comprising all land, sea, air, and many low-orbital operations on a planet's surface. Many consider the HGA to be little more than a projectile to be fired by the Navy; especially true considering the nature of interstellar combat. Indeed, many have debated the need for a dedicated army at all (as separate from the Navy/Marine Corps), but it has been proven time and again that the necessities of specialization demand a force trained specifically for planetary combat, without putting a strain on the command structure of the fleet.

The HGA has a few starships of it's own, mostly transport craft and dropships used for planetary assault. Under nearly all operational circumstances though, it is effectively symbiotic with the Marines and Navy, requiring the expertise and equipment of both to clear enemy fleets and planetary defenses, and provide orbital artillery. The HGA is subdivided into infantry, armored cavalry, air warfare, sea warfare, supply and logistics wings, orbital operations forces, strategic corps (planetary defense & missiles), and hazardous environment units (operations on planets with complicated, or no, biospheres).

The few starships the HGA are equipped with carry the 'HGAS' designator. The current commander of the Army is General of the Armies (Tanah'sa) Jayendra Nabaal

Hiigaran Marine Corps: The HMC functions as a separate branch, nominally subordinate to the Naval Department, consisting of shipboard troops and naval infantry. The HMC is equipped for both combat in space, and planetary expeditionary operations. Acting essentially as a 'bridge' between the Army and the Navy. Their most famous (and common) roles are those of shipboard troops; both as security forces and boarding parties. It is also the marines who are frequently called in to fight on, or in, large built-up space complexes, megaliths, asteroids, or other 'non-planetary objects'. Doing so requires substantially different equipment than a dedicated land force, or a space navy.

Key to the HMC's success are power-suited Zero-G infantry, and ASCA (Autonomous Spaceborn Combat Armor) units. The HMC also operates it's own star-ships and fighters, designed to support the orbital infantry. Essentially functioning as the space equivalent to a mechanized platoon. Most HMC vessels are frigate class or below, with the exceptions of a few light carriers, large transport ships, and space command vessels to coordinate and supply operations. The HMC's fighter corps are designed to provide close support for other units, or act as a 'first strike' unit for planetary assaults, to conduct Destruction of Enemy Air Defense (DEAD) operations.

Like the Army, the Marines usually operate in close combat with the Navy. Unlike the Army though, they have a significantly larger contingent of their own spacecraft, and are generally more capable of independent operations. In practice though, HMC forces are almost always attached to Naval fleets.

The official designator of HMC vessels is "HGMC". The current commander is General (Tanah) Jaakko Nabaal.

Independent Kiith forces:

Soban Force: One of a few Kiithid to maintain their own fleets, with their own seperate command structure. Kiith Soban's position is entrenched due to complex reasons both political and practical. The Soban Force functions as an elite, small-unit, special operations force, commanding starships primarily of frigate-class and below. They are reliant on speed, both strategically and in terms of physical manuverability, to outmaneuver their foes and complete their objectives. Their role is one of reconnaissance, unconventional warfare, intelligence gathering, and humanitarian aid.

The most famous of the Sobani are likely those of the fleet Ferin-Sha, who's assistance was critical during the early phases of the Vaygr invasion of Hiigaran Space. Not too far behind in terms of fame are the exploits of the HGNS Witchunter, who's attached fleet is infamous for it's 'targeted removal' of dangerous Vaygr warships (and the commanders who operate them). However, the vast majority of the Sobani's operations and missions remain classified to this day.

The official designator for Sobani ships is 'HGNS', however they often have the -SF suffix appended to it (in official naval documentation, it would be 'HGNS-SF'). The current (postwar) commander of Soban Force is Admiral (previously Captian) Melarn Soban.

Kiith Somtaaw: While the exploits of this Kiith during the Beast War were legendary, the scandalous revelation that it was they who were responsible for the release of the entity in the first place, and the political fallout that followed, sent the kiith into decline. Many of their most lucrative foreign contracts were abruptly embargoed, which sent the Kiith into decline. Most of it's Beast-war era paramilitary forces were disbanded following that conflict, although the Somtaaw continue to possess a small and highly professional defensive fleet, as well as the two mighty Explorer class motherships and several dozen smaller carriers.

For the most part, the Somtaaw have returned to their prior occupation as miners. Their defense force's independence continues (due to a large 'grey area' in the various legislation imposed after the 'Beacon Pod Scandal', and they still retain the Kuun-Lan's massive siege cannon. During the early part of the Vaygr Invasion, during the evacuation from Triistara, the Kuun Lan's fleet arrived to cover the withdraw of the beleaguered joint Republic/Hiigaran/Council forces.

As the war progressed, the Somtaaw's primary role remains logistical in nature: mining minerals and bringing in resources to feed Hiigaran industry, and turning their manufacturing complexes over to constructing new capital ships for the fleet. Most of the Somtaaw Defense force is kept in reserve to guard the mining grounds and factories, although several carrier groups and warships have been turned over to the Navy over the course of the conflict.

Since the Somtaaw are not formally part of the Navy, they retain a civilian leadership (with psuedo-military chain of command for their security force). The hull designator for somtaaw ships is SMM (for 'Somtaaw Mining & Metals'; the Kiith's international trademark). The current leader of the kiith is Noreena Somtaaw-sa.

Kiith Tambuur: Descended from the last survivor of it's original namesake clan, the Tambuur are essentially a force of bounty hunters. As Ifriit Tambuur-sa was the only living member of his kiith, nearly all of the Tambuur's members are originally from other kiiths or non-Hiigaran 'joiners'. The Tambuur are still very small in numbers, operating primarily as bounty hunters and detectives, on the fringes of Hiigaran space. They have a tiny fleet of their own, made almost entirely of armed merchantmen or smaller ships.

The Tambuur's situation is unique: Their ships are unsuitable for either frontline combat or merchant shipping, so they serve the Hiigaran federation in another way; over the years, the Tambuur's bounty hunting enterprise (and it's questionable legality) has built up deep ties with some of the shadier elements of galactic society. The Hiigaran Intelligence services have taken advantage of this, using the Tambuur's connections and expertise both for human intelligence gathering, assassinations, and agitation of guerrilla movements behind enemy lines. Of course, neither party will acknowledge this.

While the Tambuur have long been considered 'persona non grata' in the Taiidan Republic for events in the past, the irony is they are primarily working in close coordination with Republican guerrillas in an attempt to destabilize the occupying Vaygr forces.

The Tambuur typically fly under civilian or false flags, so their ships have no hull designator. Their current leader is Segwyeth 'Seg' Tambuur-sa.

Law Enforcement & Civilian Agencies

OSEC (Orbital Security and Emergency Control): Essentially a space-based equivalent to maritime coast-guard forces. OSEC personnel are typically trained as soldiers, but more commonly operate in police, search and rescue, border patrol, and inspection duties. They usually operate specialized craft designed for intercepting smugglers or zero-G rescue and repair operations. They typically range from corvette-sized shuttlecraft, to frigate-equivelient cutters, to larger ships designed as tenders for smaller drones or rescue ships. OSEC also uses fighters as pursuit craft or on the rare occasions they must fight off aggressive Pirates or other armed threats.

OSEC, unlike the navy, has always been a joint Kiith venture, operated by the Diamiid directly (although individual units are subordinated to local planetary governments in peacetime). With the outbreak of the Vaygr War, the OSEC fleet has been subordinated into the Navy. Often, they found themselves on the frontlines, fighting as irregular units alongside the Regular Navy and Kiith Fleets. Most of it's rescue ships were woefully inadequate for this task, however, so they have subsequently taken delivery of a number of new, more powerful warships.

'OSEC' is the designation prefix on each ship, some ships may have additional hull codes to identify their originating post, as they typically do not range far from their home systems (unless on a deep frontier assignment or long-duration humanitarian aid venture). The current commander in chief of Hiigaran OSEC is Admiral Maalka Sagald.

Hiigaran Merchant Navy: Obviously, this force consists of the various Civilian, Corporate, and Government owned commercial and industrial vessels and stations that can be requisitioned by the HGN in times of war. Most of which are privately owned and operated in times of peace. The Merchant forces consist of various ships of every shape in size, ranging from orbital shuttles, satellite tenders, tugs, passenger liners, container transporters, repair craft, mining ships, and any other type of starship conceivable. During wartime, most Merchantmen are crewed by their civilian owners and operators, although some may have their crews replaced with professional contractors for the duration.

While technically a non combatant force, the Merchant Navy often finds itself in the line of fire. Occasionally bold Turanic Raiders or Vaygr Commerce Interdictors will attack a merchant convoy. Prior to the Vaygr War, the merchantmen were restricted from equipping weaponry aside from basic anti-pirate countermeasures by galactic council treaties. With the Vaygr failing to respect any council edicts, and with the council unable to enforce it's own laws, some merchantmen have begun outfitting their vessels with weaponry and armor to act as auxiliary cruisers, both defensively as convoy escorts, and offensively as gunships.

In addition to Hiigaran owned and operated vessels, the HGN has requisitioned a wide array of vessels from the refugee populace coming in from the Taiidan Republic (most of the corporations owning them are effectively destroyed anyway), and re-equipping them for their own use. The Vaygr war has left an open-ended tonnage shortage of starships and damaged infrastructure across the federation.

Most Hiigaran merchantmen have the prefix HGNS appended to their designations, or may even operate without any identifying markings to avoid interdiction during more clandestine operations. The current commandant of the Merchant Navy is Itamaar "The Hammer" Somtaaw.

Kunde Corporation: A major industrial, multi-kiith corporation with substantial holdings in the technology, manufacturing, and defense industries. It was founded and is majorly owned by Kiith Nabaal, with substantial investment from kiith's Manaan, Paktu, and Kaalel. It is considered Kiith Somtaaw's primary competitor in the raw materials market. Following the 'Beacon Pod scandal', it received a substantial boon; taking up a number of contracts formerly held by the Somtaaw in foreign markets, leading to substantial international investment. Part of the reason is that it was seen as a more 'conventional' business model, rather to the extended family/clan system of the Hiigaran Kiithid.

With the Vaygr War now in full swing, Kunde has become one of the major defense contractors to the federation. While nominally rivals to the Somtaaw, the two now work in close co-operation, the latter providing materials to fuel Kunde's factories and refinery plants. However, the war has taken a substantial toll on the company: It's expansion operations in the Taiidani republic are destroyed, as are it's Bentusi contracts (resulting in a loss of several strategic resources such as Quadranix and Magnetic Monopoles, which cannot be manufactured with current Hiigaran technology). As well, many Kunde employees and ships have been lost during the fighting, as their assets were a major strategic target of Makaan's invasion. The disastrous attack on their Helium-3 packaging facilities at Aaram VI alone were utterly catastrophic in terms of loss of life, with over 11,000 employees believed to have been lost.

Correspondingly, Kunde has bolstered it's security forces substantially, going as far as hiring out foreign mercenaries, and receiving more direct support from the elements of Kiith Nabaal's security forces which have not been fully integrated into the HGN.

Kunde uses the hull code KNDX. It's current chairman is Keriim Nabaal.

Contracted Private Military/Mercenary/Irregular forces

The Fallen Lords: An infamous naval PMC, and one of the 'big three' of the Levii Conglimerate's military-entertainment complex (Along with the 'Drunken Pirates' and 'PSA/RN'). TFL is one of a number of mercenary groups working for the Hiigaran federation, having been hired when the scale and threat of the Vaygr became apparent. During it's heyday during the great 'Clan Wars' (a long-running competitive military wargame, using real equipment, and widely broadcast) it boasted a huge inventory of ex-Imperialist Taiidan and Hiigaran hardware, and still possesses a large number of hulls of all classes from multiple sources.

The long-running Conglomerate's military-entertainment complex has begun to decline, partly due to changing consumer tastes towards man-to-man martial arts competitions and the glut of kitschy entertainment options flooding in from Yomi (school-age romantic comedy/magical girl action series are quite popular). This has resulted in most of the remaining teams from the 'Clan War' era hiring themselves out as mercenaries or military advisers: something that the relatively unrestricted environment of the competitions has suited them well for.

TFL forces (and most other mercenary forces) are nominally deployed either as units to guard flanks and supply lines, or as response forces to bolster friendly units on the front lines. They are extremely experienced in tactical-level maneuvering and rapid adaptation to enemy tactics, given the near constant state of warfare they have been in during their competitive run. Their ships are given the hull designator 'TFLX'. They are run by a council consisting of at least three men, who's head is the shadowy figure under the pseudonym 'Apocalypse'.

Task Force Nalthor: The Nubian Kingdom's far eastern enclaves in the Port of Nalthor/Greater Bastonagrad region were one of the targets of the initial Vaygr invasion. The regional garrison force was unable to effectively contain the overwhelming numbers of Vaygr Forces in the area, despite substantial prep time. The Nubian Royal Navy fought a series of delaying actions, which successfully bought time to evacuate as many civilians as possible to the relative safety of Hiigaran Space (evacuating to core Nalthoran territories was impractical, due to the vast distances involved). The convoy included the 15 J5-Type Liners which would eventually be converted into the MAJESTIC class of recon battle-cruisers used by the Hiigaran Navy.

Following a Royal Edict from the Nalthoran Queen, the remainder of the NRN forces in Hiigaran space were integrated into the HGN command under the designation of 'Task Force Nalthor', and fought in every major action during the Vaygr Invasion following that point. The eventual goal was the reconquest of Bastonagrad and the Port of Nalthor. However, this directive has become complicated by the presence of the Independent Vaygr Federation, and the ossification of several Nalthoran and former Republican territories into the Ravinder Democratic Republic. The Royal Navy's forces in their core worlds (in the Galactic Far West) are beginning to mobilize an expeditionary force with intent to oversee the reclamation of the region. (And acting as a further complication to the top-secret efforts by the Hiigarans to forge some sort of alliance with the IVF against the Vaygr).

Nalthoran ships bear the hull identifier '(N)RNS'. The taskforce's Nalthoran commander is Territorial Coordinator Xi'cika'a. It's Hiigaran liaison is Fleet Captian (Jak?sa) Nanaam Paktu.

Taiidani Republic Exiles: Following the invasion and fall of the capitol world of Triistara, it had become obvious that there was no chance of holding the Republic. A general order was given by the ranking surviving member of the government (the Educational Minister) for all republican forces to retreat to Hiigaran space, and cover the evacuation of refugees. This withdraw was sometimes orderly, but mostly chaotic due to the breakdown of communication. Pervasive rumors of the involvement of Imperialist Taiidan lead to a number of friendly fire incidents. No more than 25% of the Republican Navy's fleet made it to Hiigara, but those that did were vital in holding the line at the border, participating in the Climactic battle of Waystation Starpoint, which effectively halted the Vaygr Advance (for a while).

The general lull in fighting between the Battle of Starpoint and Makaan's invasion of Hiigara gave time for the fleets to re-organize. The Republican Forces were subordinated to the HGN and a proper government-in-exile was established. Damaged or unservicable republican ships were replaced with Hiigaran ones, and large numbers of Taiidani refugees enlisted in the Republic Navy. For the most part, the Republican Forces served on the Hiigaran/Vaygr border, holding the thousands of hyperspace inhibitors which formed the Hiigaran defensive line.

Following Makaan's death, and the breakout offensives following the success of Operation Sledgehammer, Republican Forces are once more fighting on the front-lines as a major component of the efforts to reclaim the republic's territories. However, rumors persist that the Government-in-Exile has developed it's own agenda, tertiary to that of the Hiigaran Federation, and possibly influenced by several political organizations within Hiigara proper: Several mercenary forces have been identified as having been contracted by organizations known to be fronts of the former Republican intelligence service, and are pursuing as yet unknown objectives deep behind enemy lines.

The current head of the Republican government in exile is Premier Elora Rosaliin. It's chief military commander is Fleet Admiral Ioan Tiberiiu.

Intelligence Services:

Hiigaran Fleet Intelligence: Frontline naval intelligence division; all standing HGN fleets have a cadre of fleet intelligence officers attached to them to relay battlefield info and provide SIGINT analysis, technical analysis, and so on. Fleet Intelligence also functions as the link between Fleet Command and the Science Division. It is certainly the oldest of the Hiigaran intelligence services, originally being the advisory department to Karan S'jet herself, during the Mothership's journey to Hiigara. It has since expanded to all levels of the Hiigaran Navy.

Typically a given flag officer will have a Fleet Intelligence attache providing him with important battlefield information or communications (exceptions to this are rare), while a team beneath him collates data (from electronic, scientific, and HUMINT sources), providing the most tactically relevant info and allowing the commander (that's you!) to make decisions quickly with a minimum of interpretation required. Fleet Intelligence also works closely with science and engineering departments, informing the commander of any major technical challenges or new equipment science division wants to test (in a sufficiently condensed abstract that less 'scientifically literate' commanders can make sense of on short notice).

Institutionally, Fleet Intelligence does far more than simply act as a mouthpiece to fleet command. It has both a centralized bureau which conducts both analysis of information, technology, and oversees and conducts clandestine operations on it's own. It uses both normal naval vessels, and highly classified drones, spy-ships, and other assets that are not spoken of. It also has extensive contact with analogous allied organizations and relevant civilian agencies.

Most Fleet Intelligence ships fly with the normal 'HGNS' identifiers, occasionally with an -I appended to the end of the name. However the nature of their duties means they typically don't go announcing themselves. The current head of Fleet Intelligence operations, and former advisory to Karan S'jet during the Pride of Hiigara's expedition, is Captian (Jak?Phi) Abishai S'jet.

Naval Science & Engineering Command: AKA Science Division. Technically a subset of Fleet Intelligence, this is the organization that maintains and operates the fleet's inventory of research ships, and the modular research modules aboard naval warships. Science Division is responsible for both direct technical analysis and reverse engineering of captured enemy ships, alien technology, or anything else of interest discovered during the course of a military campaign. It also conducts a number of more mundane duties such as the maintenance of complicated high technology (such as hyperspace drives) or collation and analysis of very large amounts of data (using the supercomputer servers equipped in the Advanced Research Module systems).

Nearly all numbered Hiigaran fleets have some level of science division forces attached to them, and their allotments have only been increasing with further contact with both progenitor relics and the active deployment of new weapon systems by the enemy. Science division operates both modules on regular naval ships, as well as a number of specialized research vessels or experimental hulls crewed entirely by science division personnel.

Science Division's vessels bear the normal HGNS hull tag, with the suffix -RV appended in most cases. It's current commander is Captian (Jak?Phi) Kayiin S'jet.

Department of Intelligence & Security Affairs: National Security and Intelligence agency of Hiigara. Joint body responsible for SIGINT, HUMINT, Counter Terrorism, Foreign Intelligence, and various other clandestine activities which remain unacknowledged. It is largely through DISA's political actions that have ensured Soban Force's continued independence as a special operations wing, and many of SF's classified activities are rumored to be commanded and coordinated by DISA. Many of the department's original heads were members of 'The Invisibles'; stealth fighter pilots with a reputation for eccentricity, as well as a number of veterans of the Fleet Intelligence department. This has allegedly given DISA a substantial naval bias, or so certian members of the army or pro Kiith-independence unions have claimed.

It is an open secret that DISA has been waging a clandestine war against the Taiidani Imperial Intelligence Service for more than 60 years, through assassins, spies, proxy agents, and propaganda. It is a conflict that has inspired many fanciful tales and holovision productions over the years, but the details of which remain highly classified. Many have criticized the department for it's failure to warn about the Vaygr Invasion, despite ostensibly having agents planted in the region. The reality is that the Department provided critical intelligence at the field level, which was largely squandered by petty politics and failed to make it's way to the Republican government in time.

The department has several sub groups under it's umbrella which handle various intelligence related tasks. Including, reportedly, a division dedicated to the 'removal' of politically or militarily dangerous individuals or organizations. There is a prevailing conspiracy theory that the so called 'Suicide' of the Somtaaw Kiith-sa responsible for ordering the opening of the Beacon pod containing the Beast was actually cover for a hit ordered by DISA, to cover up potentially sensitive information. This theory is considered 'ludicrous' by the department.

Whatever ships DISA operates are under other flags, either civilian or HGNS. Their current director is Bakiir Soban.

'Division 10': Officially, there is no such thing as Division 10. It is either a product of overactive imaginations, conspiracy theories, or Frrern Aggregate propaganda attempting to pin political agitation on embedded Hiigaran secret agents. There is no organization of that type within any apparatus of the Hiigaran Federation, military or civilian.

Unofficially, 'Division 10' is a cover for the blackest of black operations, which may not be named as such, and perform actions which are considered both top secret and possibly highly illegal. This ranges from capture and assassination of enemy (and allied) leaders, sewing political unrest, or other operations somehow related to progenitor or alien technology. That is the theory, anyway.

One popular theory is that "D10" is somehow related to the theft of the rumored reproduction prints of the star metal scrolls from old Kharak, as well as several other 'legendary' artifacts which had made the journey. Although the perpetrators (who were in-fact, a team of professional bank-robbers and heist artists) were eventually arrested and put on trial, the artifacts remain unaccounted for. The official story is that they were sold on the black market, but the conspiracy theory (allegedly based on the commentary of a 'whistle blower', who has himself never been seen or heard from again) indicates that elements in the Hiigaran Intelligence Community are in possession of the artifacts for unknown reasons.

There are a great many theories of course, in that Division 10 is implicated in everything from selling Hiigaran military secrets, political espionage and election-rigging, or trying to promote some insidious agenda which involves anything from mind-controlling alien parasites to being little more than a deep-cover cell for the Imperial Intelligence service. Very few of these theories have any basis in reality (or common sense), and even Hiigara's most vehement political opponents refuse to condone or make mention of these theories.

Obviously, nothing is known about D10, nor is it known to exist. Although there have been reported sightings of 'Vessels of Hiigaran Manufacture' engaging in 'Anomalous activities' in various locations, and even firing on nominally 'friendly' forces.
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Interesting - some of the sub-factions (marines and various Kiths) could be psyhically introduce into the game as specific reinforcement groups (e.g Sobani specOps frigate squad, Somtaaw armed minning corp, Tambuur elite fighter squad)
I was thinking something like that. I'd like to bring the Sobani back in as a major story element; possibly build some scenarios around their exploits. There would be ways to acquire sub-units for use during missions, via a sort of reinforcement system.
Original post updated with more stuff.
Subtle traces of current anime trends and some BSG (Elora Rosaliin - LOL!) made my day Smile
Well, the invasion of the Taiidan Republic would have had a lot of planets being nuked, fleeing, panicked civilians, and running away. So I think BSG is an appropriate reference.
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